Accessory Review Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets

What is a sheet set made for, if not to be comfortable? The Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets are all about creating comfort. These sateen weave sheets have a silky smooth finish to them.

They look and feel great, all because of the Tencel lyocell material. These sheets have a 400 thread count, yet they are much smoother than a cotton sheet would be with the same thread count. Keep reading our review or watch our video review below to get more details on what makes these sheets so special.

the whalley tencel sheets from eli and elm

Eli & Elm Latest Savings

Eli & Elm Latest Savings

Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets – At A Glance

  • Eucalyptus Tencel
  • 400 Thread Count
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King
  • 45-Day Return Policy
  • Free Shipping
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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eli & Elm whalley sheet set reviewOne of the most common materials being created for bedding these days is a type of Lyocell called Tencel. This fabric is ideal for bedding because it is sustainably made, lightweight, breathable, and soft. The Eli & Elm Whalley Sheets are made out of 100% Tencel. This particular lyocell fabric is made out of eucalyptus tree fibers. The process makes for very sturdy yet silky smooth fibers. This makes for very durable sheets that have a 400 Thread Count yet feel much smoother than a cotton sheet with the equivalent TC.

For these sheets, Eli & Elm had the Tencel threads woven into a sateen weave pattern. Sateen sheets really give you the maximum comfort and silky feel to the sheets. This allows you to truly benefit from the extra silky feeling finish to these sheets that both feel and look great.

Are the Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets Comfortable?

tencel lyocell sheets low priceNot only is Tencel a more sustainable fabric option than many other fabrics out there, it is also very comfortable. The lyocell material does a great job at keeping you at a good sleeping temperature. They are cool to the touch and very breathable. This allows you to remain a comfortable temperature as you sleep. Instead of heat getting trapped in by the sheets, the breathable Tencel allows for plenty of airflow.

The Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets are extra comfortable. Their tencel fabric has a 400TC and a sateen weave. This gives these sheets an extra smooth finish that is just oh so comfortable to snuggle up under. The thread count is deceiving though, as these sheets are more smoother than a cotton sheet with the same thread count. Overall, we think more folks out there are going to really love how these sheets feel.

Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets – Value:

comfortable sheets from eli and elm reviewThe Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheet set is ideal when you want the luxury feel, without spending an arm and a leg.

The Tencel Lyocell fabric provides a silky and luxurious feeling sheet, that feels for above a 400TC. It had great performance and durability, without being a luxury/expensive material. Which allows you to get that great feel and performance from your sheets without spending a small fortune.

When you buy your sheets from Eli & Elm you get a 45-day return policy in case you change your mind. They often run promotions which can help you save even more. Click the shop button below to get the latest on pricing and promos!

Twin: $129.99
Twin XL:
Full: $139.99
Queen: $149.99
King: $159.99
California King: $159.99

Eli & Elm Latest Savings

Care Instructions:

lyocell sheets eucalyptus fibersIn order to keep your Eli and Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets performing at their best, it is important to follow proper care instructions. Thankfully, the washing instructions for these sheets are just about as easy as can be. Eli & Elm recommends machine washing with cool or warm water with a mild detergent. Be sure to avoid bleaching products or extreme heat.

To dry your sheets, they recommend that you tumble dry on low. Take them out of the dryer promptly and put on your bed right away. This will help prevent wrinkles. They do not suggest using an iron as extreme heat can damage your sheets. We found these care instructions to be simple and easy to follow.

Eli & Elm Whalley Tencel Sheets – Final Thoughts:

Get the look and feel of a luxury set of sheets, without spending an arm and a leg for these Whalley Tencel Sheets from Eli & Elm. The tencel lyocell fabric is silky smooth and helps you to stay comfortably cool throughout the night. They come in a large selection of colors and sizes, which lets you design your bed to look exactly how you want it. Overall we think these are durable, long lasting, and comfortable sheets that are going to work well for you and your family.

silky smooth cool breathable soft sheets

Eli & Elm Latest Savings

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