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Accessory Review Eli & Elm Pillow

eli and elm pillow reviewEli & Elm is a quality brand that offers a selection of mattress protector, sheets and pillows on their site. The Eli & Elm Cotton Pillow is a newer product made to give you the great feel of a premium pillow with tons of added benefits. They designed this pillow with side sleepers in mind.

Made to help better support their head and neck while they sleep. It also comes made to keep you cool and uses premium materials to give it an unbeatable feeling. You can can even adjust this pillow to meet your specific needs.

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Eli and Elm Pillow – Materials: 

The Eli and Elm Cotton Pillow is made with premium materials. These give it a unique feel that is perfect for supporting your head and neck. The side sleeper pillow is a latex pillow. However, instead of one solid piece of latex it is made of a latex fiber filling. This latex “noodles” are combine with soft cooling gel to create an amazing blend. The cooling gel is made from polyester fibers. The exact ratio is 75% latex and 25% polyester fiber fill.

eli and elm pillow reviewThis fill is also removable. Allowing you to create the perfect amount of comfort and support. The latex also makes for plenty of bounce and is very easy to move on. They make everyone of their pillows in the USA to guarantee the best quality.

The Eli & Elm Cotton pillow has an organic cotton blend surface that sleepers love. This surface is incredibly soft to the touch and a delight to rest your head on. This surface is made of natural materials and keeps out harmful chemicals from the production process.

It is also anti-microbial, mildew proof, and even repels dust mites. The cover is made out of 37% Organic Cotton, 2% Spandex, and 61% Polyester.

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Eli & Elm Pillow – Comfort & Support:

eli and elm pillow reviewThe Eli and Elm Cotton Pillow is great for giving you the support you need. Many side sleepers find that their pillows are too flat to give their neck and head proper support. If the pillow is too thick or too thin you can easily adjust the latex filling to customize it to your personal preferences.

Because of this adjustability you will always be able to have proper spinal alignment. This helps with good sleeping posture and helps prevent chronic neck pain too.

They also designed the pillow to sleep cool all night long. Allowing plenty of breathability and very little heat retention for amazing coolness. In fact, the cooling gel and latex combination will do a better sleep cooler than any all foam pillow. And the fact that it has a fill opposed to one solid core means that air will always be able to flow. Which is why we consider it to be the best cooling pillow available.

eli and elm pillow reviewThe shape of this pillow is also important. Many pillows are a fairly standard rectangular shape. However, the Eli & Elm side sleeper pillow has a unique notch that is made to better conform around your shoulder. This helps the pillow better adjust to your neck for even better support and added comfort.

Having complete control over the amount of fill in a pillow creates total customization. And using materials that provide plenty of heat dissipation and cool materials means total comfort. This makes the Eli and Elm cotton pillow ideal for comfort as well as support.

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Eli & Elm Pillow – Value: 

eli and elm pillow reviewThe Eli and Elm Cotton Pillow is a very affordable $99. For this price you also get free shipping. They produce each pillow in the USA to guarantee the product meets safety and quality standards. They make each pillow by hand to ensure the superior craftsmanship that Eli and Elm are known for.

This pillow is a great value for a pillow that is not only adjustable but uses some of the best materials on the market. It is ideally made for side sleepers but could also work great for back or stomach sleepers. And is even the best cooling pillow you will find.

If you do have problems with your order you are eligible for a return for up to 45 days after you receive it. At that point you just let the company know that things didn’t work out and the return is free. You will then get your payment amount credited back within a week of the products delivery to Eli and Elm.

Eli and Elm Pillow – Summary:

Overall, the Eli and Elm Cotton Pillow is a good product that offers the perfect amount of support for those who like to sleep on their sides. This pillow doesn’t go flat and supports the neck and head just as it needs to in order to prevent developing neck issues in the future.

It also sleeps cool thanks to the latex material that is cooling gel infused. They also manufacture each cool pillow right here in the USA for quality control. If that isn’t enough every pillow costs just $99, including free shipping to your door.

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