Accessory Review BedJet Review

The BedJet is a climate comfort system made specifically for your bed. Keeping you at the most comfortable temperature all night long. This bedding accessory is the perfect option for anyone who tends to sleep too cold or too warm. It is detached from the mattress or bedding and can be moved around the mattress to find the perfect spot. In this Bedjet review we will go through some of the benefits, functions and details this one of a kind product provides.

BedJet Benefits:

bedjet reviewThis innovative machine first appeared on SharkTank and quickly grabbed attention. Nothing quite like it has been seen to date. It is almost like a personalized heater or cooler for your bed. Many suffer with overheating or night sweats or just can’t get comfortable and stay comfortable. This solution is nothing short of a miracle to some users.

The BedJet uses a combination of quiet digital DC motor along with a cooling bed fan as well as ultra rapid warming technology. Creating a nearly instant cooling or warming effect for your bed. The V2 model can even be programmed for specific settings every hour you’re asleep. Making it a perfect feel all night long.

This invention is great for couples who prefer different sleeping temperatures too. The original BedJet contains one unit for the entire bed. But there is also the dual zoned unit that creates the perfect climate for each side. No need to fight over keeping the room warmer or cooler, no need to compromise with the Bed Jet.

BedJet Review Details:

bedjet reviewThere are a few different options when ordering your BedJet. The V2 Single Zone Climate Control System is priced at $299 and includes a BedJet single unit with attachment features, one wireless remote and one Bluetooth app. The V2 Dual Zone Climate Control System is pried between $729 – $759. This one includes 2 BedJet single units with attachment features, 2 wireless remotes, an Air Comforter as well as access to a free Bluetooth app.

Both also come with free shipping as well as a 2 year limited warranty. It also comes with a 60 night trial period with a return guarantee too. If you are tired of the bed being too cold or too warm this is a great option. It also is a great way to conserve energy as well as money on your utility bills. To learn more now and shop this one of a kind controlled sleeping climate system, just go to BedJet.com.

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If you need a heating or cooling solution to your bed than look no further. This unique product will be the answer for anyone who sleeps warm or cool and can’t find relief. Either invest in one single BedJet unit or get a dual sided unit ideal for couples who have different preferences. Learn more and shop now at BedJet.com.


Still looking for some more information? Visit BedJet at bedjet.com. Also, have questions for us? Please contact us and we would be happy to help you!