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Accessory Review Helix Mattress Protector Review

helix mattress protectorNow that you have invested in a new mattress there is no reason why you shouldn’t protect your investment. With the Helix Mattress Protector you can do just that. This sure way of keeping your mattress clean is so easy. And it ensures that your mattresses warranty is protected the entire life of the bed.

For these reasons, and so many more, it is a great idea to make a small investment into a mattress protector. This is one accessory we always recommend, especially a waterproof protector at that. Below we will look specifically at the Helix mattress protector and give you some insight into why this is a great option to choose.

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Helix Mattress Protector Review:

helix mattress protectorThe Helix mattress protector is a fitted mattress protector. Very similar to a fitted sheet, but goes on before your sheets will. It covers all 5 sides of the mattress, including the top and around the perimeter. This protector is made from knitted polyester fabric backed with a TPU material.

Together these materials make a cover that prevents and protects against dirt, spills, and nightly wear and tear. As well as allergens and dust. To keep your bed free from any harmful pollutants or accidents. Making this is a staple that should be on every bed in your home.

Important Features:

The Helix mattress protector was made with comfort in mind. It not only protects but offers a cover that is soft, cozy and comfortable. As well as compliments the mattress it is on. Some of its key characteristics include:

  1. Easy to Clean

Toss the protector into the machine anytime. It is dryer safe and simple to spot treat. So, in an unfortunate accident of any liquid spill, you need not worry too much.

  1. 100% Waterproof Material

helix mattress protectorThe top knitted fabric in the cover prevents liquids to spill over. The subsequent layer underneath is fully waterproof, It makes your mattress breathe easy without letting any fluid ruin it. We performed a waterproof test by spilling 10 oz of water over a concentrated area, and the results very positive.

  1. Top Knit Fabric

The very top of the Helix mattress protector is a super soft knit fabric. This top knit and side panels are 100% polyester. Creating a virtually noiseless protective layer that also provides a cozy feeling.

  1. Compatible with any mattress

This protector works with any mattress up to 15’’ thick. It is a deep pocket fit ideal for a variety of beds. Having said that, the protector fits perfectly with the Helix and Helix Luxe mattresses clearly.

  1. Shipping and Warranty

helix mattress protectorOnce you place your order your new protector will arrive  within 2-6 business days without any shipping charges. You can return it as long is it is unopened within 30 days. It also comes with a 1-year warranty for any structural damages and craftsman issues.

  1. Comes in a variety of sizes

Helix mattress protector comes in 6 different sizes:  Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, Full, and CA King. The price range varies from $75 to $99.

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Is the Helix Mattress Protector for You?

Helix mattress protector is a great choice for people who:

  • Want a comfy, noiseless and cozy mattress cover
  • Desire an easy to care mattress cover that can be easily washed
  • You are looking for a breathable and water-proof protector
  • Have a Helix or Helix Luxe mattress and want an ideal protector for it
  • Are looking for an easy-fit mattress protector for 15’’ mattress or less
  • Want a mattress protector with elastic grip and little extra material to
  • Need a virtually noiseless mattress cover

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You may look out for another mattress protector if:

  • You want an encasement protector that prevents bed bugs
  • The mattress size in your room is more than 15’’
  • You want to try the protector first and do not want to take a chance on no risk-free trial
  • If you want a superior hypoallergenic product
  • You are a hot sleeper and want a super cool protector.

Helix Mattress Protector Overview: 

The Helix mattress protector is a fantastic investment. It works with a large variety of mattresses. And is ideal for your new Helix or Helix Luxe mattress too. The waterproof protection is necessary, while the soft and noiseless feel doesn’t distract or take away from the feel of your mattress.

The protector is very durable and a little on the thicker side, though it isn’t overly thick. It is made from premium soft and well-knitted fabric, which makes it cozy and comfortable. It is easy to clean, well priced and a great addition to every room in your house. Get yours for the best price now by simply clicking the link below.

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Helix Mattress Protector Rating
  • Materials
  • Comfort
  • Function
  • Value

Overall Rating:

If you are looking for a mattress protector that is durable, light and feels like it is part of the mattress than the Helix protector would be a good choice. This protector keeps your bed free of stains, spills and dust all while maintaining a solid yet comfortable feel.



The Helix mattress protector is not only ideal for your new Helix mattress but is great on any mattress to help protect and keep it like new. The Helix protector is not only soft and breathable but also keeps stains, spills and dust mites at bay. This mattress protector is a great investment for an even bigger investment, your mattress.


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