July 27, 2021

Top 10 Eli & Elm Bedding Accessories

Named after Eli Whitney who invented the cotton gin in 1793 and his hometown of Elm City, the Eli & Elm brand is all about quality bedding materials.

Naturally, many of their products feature organic cotton, among many other more modern materials. All of which are the top of the line when it comes to optimal comfort for sheets, mattress toppers, and pillows. Keep reading to see how we rank the Top 10 Eli & Elm Bedding Accessories.

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10) Whalley Collection Sheet Set

top ten bedding accessories from eli and elmThe Whalley Sheets are made out of a cool and silky Tencel fabric. This fabric is made using fibers from the eucalyptus tree. While Tencel is a rather new material when compared to cotton, it is quickly rising in popularity.

Once you sleep in a set of Tencel sheets it becomes rather easy to see why. These sheets are luxuriously smooth to the touch and stay rather cool and breathable throughout the night. Similar to cotton, tencel is a great fabric when it comes to its moisture wicking properties.

Due to the weave patterns used for these sheets, the 400TC is equivalent to twice the thread count of cotton. This gives these sheets a high end feel, yet they remain a rather reasonable price point.

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9) Eli & Elm Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow

ventilated memory foam pillow reviewAirflow and contouring comfort are the two main comfort features you will get with the Eli & Elm Ventilated Memory Foam Pillow. This pillow has a memory foam core that has pin core ventilation in order to give this pillow plenty of cooling comfort.

This ventilation has an added benefit of creating extra contouring comfort in the center of the pillow where you need it most. This allows for your head to comfortable rest into the pillow, while your neck and shoulders remain supported.

This is wonderful for back sleepers and side sleepers to maintain proper spinal alignment. This is a great pillow for all of our memory foam lovers out there.

8) Eli & Elm Organic Cotton & Latex Pillow

organic cotton and natural talalay latexThis pillow is a great option for all of our nature lovers out there. The Eli & Elm Organic Cotton & Latex Pillow is made with a special kind of latex called Talalay. It is a natural latex created from the sap of rubber trees, and it is completely hypoallergenic. All of which is wonderful, however we love Talalay Latex because of how comfortable it is.

This is a responsive and breathable foam pillow that will provide lots of support as well as pressure relief. Making this a well balanced feel that is ideal for back and side sleepers. Another great comfort feature is that it comes in two different loft options. So if you prefer a thin pillow their low option will work well for you. While their high loft is a great option for side sleepers.

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7) Cooling PCM Mattress Protector

pcm cooling mattress protector eli and elmWe always recommend buying a good mattress protector in order to make your mattress last as long as possible. While a mattress protector often feels more like a task than a fun purchase, this mattress protector is all about added cooling comfort.

The Cooling PCM Mattress Protector features a specialty fabric that uses PCM technology. This was first developed by Nasa and has a cool to the touch feel. One of the most common complaints we hear about mattress protectors is that they heat up easily. This mattress protector changes all of that.

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6) Eli & Elm Premium Shredded Foam Pillow

gel infused memory foam shredded pillow

A feature that we will always see as a benefit in a pillow is when it has customizable comfort. The slightest changes in loft height can completely change how a pillow will work and feel when you lay on it. Which is why we love that the Eli & Elm Premium Shredded Foam Pillow is adjustable!

The fill is made out of shredded pieces of cooling gel infused foam. This gives the pillow a more conforming comfort feel than a block of foam, while still supplying plenty of support.

The soft charcoal cover features a convenient side zipper, this can be used to add or remove fill in order to adjust the loft height of the pillow. The more fill you add to your pillow the higher the loft and more supportive the feel will be. While the more you remove the lower the loft and the softer the feel. We love this customizable aspect of this pillow.

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5) Winchester Collection Sheet Set

the bamboo grey sheet set reviewThese silky soft sheets from Eli & Elm are made out of a material called Rayon. This is a natural material that is derived from bamboo. The sheets have a 350TC and a silky smooth finished to them. This silky feel also looks luxurious on the bed which we love.

The bamboo Rayon also is naturally resistant to allergies and odors which helps them to last longer and stay odor free for longer than cotton bedding. You can get a California King set of these sheets for less than $100 as well! Making this sheet set rather affordable as well.

4) Eli & Elm PCM Memory Foam Cooling Pillow

Take the phase change technology we were talking about earlier with the mattress topper… Now put that on a pillow! Eli & Elm did this and created the PCM Memory Foam Cooling Pillow. This pillow has a soft and adaptive memory foam core that is covered with the extra cooling cover.

One side features the PCM material while the other side is extra ventilated in order to maximize breathability. This is a luxuriously comfortable pillow that gives you the pressure relief of memory foam, while also staying cool throughout the night.

3) Whitney Collection Sheet Set

cotton blend sheets from eli and elmSometimes you just cannot beat the classics, like these cotton Whitney Collection Sheet Set from Eli & Elm. These sheets are made out of 70% long staple cotton 20% Lyocell, and 10% Paraffin.

This blend balances the classic feel and longevity of cotton, with the cooling comfort and silky feel of Lyocell and Paraffin. Making these sheets some of the most comfortable sets that you can purchase from the Eli and Elm brand.

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2) Eli & Elm Custom Side-Sleeper Pillowcase

Our number two slot on this Top 10 Eli & Elm Bedding Accessories is truly a supporting actor. When it comes to unique shaped pillows for better sleep, there is one common issue that arises which is, oddly fitting pillow cases.

All of that is fixed with the Eli and Elm Custom Side-Sleeper Pillowcase. It is design solely to work with their unique pillow for side sleepers. This pillow case allows you to get optimal sleep experience with this unique pillow. No more sagging pillow cases, instead you just get great sleep with a pillow made to work for you and how you sleep.

1) Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow

eli & elm side sleeper pillow top 3 accessories Most people sleep on their sides more than any other sleep position out there. Which means having a pillow designed specifically for the needs of side sleepers, just makes sense. The Eli & Elm Cotton Side-Sleeper Pillow is made to provide the support for your head, contoured shape for ideal pressure relief for shoulders. While this shape is made for side sleepers, we found that it actually works nicely for back sleeping as well, making it great for combination sleepers.

The fill of the pillow is made out of latex noodles and polyester fill, and it is adjustable! Similar to the Shredded Foam Pillow, you can add or remove the fill of the Eli & Elm side sleeper pillow. This allows anyone to sleep comfortably on the side sleeper. Overall it is a unique pillow that is designed to be very comfortable.

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Top 10 Eli & Elm Bedding Accessories: Final Thoughts

The Eli & Elm brand is all about creating comfort bedding accessories, in fact it is all they make. While these are our top 10 picks, all of the bedding products are a great purchase. We love that the quality of these bedding accessories are rather high while the prices remain rather reasonable. We also enjoy that many of the pillows and other products are made in the USA. If you have not purchased any bedding products from the Eli & Elm, we highly recommend it.

top products from the eli&elm brand

Did we miss your favorite product from Eli & Elm? Send us a message and tell us which is your favorite product!