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Accessory Review Saatva Dreams Pillow

saatva dreams pillow review Saatva is a very well established brand that has been in the mattress industry for years. With a focus on quality and customer service that is far and above the competition. They have now expanded their line of products to offer bedding to compliment their mattresses too. Bringing the same focus of superior materials and construction to Saatva Dreams pillow, sheets, toppers and mattress pads.

The Saatva Dreams Pillow is a plush, hotel-quality pillow with shredded American Talalay latex and Organic Cotton. Creating a combination durable support with luxurious softness for the most ideal balance. This dreamy pillow is guaranteed to give you the sweetest dreams while you sleep. Below we will focus on the materials, comfort, and support of this pillow. As well as the price and value. Giving you a great look into a very special pillow by Saatva Dreams.

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Saatva Dreams Pillow – Materials:

saatva dreams pillow reviewThe Saatva Dreams Pillow uses natural and organic materials to create an ideal feel. The core of the mattress uses responsive shredded Talalay latex. Creating ideal support for the neck and head. The Talalay latex foam is an American-made product that is naturally hypoallergenic, dust-mite resistant and mildew proof. It also is very breathable with great airflow, which allows it to sleep cool all night long.

Surrounding the latex core is the lofty and plush a 100% cotton filled with microdenier fibers. This silky, down-like material adds a premium and luxurious feel that softly hugs your head. This layer is machine washable and is also hypoallergenic for cleaner and healthier sleep. Along with all of these qualities it is also very breathable and promotes airflow as well. To work in harmony with the latex for a wonderfully temperature neutral pillow.

All of this is encased in a very soft 100% organic cotton cover. This sateen finished outer layer is gusseted for long lasting shape. It is breathable and wicks away moisture as well as easily washable. Together this creates a pillow that is superior in feel and support. And done so using natural materials that are healthy for you and the environment.

saatva dreams pillow review
Saatva Dreams Pillow – Comfort:

saatva dreams pillow reviewThe comfort of the Saatva Dreams Pillow has an ideal name because it is truly dreamy. The details that go into this pillow make it unlike most others available. The materials alone are outstanding and create a universal feel that works for all sleepers. The firm support of the core is complimented with the soft pliable down-like surround. And the silky cover is truly premium.

This combination of materials gives it a feel that easily molds to your head, neck and shoulders. Regardless of your size and sleeping preferences you will find this pillow to work and move with you. While sleeping you’ll have no problems changing positions since the pillow will easily move with you. As well as continues to give you perfect balanced support whether you are on your back, side or stomach.

The Saatva Dreams pillow also offers amazing benefits that keep the pillow from retaining heat and moisture. And are even hypoallergenic to keep any allergies at bay. This makes it even more comfortable and ideal for anyone who enjoys an adaptable feel that is healthy from top to bottom.

Saatva Dreams Pillow – Support:

saatva dreams pillow reviewsaatva dreams pillow reviewThe construction of this pillow really lends itself to creating support that works great for all sleepers. The core is dense and durable. As well as just thick enough to accommodate all sleeping positions. This combine with a plush and pliable fiber surround layer makes it adaptable and adjustable to every sleepers size and needs.

If you do prefer a very thick or very thin pillow, than this pillow may not be for you. However, if you like an ideally lofty pillow that doesn’t lack on core support and cradles your head softly, than look no further. The spine and neck support this pillow provides is even recommended by chiropractors and orthopedists. So you know you can count on it to give you the right amount of support.

Saatva Dreams Pillow – Value:

saatva dreams pillow reviewThe Saatva Dreams pillow may be quite a bit more expensive than many other pillows on the market. However, you are getting a top of the line, hotel quality pillow with eco-friendly materials. Supportive and durable latex makes up the core of the pillow. While the organic cotton surrounds it for softness and loft. All wrapped in a 100% organic cotton cover as well. These superior materials and ideal feel make it one of the most luxurious pillows available.

Many times you get what you pay for and with this you will have a pillow that lasts and lasts. Included with your new pillow is free shipping and a 45 day trial period. This allows you to give it a try and see if this luxurious pillow is the right fit for you. If not, you can return it at no expense and will be fully refunded.

  • Queen: 28 x 18 in. – $145
  • King: 34 x 18 in. – $165
Saatva Dreams Pillow Overview:

Saatva knows sleep. As a leading brand in the mattress market, designing a pillow just makes sense. This pillow has all 5 stars and has been named: exceptionally well in the bedroom, and the sweetest dreams are with Saatva. Are you ready for a pillow that will change your life?

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