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Accessory Review Buffy Mattress Protector

review over the mattress protector by Buffy

If you already know and love the Buffy comforters, then buckle up because your mattress is about to get more fluffy! Buffy recently came out with their very own mattress protector. But wait, it is not just some boring plastic sheet, since it is Buffy, of course it has to be fluffy and feel like a cloud! Keep reading for our full review over the Buffy Mattress Protector to learn more.

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buffy's mattress protector does it workSimilar to the Buffy comforters, the Buffy Mattress protector is a fluffy quilted material. The cover for the mattress protector is made out of their signature eucalyptus fiber based lyocell fabric. This is a silky smooth cool sleeping fabric that they use for almost all of their products.

This bamboo lyocell fabric is also certified by Oeko-TEX as safe, which means it is free of potentially toxic chemicals. We love seeing the Oeko-TEX badge of approval on bedding textiles.

This is then filled with a recycled PET fiber filling very similar to polyester fiber filling. Except Buffy makes sure the fill they use is made out of recycled plastic bottles in order to make their products more eco-friendly. Each mattress protector is made with approximately 16 plastic bottles.

Protection Level:

is the mattress protector waterproof?Of course whenever you are looking into purchasing a mattress protector, your main focus is going to be on the level of protection provided to your bed.

That, and of course that your bed is still comfortable. The level in which a mattress protector can vary drastically. From full encasing mattress protectors with bed bug safe zippers, to waterproof/spill proof protectors.

The Buffy Mattress Protector is going to be on the far side of light protection. It is not waterproof and it definitely will not keep any bed bugs from getting into your mattress (not an issue for most, but good to be aware of before purchasing). If you are an adult without children, pets, you don’t eat and drink in bed… Well then this is the perfect mattress protector for you.

What we mean by this is that the Buffy Mattress Protector is great for all the daily use sweat, dirt, skin, hair, dust, and allergens that can get into any mattress that is being used on a regular basis. The Buffy Protector is great at keeping more mattress safe from this kind of regular use. Which can indeed prolong the life on your mattress.

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is it a comfortable mattress protector?When it comes to comfort, this is where the Buffy Mattress Protector really shines. This mattress protector is a fluffy delight, made with a lyocell fabric cover, recycled PET fill, and tufting. This makes the Buffy Mattress Protector much more like a fluffy topper than a mattress protector.

The eucalyptus lyocell fabric cover stays nice and cool throughout the night as it is extra breathable.

The PET fill is what makes the protector so lofty and soft. It is like sleeping on top of on of Buffy’s comforters, soft and fluffy.

This mattress protector stays nice and cool. We will say, if you prefer a firm feeling mattress, you may find this adds too much cushioning to the top of your bed.


sleeping on the buffy mattress protectorWhen it comes to determining whether or not the price of an item is a good deal or not, you have to first determine whether or not the product suites your needs. If you are looking for a fluffy mattress protector that is great for anyone looking for minimal protection with maximum comfort, then these prices are well worth paying for this mattress protector.

If you are looking for a waterproof mattress protector, then this is simply not the right protector for you. These prices are rather reasonable in the world of mattress protectors. Just keep in mind that true value comes from whether or not the product provides you the protection you need. Which is truly up to you.

  • Twin/Twin XL: $99
  • Full/Queen: $129
  • King/California King: $149

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Care Instructions:

is this mattress protector right for you?One thing we really enjoy about the Buffy Mattress Protector is that it is so easy to wash and care for. By cleaning a mattress protector like this one from Buffy, this helps to keep it can absorbent as possible in order to keep all dust, dirt, hair and sweat in the mattress protector and not sinking through into your mattress.

Buffy suggests dry cleaning for their mattress protector. While you can wash at home, it is far more likely to last much longer if you dry clean it. Of course if you get a spill on your protector is it very easy to spot clean as well.

Other Buffy Products:

eucalyptus material pillow recycledAlso, Buffy makes several other amazing products! There most popular is the original Buffy Cloud Comforter. An amazingly cozy and sustainable comforter that is the ideal thickness. They also offer the thinner version, the Buffy Breeze, perfect for warmer months or hot sleepers. To top it off their very green and affordable Buffy Cloud Pillows come in several options all at the right price. And to wrap it up is there soft and supple Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets.

All of the Buffy products have an amazing story about their natural materials and process to create these fabulous bedding accessories. Not only that but all are of the hihgest quality, adorable and very well priced.

Buffy Mattress Protector – Overall:

This mattress protector is great for keeping your mattress protected from daily use wear and tear. By having the Buffy Mattress Protector on your mattress, it will catch most hair, sweat, and skin that commonly collects on a mattress. This way you can easily wash it all away and put it back on your bed. All the while your mattress is no longer getting sweaty and dusty, keeping it fresh for much longer.

If you are on the hunt for a fully protective waterproof mattress protector, this is not the mattress protector for you. While this isn’t the most protective option out there, it certainly is comfortable. It is also a great choice for anyone looking to protect their mattress from daily wear and tear and not big spills.

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