Accessory Review WinkBeds Fine Combed Cotton Sheets

We already know and love the WinkBeds brand for their high quality American Made Mattresses. However, no bed is complete without a great set of sheets. It would be a shame to cover- their USA mattress with anything other than a sheet set that was also made in America. Enter the WinkBeds Fine Combed Cotton Sheets. Manufactured by DreamFit, these sheets are made in Alabama, USA! Keep reading our full review to learn more about what makes these sheets such a great purchase.

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WinkBeds Fine Combed Cotton Sheets – At A Glance

  • 100% Fine Combed Cotton
  • 260TC
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • Guaranteed to Fit and Guaranteed to Stay On™
  • Made in Alabama, USA
  • Manufactured by DreamFit
  • Free Shipping
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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100% fine combed cotton sheetsA great sheet set always starts with great materials. This sheet set from WinkBeds is no exception. WinkBeds designed their sheets to be made out of 100% fine-combed cotton.

The combing process is a treatment exposes cotton to heat which makes them softer and more durable than untreated cotton. What this does is it creates a softer and more durable sheet. It also means your sheets are ore-shrunk before they are even woven together.

A benefit to using sheets that are made out of 100% cotton and not a blend, is that they tend to be much more breathable and wick away moisture. This allows you to sleep comfortably without heating up or sitting in sweat.

Are the WinkBeds Cotton Sheets Comfortable?

soft 100% cotton sheetsOf course! The Fine Combed Cotton Sheets from WinkBeds are very comfortable. These sheets are made with 100% fine-combed cotton. Which means they are generally softer than most untreated cotton sheets. You also get to experience more benefits from the 100% cotton because it is not a blend.

Other brands make their sheet with a blend of cotton and other filler materials like polyester. Cotton is naturally very breathable and great at wicking away excess moisture. This is great for anyone who really has trouble staying cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Another great benefit to the design on these sheets is that they have extra deep pockets and DreamFlex patented corner bands for an extra secure fit. This guarantees that your sheets are not going to pop off the corners or sides of your mattress as you sleep. This adds a lot of comfort throughout the night without being woken up with half of your sheets wrinkled up underneath you.

WinkBeds Combed Cotton Sheets – Value:

clean american made beddingA sheet set manufactured in America for under $200?! Yes please! When compared to a large number of sheets that we have reviewed, these prices are very reasonable. If supporting American manufacturing is important to you, then you know how the prices often take a leap.

That is not the case with the WinkBeds Fine Combed Cotton Sheets, and we love it. Something to keep in mind is that they do not come with a trial period. Which means you will not have a free return period. However, at this price and quality we think it is worth the purchase.

Twin: $120
Twin XL:
Full: $140
Queen: $160
King: $180
California King: $180

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Care Instructions:

alabama manufactured sheets usaBrand’s care instructions for sheets are sometimes needlessly complicated.

Which can really lower your overall enjoyment of your sheets. Which is why we almost always go over care instructions in our reviews.

The WinkBeds Fine-Combed Cotton Sheets are very easy to care for. They recommend machine washing on a delicate cycle with like colors. To dry you can choose between either hang dry, or their recommended method is to tumble cry on low.

WinkBeds Fine Combed Cotton Sheets – Final Thoughts:

You are really going to love this sheet set, especially is for all those who love American made products. Not only are they high-quality fine-combed cotton sheets. They are also incredibly comfortable and well priced. Typically American manufactured products are extra expensive. However, you get all of the quality as a reasonable price for the WinkBed Fine-Combed Cotton Sheets.

Ideal for those who are looking for a 100% cotton sheet instead of a blend. No shrinking or ill-fitting sheets here. The extra deep pockets and sturdy elastic edge helps to keep your sheets fitting beautifully even on deep mattresses. Click the button below to shop now!

WinkBeds Accessories Found HERE!

american made sheets from winkbeds

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