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Accessory Review Luxe Pillow Review

luxe pillow reviewThe Luxe Pillow is a luxurious pillow made with unique layers to help you wake up refreshed. As well as be a better sleeper and improve your compete sleeping experience. When you sleep poorly, your day is poor. Everything changes including your mood, productivity, creativity, and health. That’s why the Luxe pillow supports you in every sleeping position, so you sleep soundly.

The Luxe Pillow is available in two different options. A Down and Feather option as well as a Polyester Gel Fiber Option. Both of these appealing to various sleepers and needs. Below we will go through the materials and benefits both offer to help you decide which one is best for you.

Luxe Pillow Materials:

luxe pillow reviewRegardless of which Luxe pillow you choose both have the same construction model. The layered system uses a structured core with more adaptable chambers on either side. Creating a solid and supportive center covered with a more adaptable comfort surround. This creates a structure that doesn’t shift, sag or lack support over time. Instead you get great spinal alignment and proper ergonomics. Now where the pillows are unique is with the materials that make up the core and outer layers.

Down & Feathers Materials:

luxe pillow reviewThe Down and Feather Luxe pillow is constructed of just that, down and feathers. This pillow starts by creating a core that uses the highest quality small game waterfowl feathers and down. The core is precisely packed to ensure that the support doesn’t break down over time. But is still comfortable and adaptable.

Surrounding this core is sustainably sourced white goose-down. These feathers add a plushness that molds to your head and gives plenty of softness. This pillow is also hypo-allergenic. The feathers and down go through an extensive washing process to ensure they are thoroughly clean. Adding yet another detail that makes this pillow exceptional.

Polyester Gel Fiber Materials:

luxe pillow reviewThe polyester gel fiber pillow is made to feel just like down, but has no feathers in its construction. This down alternative pillow is made with a fiberfill consisting of 100% polyester gel. This fill goes through a process of opening and blending to ensure that it feels almost identical to premium down. This creates a similar feel to the down and feather pillow.

The construction is also the same. Using these materials to create a more tightly packed core. Than chambers on either side that are softer and more adaptable. The polyester gel pillow option is also hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. Making it a very clean and healthy pillow.

Luxe Pillow Cover:

Both of these pillows are than wrapped in a 100% cotton shell detailed with double stitched pipe edges. To take it a step further to make it even more luxurious it is covered in a pillow protector. The Damask patterned exterior uses 300 thread count fabric to make it silky and smooth. With the Luxe pillow you’re getting the finest materials for your highest quality sleep.

Luxe Pillow Comfort:

The Luxe Pillow is meant to have classic comfort that supports you in any sleeping position. As well as adapts to any size or shape of sleeper too. The unique three chamber construction (3C Technology) lends itself to creating ideal comfort. The support is focused in the core of the pillow. While the outer layers allow for plush softness that makes for a perfect balance. Letting your head, neck and shoulders sink in just enough. And easily changes with you and your sleeping positions throughout the night.

Both of these pillows are also wonderful for sleeping temperature neutral as well. Not only do the layers breathe easily and let air flow, but the cotton cover also helps. This natural materials helps regulate temperature as well as allows heat to dissipate. Keeping both the down & feather and the polyester gel fiber work great for sleeping cool.

Luxe Pillow Support:

luxe pillow reviewThe unique multi-layer design of the Luxe Pillows allows it to keep its shape all night long, without sagging. The core chamber of this pillow uses a denser packed material to ensure stability. While the outer layers create gentle support that adapts to you. This creates optimal support so that your head and neck have support no matter which position you sleep in. It is the perfect combination of premium materials, plus a new creative design, that still gives you long lasting support. Keeping your posture correct in every sleeping position.

Luxe Pillow Value:

luxe pillow reviewThe Luxe Pillows are reasonably priced for the premium materials and construction that they offer. Each pillow is carefully made with details from top to bottom that make is a great addition to any bedroom. On top of its amazing support and comfort is the fact that it’s materials are eco-friendly. Making a healthier pillow for you and the Earth.

Both of the Luxe Pillows are offered in a standard and king size. Each size as well as style slightly vary in price, but all come in under the $150 price point. Included is also free shipping and returns, and a 100-night sleep trial to make sure you are sleeping well.

  • Down & Feather – Standard Size: $129
  • Down & Feather – King Size: $149
  • Polyester Gel Fiber – Standard Size: $79
  • Polyester Gel Fiber – King Size: $99

Choose your style and size and get the perfect Luxe Pillow now at

Luxe Pillow Overview:

luxe pillow reviewIf you’re tired of being tired. If you’re done with lumpy pillows, and have had enough fighting with your pillow throughout the night, the Luxe Pillow is your new dream come true. It comes in a two options; including down and feather or polyester gel fiber. As well as two sizes. With amazing support and a balanced and adaptabel comfort ideal for any sleeper. The Luxe Pillow is exactly what it sounds like, luxurious. It’s time to treat yourself to sleeping like royalty.

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