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birch luxe natural mattress reviewWhen it comes to new mattresses we always love a new take on an already tried and true brand. The original Birch is a solid yet comfortable latex hybrid mattress. However, the newest addition, the Birch Luxe, takes the latex hybrid and adds some amazing upgraded features. Creating a new bed that offers a premium feel that will not only elevate your sleep but also expectations on all mattresses going forward.

Not only is this bed full of natural and sustainable materials but also premium, luxurious materials. Creating a more substantial feel that is ideal for anyone who wants a durable and supportive mattress with jut a bit of cushion. The use of steel coils and springy latex partners perfectly with layers of rich organic cashmere & wool and is beautifully topped off with matelassé finished organic cotton.  Keep reading to find out what else sets this mattress apart in our detailed Birch Luxe mattress review.

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The Birch Luxe Mattress: At A Glance

No time to read our full review? No problem! Below we sum up our in-depth mattress review in just a bullet points. However, if you want more information we have plenty below that goes through each point in greater detail.

  • new birch luxe natural mattress11.5″ Latex Hybrid Build | 5 Layers + Cover
  • Medium-Firm Comfort
  • Motion Transfer: Minimal
  • Sleeping Cool: Very Good
  • Edge Support: Solid
  • 100% Natural Materials
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial
  • 25-Year Warranty
  • Made in USA
  • Price Before Coupon: $1849- $3249
  • Latest Birch Luxe Coupon: HERE

In-Depth Birch Luxe Natural Mattress Review

birch luxe mattress review

At Our Sleep Guide we strive to provide the best and most insightful mattress reviews. Below we will not only go through the facts about the construction and benefits of this mattress. But, we will also give you our personal insight into the details of what makes this bed special.

Starting with the materials and construction for the basics of this bed. Than we will work our way into the comfort and feel of the Birch luxe mattress as well as additional benefits, like sleeping cool, partner disturbance and edge support. And we will wrap up with the basics of the online buying process and how it works with Birch.

At any point if you have any questions about the Birch Luxe mattress you can certainly contact us. Or jump over to BirchLiving.com to see the bed for yourself too.

What Is The Birch Luxe Made Of?

The Birch Luxe mattress is made of a variety of healthy, sustainable materials that also happen to be very durable and comfortable. All combine to make a bed that not only will last, but will feel amazing the entire life of the bed. Starting at the top of the bed, the cover, and moving down, to the foundation layer, we will go through each material. Not only giving you a look at what is inside but what that means as far as quality and benefit too.

birch luxe mattress materials

Birch Luxe Cover:

The Euro cover of a mattress may be your first impression, but it is also so much more. Being the closest part to your skin, having a mattress cover that feels good and performs optimally is necessary. The Birch Luxe uses organic cotton that features a beautiful matelassé woven finish. This material not only looks lovely but is plush and breathable, making this quilted cover natural and naturally cooler for the sleeper.

Directly under this smooth cotton cover is a natural fire retardant made of amazingly multi-functional wool. This historically very diverse fiber is paired with rayon fibers to provide optimal protection for your safety. Creating not only a wonderful finish, but also practical in so many ways.

Birch Luxe Comfort Layers:

birch luxe mattress cover

The Birch Luxe is really gets its name from the amazing comfort materials. While there are upgrades throughout this mattress you may notice them most in these layers.

Starting with the top luxurious comfort layer made of organic cashmere and organic wool. Again harnessing materials and fibers that are inherently sustainable as well as multi-functional. The cashmere is not only luxurious and plush, but also has innate thermoregulatory properties for added comfort and coolness.

While the wool offers amazing comfort with naturally moisture wicking and temperature regulating qualities as well. The added loft and cushion provided by these layers give enough added comfort without making the bed too hot or too soft. As well as allows for the most ideal feel that compliments the latex and coils.

Under these layers of natural cushion is the pressure relieving layer of latex. This 100% natural Pulse latex offers a feel that alleviates pressure but also gives a little spring. This creates a natural buoyancy that allows you to move easily while still being cradled. Creating a truly comforting feel that works with your bodies needs.

All these comfort layers provide the perfect balance of push and pull, as well as a feeling that isn’t too soft or firm. Creating a surface that enhances your quality of sleep night after night.

Support Layers: 

what is birch luxe made of?

