December 5, 2019

Leesa Mattresses: Leesa, Leesa Hybrid & Leesa Legend

leesa brand mattresses comparison reviewWhen it comes to picking out which of the Leesa mattresses is best for you we are here to help. With three unique and different mattresses in this online brands lineup you’ll get a variety of ideal options. Below we we will take a look at this company and what they have to offer. Including reviews of each of the Leesa Mattresses. As well as what additional perks you can expect this company to provide.

Who is Leesa? 

leesa mattressesLeesa started the same way other online mattress brands came to be. They wanted to cut out the mattress store with stereotypical pushy sales people, and instead sell direct to consumer. This allowed Leesa to sell an affordable mattress without the extra expenses of needing a store and sales people.

When Leesa first started out they only had one mattress offering, now known as the Original Leesa Mattress. This is a great mattress to start with as it is easy to compact and ship across the country. Then as their knowledge and technology grew, they came out with the Leesa Hybrid and finally the luxury Leesa Legend mattress. Regardless of which Leesa mattress you choose, make sure you take advantage of their latest coupon.

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Leesa Mattresses Review

Now that they have three varying mattresses with different features and price tags, we are going to walk you through the different benefits each mattress provides as well as highlight their strength and potential weaknesses. All so you can decide which Leesa mattress is the right for you. Keep reading our Leesa Mattresses comparison review to get a great overview of each mattress.

Also, if you would like more detailed information on each of these mattresses we suggest visiting our full mattress reviews. Directly below you can access each of our unbiased detailed reviews of the Leesa mattresses.

Leesa Mattress Review | Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review | Leesa Legend Mattress Review

Why Buy The Leesa Original Mattress?

  • leesa original mattressAll-Foam Mattress
  • Medium Feel
  • 10″ Tall

Leesa’s Original Mattress is an all-foam bed made out of 3 different layers. This is the most simple designs out of all of the mattress offerings from Leesa. It is also by far the most affordable. This is a great mattress for anyone on a budget or who really likes a motion transfer dampening bed. The Leesa Original’s all-foam design is great for eliminating vibrations or movement throughout the bed. This makes it a great pick for couples or light sleepers.

If you sleep particularly warm or like to have plenty of edge support then the Leesa Hybrid or Leesa Legend may suit your needs slightly better than the Leesa Original option.

Check out the full Leesa Original Mattress Review to get all the details.
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Why Buy The Leesa Hybrid Mattress?

  • leesa hybrid mattress reviewHybrid Mattress
  • Medium/Firm Feel
  • 11″ Tall

You will notice the largest difference between mattress feel and performance when comparing the Original Leesa to the Leesa Hybrid. First off the Leesa Hybrid has a hybrid construction featuring a pocketed coil system. This gives the mattress a very different feel and features overall.

The hybrid construction gives the Leesa Hybrid a cooler sleeping bed with much more edge support overall. You will also notice that the bed has a sturdier feeling sleeping surface and a slightly firmer feel overall. (Still within the Medium comfort range.)

Get the in depth mattress review for The Leesa Hybrid to get more information.
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Why Buy The Leesa Legend Mattress?

  • leesa legendHybrid Mattress
  • Medium/Soft
  • 12″ Tall

When you take a look at the Leesa Legend it has some upgraded materials when compared to the Leesa Hybrid. However, overall they do have a very similar construction featuring a pocketed coil system topped with layers of foam and memory foam for comfort.

The Leesa Legend has a special cooling cover featuring specialty materials. It also has a extra comfort layer and a secondary micro-coil system. These features make the Leesa Legend their most pressure relieving mattress to date.

Check out the Leesa Legend Mattress Review to learn more now.
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Why Buy The Leesa Studio Mattress?

  • leesa studio All Foam Mattress
  • Medium/Firm Feel
  • 10″ Tall

This is a simple design out of the Leesa mattress line. The Studio Mattress by Leesa is an all foam mattress with three layers of foam. All of the foam used in this mattress is CertiPUR-US Certified. Which means you can sleep comfortably knowing you’re sleeping on a safe mattress.

The Top two layers of foam work together to balance out pressure relief and contouring comfort. All without making the mattress feel too soft. This bed is a medium firm overall feel. Making it wonderful for back and stomach sleepers.

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Leesa Mattresses – Who Wins Side by Side:

Best Leesa for Side Sleepers:

which leesa mattress is best for side sleepersWhen suggesting a mattress for side sleepers, one of the most important features we look into is pressure relief. Most side sleepers experience extra pressure on their shoulders and hips than in any other sleeping position. This is why we suggest getting the Leesa Legend mattress if you want premium pressure relief. The micro-coils and extra comfort layer do a great job at giving the support right where you need it while contouring to your body.

The Leesa Original mattress is also a good choice for side sleepers. The all-foam construction with their memory foam comfort layer provides a conforming layer that is great for relieving pressure on your joints. Although this is really only a good option for sleepers who are lighter in weight. If you care heavier, you may find that you get less support than what you need out of the Original Mattress. While the Leesa Legend provides a great balance between support and comfort.

