Accessory Review Buffy Mattress Protector

Is comfort your main priority? Then boy do we have a mattress protector for you. The Buffy Mattress Protector is all about providing plushy comfort that feels like you’re laying on a soft quilted pillow top mattress instead of a crinkly mattress protector. If you are on the hunt for comfort that protects your mattress then keep reading, or click the button below to shop now!

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buffy plushy mattress protector review

Buffy Mattress Protector – At A Glance:

  • Protection Level: Non-Waterproof Light Protection
  • Materials: Eucalyptus Lyocell + Recycled Plastic Fill
  • Certifications: Oeko-TEX Certified and GRS-Certified Recycled Fill
  • Hypoallergenic
  • BPA-Free
  • Free Shipping and Returns!
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Protection Level:

most comfortable mattress protector everNot all mattress protectors protect to the same degree. While some are waterproof, others can completely block out bed bugs. However, not everyone needs that intense amount of protection for their bed.

If you are really looking for a comfortable way to defend your mattress against collecting sweat, dirt, and allergens. Then the Buffy Plushy Mattress Protector is the one for you. This fully mattress protector is breathable, soft, and is a barrier between you and your mattress. This way it collects all of the dirt and keeps your mattress fresh and clean underneath.

The ability to remove and clean your Buffy Protector helps keep it fresh and protective. If you really only need protection from a few crumbs or the occasional small spill, then this is a mattress protector to look at.

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Is the Buffy Mattress Protector Comfortable?

quilted eucalyptus lyocell fabricComfort is the main priority of the Buffy Mattress Protector. While it may not be as protective as other mattress protectors on the market, it rises to the top when it comes to overall comfort. Some even will add this to their mattress for an added layer of plush comfort and just happen to get the added benefits of extra protection or their bed.

Buffy made their mattress protector with a rather cool combination of fabrics. The internal fluffy fill is actually made out of recycled PET fill. This is created out of recycled plastic bottled. It is actually considered to be more eco-friendly than cotton! To top this material, they used a silky smooth and cool sleeping lyocell. The lyocell used in Buffy products is actually made from Eucalyptus trees.

The combination of these materials creates a highly breathable and cushioned mattress pad. The quilted adds extra cloud like comfort. If comfort is what you are looking for, then you have found it.


tencel mattress toppper protection from allergens dustmitesWhen reviewing the value of a product we try to relate the overall quality of the product to its given price. The Buffy Plushy Mattress Protector, you are getting a great quality mattress pad that adds a level of protection to your mattress.

If you do not need full waterproofing and instead you value true comfort. Then this is a great purchase. The overall price is great for the quality eco-friendly mattress pad from Buffy. You also get free shipping and returns!

Twin: $99
Twin XL:
Full: $129
King: $149
California King:

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Care Instructions:

recycle plastic bottle plush fillOne of the main benefits of having a mattress protector that feels like an extension of your mattress, is that you are able to wash it. It is important to wash this kind of mattress protector regularly in order to keep it as absorbent as possible. This is going to make sure it is able to collect sweat dirt and dander in order to keep t from seeping into your mattress underneath.

Thankfully the care instructions make keeping the Buffy Mattress Protector clean super quick and easy. They recommend dry cleaning whenever possible. However, you can machine wash and dry at home if you prefer. They suggest dry cleaning in order to have a longer lasting clean.

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Buffy Mattress Protector – Final Thoughts:

We would recommend the Buffy Mattress Protector to anyone who needs minimal protection and maximum comfort. If you are in need of waterproof protection or bedbug protection, then this is not the product for you. However, if you are just trying to keep your mattress fresh and clean, then this is a great option. We think you are going to love the plush puffy feel of this mattress protector. It is cloud like to lay on and gives the bed a very comfy look and feel.

extra plush pillow mattress topper buffy review

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