Accessory Review Eli & Elm Shredded Foam Pillow Review

When it comes to creating an all around comfortable pillow, you have to balance several different features in order to get it just right. We found that Eli & Elm does just that in their Premium Shredded Foam Pillow. This pillow features the support and conforming comfort of foam, while also having a breathable design. Did we mentioned that it is adjustable in order to customize your pillow loft as well? This combination makes for a crowd pleasing pillow. Keep reading to learn more about what makes the Eli & Elm Shredded Foam Pillow unique, and who we think it will work best for.

premium shredded foam pillow eli and elm

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Eli & Elm Shredded Foam Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Standard, Queen, or King
  • Trial Period: 45 Day Return Policy
  • Free Shipping
  • Premium Shredded Foam Blend 
  • Moisture-Wicking Anti-Bacterial Cover
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Customizable Comfort
  • Made In USA
  • Works Best For: Side Sleepers, Back Sleepers, and Stomach Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Eli & Elm Premium Shredded Foam Pillow Review:

Materials & Design:

shredded memory foam and cooling air foamIf this is your first time hearing of a pillow containing shredded foams, then you may be left wondering… “Why is it shredded?” There are a number of benefits to using shredded foams in a pillow. The first is that it can be a great way to create a lower waste process for mattresses and pillow manufacturing. They can utilize cuts of foam that may have otherwise gone to waste. Which is ideal for our green minded folks out there. However, the benefits don’t stop there. The shredded memory and breathe-cool comfort foam blend used in this pillow creates a lighter, more breathable, airy, pillow. Because the pillow is made with shredded foams, it also allows the loft size to be adjustable.

To adjust your Eli & Elm Premium Shredded Foam Pillow, simply locate the zipper on the side of your pillow. Then unzip to gain access to the internal fill. You can then remove or add fill as needed. This allows you to adjust your pillow to be the ideal comfort and loft size for how you sleep.

Eli & Elm Latest Savings

Is The Eli & Elm Shredded Foam Pillow Comfortable?

is the shredded foam pillow comfortable?This is absolutely going to be a comfortable pillow for most people. One way that Eli & Elm designed the Premium Shredded Foam Pillow to be such a versatile pillow, is by making it adjustable. The design of the Eli & Elm pillow features a zipper on the side which allows you to access and adjust the internal fill of the pillow. This allows you to create a pillow that is as low profile, or as lofty as you like. This allows the pillow to be made to fit the needs of many different sleepers. Most stomach sleepers are going to want to remove quite a lot of fill in order to create a slimmer pillow. This is great for stomach sleepers as this prevents their neck from getting strained. While most side sleepers will likely keep the pillow at high loft, which provides the perfect combination of support that contours around your head and neck nicely.

The airy combination of shredded foams also helps to keep the pillow cool and breathable. Unlike a pillow made out of a block of foam, a shredded foam pillow allows for a lot more airflow throughout the pillow. This helps to prevent heat retention in the pillow and it tends to sleep cooler. You get a more traditional feel out the this pillow as well. It is more supportive than a polyester or down feather pillow has. While also allowing for contouring about your neck and shoulders. Overall we would say this is going to be a comfortable pillow for a lot of people.

Care Instructions:

are eli and elm pillows worth it?When you are looking into getting a new pillow, one feature you may not consider is how easy it is to keep clean. However, this can make a big difference in the longevity and comfort of your pillow over time. Which is why it is always something we like to mention in our pillow reviews. Thankfully the Eli & Elm Premium Shredded Foam Pillow is rather easy to keep fresh and clean.

The exterior cover is completely detachable from the rest of the pillow. This allows you to easily unzip and remove the external portion of the pillow for quick and easy cleaning. Simply wash on a gentle cool cycle to wash with like colors. Be sure to avoid bleach products, and harsh detergents. Then just hang to dry in a warm breezy spot, or tumble dry on low. Always double check care instructions before use as they may change. However, we found that this cover was very easy to keep clean and overall this kept the pillow fresh and clean as well.

Eli & Elm Shredded Foam Pillow Value:

eli and elm pillow review from our sleep guideOne of the greatest and surprising selling features of the Premium Shredded Foam Pillow from Eli & Elm is the price point. You can get any size of this pillow for $50 or under. Making this one of the lowest price pillows that they carry. This is surprising due to the high quality shredded foam, customizable design, and overall comfort that this pillow provides. They even have a 45 day return policy if you find that you are not completely in love with your new pillow. If you are looking for latest pricing, promotions, and discounts then be sure to click the button below.

Standard: $45
Queen: $45
King: $50

Eli & Elm Latest Savings

Eli & Elm Shredded Foam Pillow Review – Final Thoughts:

hypoallergenic pillow review

Overall, we found that the Eli & Elm Shredded Foam Pillow provides a great amount of support, loft, and conforming comfort. It supplies a good amount of support while also contouring nicely around your neck and shoulders. Whether you prefer to sleep on your back, side, or stomach you are going to be able to make this pillow work for you. If the loft is too high, simply unzip and remove some of the internal fill. This allows your pillow to be completely adjustable. The shredded foam blend will never fall flat and allows for lots of airflow through the pillow. This helps a lot with preventing heat retention. Truly an all around good pillow at an even better price point.

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