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Resting should always be able waking up feeling better than you did when you fell asleep. Which is why Dr. Loth created the Spine Align pillow. He was tired of seeing patience in pain caused by using the wrong pillow that causes you to sleep in a position where your spine is out of alignment throughout the night. The Spine Align pillow is created to work with your body in order to give you the optimal spine alignment possible while you sleep.

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Spine Align Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: 1 Universal Size
  • Trial Period: 60 Nights
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Free U.S. Shipping
  • Polyester Cover
  • Shredded Poly Foam Fill
  • CertiPUR-US Certified
  • Works Best For: Back Sleepers & Side Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

shape and design of the spinealign pillow The Spine Align Pillow comes in to sizes a Standard and Queen. Both of which can comfortably fit in their designated pillow case sizes or a size up. Not sure which size to choose? No problem, if you have a smaller frame it is suggested to get the Standard size, and if you have a larger frame, they suggest going with their Queen size. They also have designed the pillow to be adjustable so you can make it just right for you.

The adjustable design allows for complete personalization so you can make your pillow fit perfectly to the shape of your head and neck in order to keep perfect spinal alignment while you sleep.


The cover of the Spine Align pillow is made out of a breathable Tencel fabric. Which is a silky soft fabric which is made out of the cellulose fiber from a eucalyptus tree. This is a breathable material which is popular in the world of bedding as it is so soft. The cover also has mesh side panels in order to make the pillow as breathable as possible. This help to keep your head and neck nice and cool throughout the night.


the perfect pillow shape for neck and back pain

The shape plays a huge part in what makes the Spine Align pillow different from all of the rest. Made in two main sections, the sides and center. The center is made specifically for back sleepers with a caved portion for your head and a thin raised section for neck support. Then the side sections have a raised loft in order to provide extra support for side sleepers.

You will notice that the top is higher than the bottom of the pillow, this allows you to choose a side which fits your frame better. The entire pillow is also adjustable with a zipper in the back so you can make adjustments to the shape of your pillow so it will fit your body perfectly.


shredded foam fill materials for spine align pillow The fill used in the Spine Align Pillow by Dr. Loth is a shredded foam fill. All of the foam used within the Spine Align pillow is certified by CertiPUR-US to ensure a safety standard to all of the foams they use. Since the foam is shredded this does three great things for this pillow. First is that it allows for adjustability, more than a block of foam might. Secondly the added air between the shredded fibers adds a lot of airflow. This added airflow helps to keep the pillow cool. Thirdly, shredded foam is more supportive than materials like polyester fill or down feathers which tends to fall flat.

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SpineAlign Pillow Latest Savings

Is The Spine Align Pillow Comfortable?

dr. loth's spine align pillow review We really found that this pillow provides a great amount of comfort. We personally found that the Spine Align Pillow worked especially well for sleeping on your back. The neck portion stayed supportive throughout the night without deflating, while the head was cradled and fell back allowing for the perfect sleeping position. Side sleeping provided a great amount of support without being too stiff. The loft size keeps your head from sinking too far allowing your shoulders to stay in line.

Overall, this is a very comfortable pillow. You will also enjoy the cool silky soft Tencel cover. The aerated side panels help to keep the pillow cool throughout the night as well.

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Care Instructions:

how to keep your spine align pillow fresh and clean According to Spine Align, their pillows are not machine washable. They suggest using a pillow case to protect your pillow from getting dirty and spot treating your pillow when needed. As long as you are washing your sheets regularly, this should never be a true inconvenience.

If you do ever find yourself needing to spot treat your pillow, we suggest doing so with a clean cloth, mild soap, and hardly any water. If your cloth is too damp the water can get inside of your pillow and may make it mold.

Learn more about how to keep your pillows clean on our page How To Clean Your Pillows & Keep Them Fresh to learn more tips and tricks.

Spine Align Pillow Value:

is the spine align pillow worth it coupons With the Spinal Align Pillow costing around $129 it falls right along the lines of other designer pillows on the market. However, this pillow was designed by the chiropractor Dr. Loth, who deals with people with aching backs, necks, and shoulders all of the time. If there is anyone who knows how to design a spine friendly pillow that will eliminate aches and pains, it’s going to be a chiropractor.

This price also comes with free shipping and a 60-day trial period. They do suggest that you try using the pillow for at least 30 days in order to allow your spine to adjust to the change to proper alignment. We find the pricing on the Spine Align Pillow to be right on target for the quality of the pillow you are getting.

SpineAlign Pillow Latest Savings

Spine Align Pillow Review – Overall:

There is no hiding it, we are very pleased with the design and performance of the Spine Align Pillow by Dr. Loth. With every detail made to create it, it is abundantly clear that this pillow is made to work for you. Who wouldn’t want their head to be gently cradled with the optimal amount of neck support? With their 60-day trial period, it is absolutely worth trying out. With this pillow making it onto our top pillows for this year, we would place our bets that you’re going to love it.

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