Accessory Review WinkBeds BreatheCool Mattress Protector

WinkBeds is known and loved for their premium mattresses, made right here in the USA. The comfort and quality of their mattresses are top notch. Which means if you purchase on of their beds, you are going to want to protect it from spills, accidents, and general wear and tear. The best way to keep your mattress clean is with a mattress protector. The WinkBeds BreatheCool Mattress Protector is not only protective but very comfortable as well! Keep reading to get all the details on this mattress protector and whether or not we would recommend it. Alternatively you can click the shop button below to start shopping now!

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breathe cool mattress protector from Winkbeds cool mattress

WinkBeds BreatheCool Mattress Protector – At A Glance:

  • Protection Level: 100% Waterproof
  • Materials: cotton moisture-wicking cooling fiber technology
  • Hypoallergenic
  • FitSkirt Deep Sizing Technology
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Free Shipping
  • Latest Pricing Found HERE

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Protection Level:

the breath cool protector from wink bed reviewArguably the most important feature to a mattress protector, is it’s protection level. The BreatheCool Mattress Protector from WinkBeds is highly protective. It not only protects your bed from daily wear and tear, it is also 100% waterproof. This means you are protected from collecting dust, allergens, sweat, and moisture, as well as big accidents.

While this mattress protector does not protect against bed bugs, it covers just about everything else. Making this a great option for those who need minimal protection as well as protection from big messes.

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Is the WinkBeds BreatheCool Mattress Protector Comfortable?

mattress protector review over the breathecloudA common issue found in waterproof mattress protectors is that they can be uncomfortable to sleep on. This is because cheap mattress protectors often use full sheets of thick plastic to create a waterproof barrier. WinkBeds created a breathable mattress protector in order to make it more comfortable.

The BreatheCool Mattress Protector has a cool breathable top layer that allows you to sleep without heat retention. This allows you to fall asleep without trapped heat which can create a sweat uncomfortable night’s sleep. Instead you get to sleep comfortably without crinkly plastic sheet underneath you.

It also has an extra deep pocket that will fit mattresses up to 18″ deep. This is one of the thickest mattress protectors we have come across and it is ideal for thick hybrid mattresses. This also adds to your comfort as the protector will fit your mattress properly instead of overly stretching across the top of your bed making a stiff taught layer. All of these features combined make for a very comfortable mattress protector.


mattress cover from winkbeds One feature that we especially appreciate about the BreatheCool Mattress protector from WinkBeds is that it comes in at a great price. While you could find cheaper options elsewhere, they would likely not come with the overall comfort and quality that this mattress protector has.

We would say that this is definitely worth the price you are paying. With that in mind this is a final sale product. However, it is covered by a 10-year limited warranty and ships for free! Click the shop button below for the latest on pricing and current promotions!

Twin: $69
Twin XL:
Full: $79
King: $119
California King:

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Care Instructions:

In order to keep your mattress protector looking and feeling its best, you should always follow proper care instructions. Some mattress protectors are easier to keep clean than others which is why we always like to check it out in our reviews.

Thankfully the WinkBeds BreatheCool Mattress Protector has very simple care instructions. WinkBeds recommends machine washing on a delicate setting. Then to dry, they suggest that you hang dry when possible, all though gentle cool tumble drying is also an option. Making this rather simple to keep fresh and clean, which helps it to keep your mattress protected.

WinkBeds BreatheCool Mattress Protector – Final Thoughts:

The WinkBeds BreatheCool Mattress Protector is a great option for anyone looking to stay cool and comfortable while protecting their mattress. The price point is also especially appealing for such a high-quality mattress protector. We would recommend the BreatheCool to the whole family from big kid beds to the master bedroom because it protects your bed from simple accidents to big messes and everything in between. Be sure to click the shop button below for the latest on pricing and promotions.

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Have questions about which protector is best for you? Contact us and we’d be happy to help. Also, check out all our Mattress Protector Reviews to learn more.