While the latex does a great job of alleviating pressure the support of the coils ensures proper alignment for the best sleeping posture. The coils inside the Birch Luxe natural mattress use targeted zoned lumbar support. Offering more robust support in the center for your back and spinal alignment. Not only that, but the perimeter also uses reinforced coils for a stronger edge. Overall using over one thousand individually wrapped coils to not only cradle your body but also reduce motion transfer. For solid support that stands the test of time.

Under the coils is a base layer made of organic wool. This base layer not only creates stability and durability for the rest of the mattress to rest on. But, if you remember the fibers of the wool are a natural fire retardant that add another protective layer to your mattress. Making it multi-functional as well as environmentally sound.

Overall the materials of the Birch Luxe latex hybrid mattress do a great job of complimenting each other. Creating not only a solid and durable surface, but one that also provides luxurious comfort.

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Birch Luxe Latex Hybrid Certifications

With so many companies claiming to be green it is nice to see exactly how. Which is why Birch has gone through the process of rigorous certifications to ensure that their latex hybrid beds are as natural as possible. See below just how this mattress has passed the test in several areas to create not only a comfortable bed but also sustainable.

  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified
  • GOTS Certified Organic
  • Fair Trade Certified
  • eco-INSTITUT Certified
  • Wool Integrity NZ
  • Forest Stewardship Council
  • Rainforest Alliance
birch by helix certifications

Still looking for more information on the certifications of the Birch Luxe? Find out all the details HERE

How Comfortable Is The Birch Luxe Bed?

When it comes to mattress comfort sometimes too many choices can make it difficult and confusing. With the Birch Luxe there is no guesswork needed when choosing the perfect comfort. This mattress comes in one ideal universal feel that borders comes in at an ideal medium-firm. Giving you an optimal comfort level for any shape, size or sleeping preference.

The firmness of this bed is a great compliment to to a larger variety of sleepers. Making it an overall more universal fit for all sleepers. And a truly great option for combination sleepers as well as couples looking for a mattress that is a perfect option for both sleepers.

birch luxe comfort

Many times people look at a firmness scale to give them direction of the comfort. Many times looking at 1 as the softest and 10 as the firmest. When it comes the the numerical value of the Birch Luxe, we would have to say it is right around a 6. Just a hair above a true medium and ideal for the widest range of sleepers.

Not only is the firmness level perfected, but the materials of this mattress make for a great blend of comfort too. While there is a slight level of buoyancy for easy movement, it is also amazing at relieving pressure in every sleeping position. And the precision comfort of the coils enhances the cushiony top layers.

Allowing this mattress to quickly accommodate side, back and stomach sleepers. And the quality of durable materials also makes it an amazing option for larger and heavy sleepers too. Overall the comfort of this bed checks so many boxes that it really does make it one of the most universally appealing mattresses we’ve tried to date.

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How Else Will My Sleep Improve With The Birch Luxe Natural Mattress?

Like many natural hybrid latex mattresses the Birch offers ample benefits. With the comfort and materials being top notch you’ll also notice other important factors that are key to buying the perfect mattress. Like isolating motion, temperature regulation and perimeter support that we will focus on below.

birch luxe natural mattress

Minimal Motion Transfer:

While motion transfer may be a more lesser known term outside the mattress industry that doesn’t make less important. Basically, motion transfer refers to how much the bed moves when you move. This can create partner disturbance that can sway your decision on a mattress purchase.

When it comes to the Birch Luxe latex hybrid the materials may make you think it could have a bit more bounce. However, the design of this mattress is cleverly created to enhance your ability to move easily while minimizing excess motion. This starts with using a coil system that has individually wrapped coils. This means the coils are not interconnected and move free of each other.

Also, while latex is known to offer a bit more responsiveness, the layers of wool and cashmere along with the coils make a dulled response. So while you get enough movement to easily change sleeping positions, it is little enough not to wake or disturb your bedmate.

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Temperature Neutral Sleep:

birch luxe mattress reviewWhile there are many things we love about latex hybrid beds, one of the absolute best is how well they naturally sleep temperature neutral. Creating an ideal surface for the hottest to the coldest sleeper and everyone in between. This makes both Birch mattresses top contenders when it comes to the best cooling mattresses.

The details of how the bed is able to stay more neutral starts at the very top and is seen in every layer. To start the organic cotton cover is not only soft but breathable and naturally more temperature neutral. While the wool and cashmere are both known as a temperature regulator and the wool wicks away moisture. Latex is aerated as well as responsive to ensure never getting stuck or holding heat. And coils create plenty of space for air flow and heat dissipation.

