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The mass majority of people tend to sleep on either their side or their back. Which means most pillows are designed to be comfortable for those who prefer to sleep in those positions. Which means most pillows that you come across while shopping are not going to be comfortable for those who prefer to sleep on their stomachs. Belly Sleep wanted to change all of that by designing a pillow that is comfortable specifically for stomach sleepers. Finally, the Belly Sleep Pillow was created and here we are now. This is a great pillow for all of our stomach sleepers out there that have struggled to find a pillow that is comfortable and made to work for you and how you sleep. Keep reading to get our full review over this pillow along with all the detail on what makes this pillow so great for sleeping on your belly.

Belly Sleep Pillow Latest Savings

belly sleep pillow review

Belly Sleep Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: One Size
  • Trial Period: 30 Days
  • Warranty: Forever
  • Gel Infused Memory Foam
  • Cool Gel Option
  • Cotton, Bamboo, or Silk Pillow Cases
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Extra Features
  • Works Best For: Stomach Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

pillow designed for stomach sleepersRight away when you first look at the Belly Sleep Pillow it is easy to see that this is a very different pillow design that most other pillows you will see on the market. It has a very low profile overall which is wonderful for preventing neck strain for stomach sleepers. The internal pillow is made out of a dense gel infused memory foam.

The gel infusion helps to keep the pillow cool as you sleep. It has a pliable feel that gentle contours to your head as you sleep, without loosing support. The cooling gel does a good job at keeping the temperature neutral throughout the night. However, Belly Sleep does have a new Cool Gel Pillow that features an extra layer of cooling gel on top of their pillow in order to create a pillow that combats heat to keep you cool. This is great for anyone who struggles with overheating at night.

The cover is made out of a bamboo and polyester blend. It is a soft and breathable material that can be completely removed for easy washing. This is a good cover for wicking away moisture, which is also helpful for anyone who tends to get warm or sweat as they sleep. It is truly the low profile of this pillow that makes such a different with sleeping on your stomach.

Belly Sleep Pillow Latest Savings

Is The Belly Sleep Pillow Comfortable?

best pillow for stomach sleeping

When you sleep on your stomach, you have different requirements from your pillow in order to sleep comfortably. The first is a low profile pillow. If your pillow has too high of a loft it could easily strain your neck. This may seem fine at first for overtime it can create knots and strains throughout your neck and shoulders.

Some other factors are that you need support without being too stiff. The Belly Sleep Pillow does a great job creating a pillow that is comfortable for stomach sleepers. It has a thin profile, supportive yet contouring memory foam, and features to help it stay cool.

If you do not sleep on your stomach, then this pillow is not made for you. However, that does not mean you may still enjoy it. If you sleep on your back and you prefer a very low profile pillow, then you may really like the Belly Pillow. However, if you are a side sleeper, we really do not recommend this pillow for you. This is because typically, side sleepers need a high profile pillow in order to provide proper neck support and pressure relief for shoulders.

Care Instructions:

how to care for your belly sleep pillowWe always suggest checking out how easy it is to keep a pillow clean before you purchase. Some pillow are much easier to care for than others. Which is why we love to take note of care instructions whenever reviewing pillows. The Belly Pillow is nice and simple to keep fresh and clean. The outer cover can be completely removed for easy cleaning. Simply unzip, remove the memory foam pillow, and machine wash the cover. They recommend washing with like colors in a gentle wash. Cool or warm water can be used to wash the cover, just make sure you dry on a low heat setting to ensure it does not get damaged.

With such a uniquely shaped pillow, standard pillow cases often won’t fit snuggling on the Belly Sleep pillow. Which is why they have created their own pillow cases in order to use and keep your pillow fresh and clean underneath. They have three options to choose from, a cotton, bamboo, and silk pillow case. All of white come in a clean white color.

Belly Sleep Pillow Value:

pillows for stomach sleepers that stay coolA comfortable night of sleep is priceless, which is why finding the right pillow at the right price is so important. Most designer pillows come in over the one hundred dollar price point. However, you can get the Belly Sleep Pillow for under ninety which is a great price. When you buy one of their pillows you also get a 30 day trial period and a Forever Warranty. This can give you the confidence that you are buying a high quality pillow that is going to last a long time.

The trial period really allows you to get a good feel as to whether or not this is the right pillow for you. When shopping for your new Belly Sleep Pillow be sure to check out the pillow cases made to fit these pillow exactly right. Click the button below to shop now.

Belly Sleep Pillow: $79.99
Cool Gel – Belly Sleep Pillow: $89.99

Belly Sleep Pillow Latest Savings

Belly Sleep Pillow Review – Overall:

The Belly Sleep Pillow is all about creating optimal comfort for stomach sleepers. If you sleep on your stomach and have had the hardest time finding a pillow that works well for how you sleep, then this is a must try. The low profile and contouring memory foam does a great job and providing the perfect amount of support. It also prevents neck pain as it does not lift the head to an uncomfortable position, like many other pillows tend to. Overall, we really think this is a great option for stomach sleepers. Other sleep positions will likely want to skip this option and find another pillow. We also love that they infused the memory foam with a cooling gel to keep the memory foam a comfortable temperature throughout the night. the gel topped pillow option also does a great job at keeping it extra cool for our hot sleepers out there. Be sure to click the button above for the latest pricing and promotions.

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