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Accessory Review Puffy Pillow

puffy pillow reviewPuffy is a popular mattress brand that is known for bringing comfort to its consumers all over the world. Whether you are looking for a comfortable mattress or a pillow that meets your every sleeping needs Puffy is a reliable brand that will provide the comfort and quality you deserve.

The Puffy pillow is made to help you feel like your sleeping on a cloud. The pillow uses everything from cooling technology to certified foam to give you a luxurious sleeping experience like you have never had before. Of course, this is all backed by the same great guarantee’s that Puffy gives to its mattress buyers.

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Puffy Pillow – Materials:

puffy pillow reviewThe Puffy pillow is made out of materials to give you the comfort you deserve. Like the mattress, the pillow also uses cocooning memory foam. All the foam used in this product is CertiPUR-US Certified to guarantee no harmful materials are used. The awesome thing about this memory foam pillow that sets it apart, is the fact that it is adjustable. An inner sleeve is easily accessible to increase or decrease the thickness. Making it ideal for any sleeper.

The pillow also comes with a cooling cloud cover to keep things from getting too hot at night. The cover is made with premium materials to give it a smooth and soft feeling. The cover uses a blend of bamboo and rayon to create this feel. It is even washable as well as hypoallergenic for cleaner and better sleep yet.

Comfort & Support:

The Puffy pillow is perfect for finding ideal comfort and support. The adjustability make it the best for everyone. Regardless of you size, shape or sleeping preferences this pillow will work for you. The unique adjustable design allows you to make it thicker for side sleeping. Or thinner for stomach sleeping. Or somewhere in between. Regardless this helps provide support and comfort that will lend itself to whatever you need and prefer.

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Other Benefits: 

puffy pillow reviewThe Puffy pillow offers several benefits when you decide to use it for sleeping. One benefit is being able to sleep cool thanks to the cooling cover. The bamboo and rayon blend makes the cover cool to the touch and is breathable. Which keeps it from warming up at night. This helps you sleep through the night better without waking up to a sweaty pillow.  To top things off the cover of the pillow is removable so you can clean it easily. This allows you to have a fresh clean pillow with struggling to wash the whole package.

Next, the pillow is hypoallergic so that just about everybody can sleep with it. The pillow is also resistant to dust mites as an added benefit. Finally, you can look forward to the Puffy pillow being perfect for you no matter what type of sleeper you are. The Puffy Pillow has removable foam fillings you can take out to adjust its overall softness or firmness.


This pillow is 20 x 26 inches long and the height will change as you add or remove foam fillings. The pillow comes in both a standard and king size, the king sizes dimensions are 20 x 36. This product can work for any sleeper or type of sleeping style thanks to the removable foam, as well. The Puffy Pillow contours to your body to give your neck the support it craves during the night. No more waking up with a stiff neck or shoulders.


puffy pillow reviewMost importantly let’s discuss the value of the Puffy Pillow. The Standard size Puffy Pillow will cost you $75. While the king size will run you $20 more at $95. Considering the fact that this pillow is also bundled with free shipping makes Puffy a great competitor in premium pillows. As well as a great compliment to the Puffy mattress and Puffy Lux mattress.

The Puffy pillow is ships extremely fast and you can expect the product to arrive in just 2-5 days at most. You will also have a 101-night sleep trial so that you can try out the purchase before fully committing to it. If you end up not liking the pillow back it up and send it back to receive a full refund on the product.

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Puffy Pillow Overview: 

The Puffy Pillow is made out of the same great materials Puffy would use in their popular mattress line. This gives the pillow a superior feeling of comfort that beats out many pillow brands out there. This premium product is made of certified safe materials that are also hypo-allergenic and resist dust mites. The price of the pillow is also cheaper than many of its premium competitors at only $75 for the standard size with free 2-5 day shipping included with your purchase.

Puffy also made there pillow to be adjustable thanks to the removable foam fillings that make it perfect for all types of sleepers. The cooling cover makes it great for any time of the year and the pillow stays cool to the touch. As a bonus, the cover is removable making cleaning a breeze. You can also choose to get a slightly bigger king size pillow if you need more space for your head at night.

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