Mattress Review Leesa Legend Mattress

leesa legend mattress review

There is a new Leesa Mattress in town, and it is bigger and better than ever. Not only is this a hybrid mattress, this bed has a dual coil system, making the Leesa Legend their most premium mattress offering yet. We are going to look through all of the details and construction of this mattress and it’s benefits to find out what makes this Leesa’s best mattress yet, and to help you determine whether or not it is the right mattress for you.

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Leesa Legend Brief Overview:

The Leesa Legend is a 12″ thick hybrid mattress with a dual coil system and a 6-layer construction. Leesa added a new comfort layer specifically made for their Legend Mattress which features perforation in order to add extra pressure relief and air circulation. Leesa also uses Recycled PES made from recycled bottles to make this mattress. Which means their beds use roughly 60 recycled plastic bottles per mattress.

The cover for the Leesa Legend is made out of a blend of materials which include 12% Merino Wool. Which does exclude this product from being Vegan Friendly. However, the wool does help to keep their sleepers temperature neutral and wick away moisture. Keep reading to learn more about this premium mattress in full detail.

quality materials in the Leesa Legend Mattress

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Materials – What is The Leesa Legend made of?

Comfort Layers:

layers detailed in the leesa legend bedThe first comfort layer of foam is their Legend layer made just for the Leesa Legend mattress. This layer has holes throughout it to give this layer a cooling huggable comfort. This foam has a latex-like buoyancy that makes it easier to move throughout the bed without getting that “stuck” feeling that often comes with having memory foam on the top of your mattress.

Which is why Leesa put their memory foam layer as their second layer in this bed. Having this memory foam further away from the body gives you all the contouring and pressure relief of memory foam with less heat retention or “stuck” feeling. This layer is great for added pressure relief for your hips and shoulders.

Support Layers:

Next up is the Leesa Legend’s first coil system. This is a Micro-Coils which are encased in foam. This layer is the star of the Leesa Legend in our opinion. It not only helps to target specific areas for extra pressure relief, it also helps to nearly eliminate motion transfer. Each one of these Micro Coils is individually pocketed. This is what makes it so great for limiting motion transfer.

The next layer is the base of the mattress. It is their quick response coil system. This 6″ 15 gauge coil system is much larger than the Micro-Coils above it. This gives the mattress a durability and support to give their sleepers support and a responsive feel. Sandwiching this layer are two 1″ layers of transitional and base foam to give loads of comfort and stability.


The cover of this Leesa Legend mattress, like all other Leesa beds features their stripped design. It is a soft and breathable like the other covers, however the material is slightly different. The Leesa Legend cover is a blend of 28% Polyester, 28% Recycled PES, 19% Organic Cotton, 12% Merino Wool, 12% Rayon, and 1% Spandex. This creates a cover that is soft, moisture wicking, breathable, and mostly eco friendly.

comfort for the leesa legend mattress

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Comfort – How will the Leesa Legend Mattress feel?

Motion Transfer –

edge support for the new legend mattressMost hybrid mattresses will have more motion transfer than a foam based or mostly memory foam mattress. However, since Leesa individually wrapped their coils, this helps to limit the majority of motion transfer in this bed. They also topped the bed with foam and a memory foam layer which actually helps limit the majority of vibrations throughout the bed.

Edge Support –

The coil systems provide loads of edge support in this mattress. The base coils are made out of a 15 gauge coil. This give the edge a good amount of support. You may find that the top layer of memory foam and comfort foam will compress at the edge, especially when sitting on the side of the bed. However, that compression doesn’t give you a “roll out” feel while sleeping close to the edge of the mattress.

Sleeping Cool –

Leesa used specific materials to keep their Legend mattress nice and cool. Their cover is nice and breathable, they even added Merino Wool the their cover blend to make sure it had even better temperature control. Merino Wool not only keeps you warm in the cold in your sweater, it also helps to keep you cool and maintain a regulated sleeping temperature. They also aerated their first layer of foam to make their Legend Mattress more space for heat to air out and escape.

Hybrid mattresses are always great for sleeping cool because it brings so much airflow to the bed. This gives heat a lot of space to escape the mattress allowing their sleepers to stay cool.

Overall Comfort –

is the new leesa legend worth itThis is comfortable bed that ticks a lot of boxes. Those who sleep on their sides and back will especially enjoy the Leesa Legend Mattress. One of the best features this bed has is it’s ability to relieve pressure. This is perfect for a side sleeper which often struggles with extra pressure on their shoulders and hips.

The micro-coils combined with the two top comfort layers of foam provide loads of contouring relief. Back sleepers will also like the way the micro coils adapt to hug and support your lower back nicely. Some stomach sleepers may find it to be too soft as this is a Medium firmness mattress that leans toward the softer side of medium.

Our Leesa Legend Sleep Experience:

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Mattress Basics:


value for the luxury leesa legend mattressThis is the most luxurious mattress offering from Leesa and that is reflected in their pricing.

  • Twin XL: $1999
  • Full: $2299
  • Queen: $2499
  • King: $2999California King: $2999

This price includes free shipping, and they now offer payment options through Affirm. These prices are definitely on the luxury end of mattress prices. While this is the most luxury option offered by Leesa, their step down the Leesa Hybrid starts at $1000 less. Making it a much more affordable price for a rather similar amount of comfort.

View our review for the Leesa Hybrid Mattress to get more information.

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Delivery & Unboxing

loads of comfort by the leesa legend brandThe delivery process for the Leesa Legend is rather straight forward. Each mattress is made to order and ships in a compacted box to your door. Since each bed is made to order, it will not be left to sit in a box for an extended period of time in a warehouse somewhere. This cuts down on a lot of potential “new mattress smells”.

We found the unboxing experience to be very easy and straightforward. We suggest leaving your mattress to fully expand and air out for at least a few hours to allow it to firm up properly before you sleep on it. You may find that the bed does have some smell to it, but since it is made to order in America, these scents should not be noxious at all.

Trial Period & Warranty

best mattress by leesaThe trial period for the Leesa Legend mattress lasts for 100 nights. This is a great way to know if you don’t love your mattress right away you can return it and get your money back. Leesa also has a 10 year warranty, so you know that Leesa believes and trusts in the lasting quality of their beds. This is a standard trial period and warranty time frame that you will find offered by most online mattress brands.

Leesa Legend Mattress Review: Final Thoughts

The Legend Mattress from Leesa is overall a rather comfortable bed that is going to be comfortable for most sleepers, especially side and back sleepers. With so much pressure relief, side sleepers are really going to enjoy this bed. The materials are quality and we do love that you can trust the quality of a Leesa mattress. Although, the Luxury Legend comfort does come with a luxury price tag. If you find that it is too rich for your blood the Leesa Hybrid is a great option that has very similar comfort and quality at a much more attainable price.

lessa legend bed review

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Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial Period
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $N/A
  • Twin XL $1999
  • Full $2299
  • Queen $2499
  • King $2999
  • Cal King $2999
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