Best Leesa for Back Sleepers: 

which leesa mattress is best for back sleepersFor back sleepers we have two suggestions as well, the Leesa Hybrid or the Leesa Legend will sleep comfortably for back sleepers. We found that the Leesa Original lacked in support for those who sleep on their backs. The Leesa Hybrid provides contouring comfort along with the support from their coil system underneath. While the Leesa Legend provides extra support and contouring comfort with their micro-coil system.

If you are a back sleeper that prefers a slightly firmer feel, then we suggest looking into the Leesa Hybrid. While if you’re a back sleeper that likes a slightly softer feel, then take a look at the Leesa Legend. Both of these beds fall within the range of medium firmness level, they just veer somewhat toward one end of the spectrum or the other.

Best Leesa for Stomach Sleepers: 

which leesa mattress is best for stomach sleepersWhen it comes to sleeping on your stomach there is one thing you need from a mattress more than anything else and that it support. While all of these beds have memory foam comfort layers, making them less than ideal for stomach sleepers, the best option you have from Leesa is their Hybrid Mattress. The Leesa Hybrid has the closest to a firm feeling out of the bunch.

If you or a lightweight sleeper, our you don’t mind having a bit of give in your bed, then you will likely enjoy the Leesa Hybrid mattress for stomach sleeping. While makes the Hybrid options our favorite pick for combination sleepers as well.

Looking for the Best Beds for Stomach Sleepers, then head to our post featuring our top favorite beds for stomach sleepers to see which we ranked as the best for that sleeping position.

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Best Leesa for Sleeping Cool: 

the leesa legend foam mattress reviewWhen comparing an All-Foam Mattress to a Hybrid Mattress for sleeping cool, we will almost always choose the hybrid mattress. Why do you ask? This is because a coil system provides a huge boost in airflow throughout the center of the bed. This gives any built up heat space to leave the bed entirely. Keeping the sleeper much cooler throughout the night.

Which is why if you are a warm sleeper choosing between these three beds, we would point you in the direction of the Leesa Hybrid or the Leesa Legend mattress. If you are wanting some extra cooling relief then you might want to look into the Leesa Legend. Leesa put extra cooling preventatives and materials into the Legend bed. Including some Merino Wool into the blend of their mattress cover for the Legend. Wool is a great materials for temperature regulation. Keeping their sleepers not too hot and not too cold.

Best Leesa for Motion Transfer: 

compare the leessa mattresses reviewThe best overall feature of an All-Foam Mattress is that they are fabulous at eliminating motion transfer throughout a bed. Making the Original Leesa Mattress the easy winner for Best Leesa for Motion Transfer. Even with pocketed coil systems, any hybrid mattress will naturally have more motion throughout the bed than you would get with an All-Foam mattress.

However, when it comes to eliminating motion throughout the bed, the Leesa mattresses overall do a great job. This is due to the fact that they all feature memory foam in their comfort layers. The Legend and Hybrid also have individually pocketed coils which help to limit movement throughout the bed.

Best Leesa for Edge Support:

leesa brand mattress comparisonsFor edge support it is really the Leesa Hybrid that gets the win for this category. With the Legend not far behind. Since the Leesa Legend has an extra comfort layer creating a softer feel overall to the bed, it will have slightly less edge support than the firmer and more supportive Leesa Hybrid mattress. Both have good sleep surface edge support while you may find there to be some extra give when you are sitting on the edge of any of the Leesa beds. This is due to their memory foam comfort layers.

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Leesa Mattresses – Need To Know:

  • leesa mattress deliveryFree Shipping & Delivery
  • Every Mattress is Made to Order
  • Offer In Home Delivery and Mattress Removal Services (At an additional charge)
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 10-Year Warranty
  • For every 10 Hybrid or Original mattresses sold, 1 mattress will be donated to a child in need.
  • For every 1 Legend sold, 1 mattress will be donated to a child in need.
  • Now Offering 0% ARP Financing with Affirm

Leesa Mattress Prices – BEFORE COUPON!

These are base prices that may change with different promotions and does not include any Our Sleep Guide coupons. Click the button underneath the prices to get our latest coupon today.

Original Leesa Leesa Hybrid Leesa Legend
Twin Size Mattress: $499 $999 N/A
Twin XL Size Mattress: $599 $1,099 $1,999
Full Size Mattress: $899 $1,399 $2,299
Queen Size Mattress: $999 $1,699 $2,499
King Size Mattress: $1,199 $1,899 $2,999
Cal King Size Mattress: $1,199 $1,899 $2,999

Best Leesa for Value: 

When you are looking for the value of a mattress, we like to look into the amount of mattress your are getting for your money. Not just in size but in technology and comfort features. Overall, we choose The Leesa Hybrid as the Leesa mattress with the most value. We believe it gives each sleeper the most mattress for their money.

The Leesa Hybrid features hybrid technology and all the benefits that go along with it, while remaining a more attainable price point. While the Leesa Legend does have an extra micro-coil layer, comfort layer, and some upgraded materials, the price is significantly higher. Which is why we choose the Leesa Hybrid as the winner.

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Still unsure which of the Leesa mattresses is best for you? No worries! Check out our full and detailed reviews of each of the Leesa beds found below to get more insight. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to Contact Us too!

Leesa Original Mattress Review | Leesa Hybrid Mattress Review | Leesa Legend Mattress Review