Accessory Review Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert

avocado aplaca duvet insert review

So you are looking for a comfortable, cozy, and fluffy duvet insert for your bed. There are the typical cotton, down, or polyester options to choose from. Or you could break the mold and try the new Alpaca Duvet Insert by Avocado. This fluffy and temperature neutralizing duvet insert comes in a lightweight and all seasons, and is made with all organic materials. It is truly something different and affective. Keep reading to learn more about what we think of the Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert.

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Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert – Materials:

dense and fluffy all natural organic wool duvetWith the main material being featured in the name of the product, Alpaca wool is obviously a very important part of this duvet. Avocado has always utilized many different kinds of natural materials like sheep’s wool, cotton, and natural latex. Alpaca fiber is by far one of the most unique materials that we have ever come across being used in a duvet insert.
Alpaca fiber filling is GOTS Certified Organic material. It gives this duvet it’s traditional fluffy loft. It is also incredibly breathable and thermoregulating. In other words it helps you to cool off when you’re too warm and warm up when it is cold out.
This Avocado Duvet Insert is covered in a certified Organic Cotton Cover. This cover is soft and breathable, making it the perfect choice to cover this duvet.

Care Instructions – Alpaca Duvet Insert:

wool comforter for better comfortThis blanket is oh so easy to care for. First, be sure to use a protective duvet cover. This makes washing a breeze. Simply remove the cover and wash regularly. The internal duvet insert can be spot treated as needed.

If it could use a bit of a refresh, Avocado hanging your duvet insert to sunbath for the afternoon. The sun is a great natural disinfector.

Otherwise Avocado does not recommend machine washing, drying, or dry cleaning this product. Which is why covering with a duvet cover is very important for this product. The great news is that Alpaca Wool is naturally antimicrobial and wicks away moisture, making it a great option for minimal washing.

Washing your bedding often will help to keep your duvet insert fresh and clean. Click the link to learn more tips and tricks on washing your bedding.

What Are The Benefits To Alpaca Wool?

alpaca duvet insert reviewWool of all kinds tends to have wonderful features for bedding. Avocado took this concept to a whole new level by switching out sheep’s wool with alpaca wool.

Alpacas have especially durable yet lightweight wool. It is extra soft and fluffy, similar to a cashmere feel. It is also fabulous for regulating temperature, and wicking away excess moisture. Keeping you comfortable and dry throughout the night.

However, those are not the only benefits to alpaca fibers. It is also a great material because it is naturally flame-resistant, hypoallergenic. and antimicrobial. Making it just about one of the best materials you could find to use in bedding.

Click the link to learn more about the benefits of having wool bedding: Wool! Glorious Wool!

Alpaca Duvet Insert – Value:

avocado alpaca duvet insertThis duvet insert goes above and beyond the mass majority of plain polyester filled duvet inserts out there. Which is why it is more than reasonable that the price reflects this.

While this is not a great duvet insert option for someone hunting for a deal, it is a good price for the high quality materials and construction you are getting. You also get the added assurance with all of the many certifications that Avocado has. Plus free shipping and a 100-Night Trial Period. All so you can purchase with confidence.

All Weather Alpaca Duvet Insert

Twin/Twin XL: $299
King/Cal King:

Lightweight Alpaca Duvet Insert

Twin/Twin XL: $279
King/Cal King:

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Avocado Alpaca Mattress Topper:

best organic mattress topperIf the Alpaca Duvet Insert is really catching your eye, then we absolutely suggest checking out Avocado’s Alpaca Mattress Topper. It is a lofty mattress topper that is ideal for adding comfort to your bed. The duvet insert is made with the same organic alpaca wool that this duvet insert is made with. It also features a few layers of sheep’s wool and organic cotton as well.

If you are looking to have a naturally comfortable, temperature regulating bed then the combination of these two products is going to be a great option for you.

Click the link to learn more! Avocado Alpaca Mattress Topper

Avocado Alpaca Duvet Insert – Overall:

Overall, this is a great product. While the use of alpaca wool to make a duvet insert seems a bit quirky, it is seriously a great choice. The alpaca fibers are soft and fluffy, while they also help to regulate heat and wick away moisture. Plus they are naturally fire-resistant and antimicrobial. Plus the alpaca wool and cotton cover are both certified organic. Making this a high end natural duvet insert that is quite a treat to snuggle up with.

avocado alpaca duvet review

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