All in all giving you layer upon layer of comfort and support without trapped heat. Creating an ideal bed for anyone who wants, or needs, a cool sleeping mattress.

Solid Edge Support:

Another area we might not initially consider but will notice immediately is the edge support. The perimeter of a bed gets used more frequently than you may think. From getting in and out, to occasionally sitting on and so much more. Which is why having a mattress with durable edge support could mean the difference of having it for 5 years and having it for 10 years.

Again, the design of the Birch Luxe mattress is great for this aspect too. The materials alone are resilient and strong, meaning together they create a very long lasting and reliable mattress. This helps ensure that you not only get a supportive and comfortable mattress for the long haul but also great perimeter support.

The Birch Luxe latex hybrid also uses reinforced coils around the perimeter. This extra edge support means that the durable layers on top won’t take any extra wear over time too. Creating more solid and durable edges that allow for full use of the mattress for sleeping.

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Have Questions About the Birch Luxe? Call Us and We’d Be Happy To Help!

Our Online Mattress Showroom, located in Austin, TX and Houston, TX, are here to help. Even if you aren’t able to visit our showrooms, our Mattress Guides can still help answer any of your questions over the phone. If you would like some more insight into any of the Birch  Mattresses we can provide you with some much needed guidance and advice. Call us today at 512-465-2714 or at 832-653-6587, we’re here for you!

Birch Mattresses Buying Basics

With every mattress you buy online you typically have a few basics that are included. Below is what you can expect to be included with your Birch Luxe Mattress purchase. As well as quick reference to our view on the value as well as Birch Mattress promo codes currently available.


birch luxe latex hybrid mattressThe Birch Luxe Mattress is quite affordable for a well made, durable and premium material mattress. This bed is available in all standard sizes, ranging from Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King and Cal King. The prices do adjust in accordance to size, but each reflecting a great value. This USA handmade mattress showcases premium materials with detailed construction. Superior support and comfort, which makes it a great value and a latex hybrid mattress we would strongly recommend.

The most popular size, the queen size Birch mattress, comes in at $2899. This price does not include the current Birch Mattress discount, which you will find below. However, this price does include free shipping & returns, a 100 night sleep trial as well as 25 year warranty. Giving you not only a great bed but great perks and customer service too.

Birch Luxe Mattress Coupons:

The great thing with the Birch mattress price is the fact that it gets even better. Follow the link below to access the Birch mattress coupon. This savings makes this mattress even more affordable and an even greater value. The Birch mattress discount code may change from time to time, so make sure to take advantage of it before it changes. Regardless we will always have access to the latest Birch by Helix coupons.

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We know that sometimes your body is in need of a mattress before your wallet is. That is why it is so great that so many brands offer financing if needed. Birch is not different. By offering two financing options, one through Klarna as well as one through Zibby, every shopper should be able to purchase their new Birch mattress. With options that allow you to pay as low as $26 a month. Jump over to BirchLiving.com to get more details on this process.

Delivery & Unboxing:

birch mattress box

When buying a mattress online it will most likely arrive in a box right at your door. Though it is hard to believe it can hold a mattress, there it is! All you need to do is get it inside, take the rolled mattress out of the box and cut the plastic away.

Initially this mattress should spring to life pretty quickly. Especially with these particular materials. You may notice a bit of a natural and new mattress smell, but certainly nothing toxic or harmful.

Any mattress in a box should be given several hours to not only fully air out, but also expand properly. You can sleep on it the first night, but it may firm up just a tad in the first 24 to 48 hours. All in all, the delivery and unboxing process is quite simple though.

Trial Period & Warranty:

With your new mattress you will also be give a 100 night sleep trial. This period of time helps you make sure that this is the right bed for you. Any new mattress will take a few weeks to adjust to. But, if you aren’t adapting to your new mattress or just feel it isn’t the bed for you, no problem. Returns are free and you will be fully refunded as long as you return your bed within the 100 day trial period.

And as far as you warranty goes, each Birch mattress comes with a 25 year warranty. This ensures that any defects or flaws in the manufacturing end are covered. As well as any unnatural wear that occurs with normal use. Though there are a few provisions as far as prorating and what is considered normal wear or excessive sagging, this warranty is more than substantial.

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birch luxe basics

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 25 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1849
  • Twin XL $1949
  • Full $2349
  • Queen $2899
  • King $3249
  • Cal King $3249
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.