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Accessory Review Belly Sleep Pillow

belly sleep pillow reviewIf you’re a stomach sleeper and looking for the most ideal pillow you’re in luck. The Belly Sleep Pillow is made specifically to accommodate stomach sleepers. By using a very low profile memory foam to create a thinner than average pillow. With just enough support to provide more ideal ergonomics and spinal alignment.

Many have found this to be the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Attesting to the design and materials as ideal for this specific need. Many times sleeping on your stomach is considered to be one of the worst sleeping positions. However there are a few of us out there that just find it more comfortable. It also helps anyone who snores too. So even if you are one of the few who prefers this way of sleeping you might as well have the best pillow for sleeping on your stomach.

Belly Sleep Pillow Latest Savings


belly sleep pillow materialsThis belly sleeping pillow is made of solid and dense memory foam. This memory foam is contouring and pliable but also slow responding. It cooling gel infusion to help off set and neutralize any heat retention. The Belly Sleep pillow also happens to be hypoallergenic and antibacterial too.

The cover is a blend of polyester and bamboo and can even be removed and machine washed. This combination of materials creates a soft and resilient cover that is also easy to wash and wears great. It also is wonderful for wicking away moisture, keeping the pillow from absorbing sweat. It also offers odor resistant properties to keep it fresher longer.

Comfort & Support:

good night sleepThe best part of this pillow is it’s ideal support and comfort specifically for stomach sleepers. With a profile that is only 2.5 inches thick you won’t have to worry about your neck having excess stress put on it. Many times stomach sleepers tend to sleep on pillows that are too thick and add pressure and pain. Not with the Belly Sleep Pillow.

This pillow puts your neck and head at an appropriate height. Making it more comfortable but also ensuring pressure is relieved in the neck and spine. Which will result in less aches and pains right away. As well as help head off any long term or chronic issues that can arise too. The main goal of this brand and pillow is to create the best pillow for stomach sleepers. Creating a pillow that will ensure pain free sleep night after night.


The Belly Sleep Pillow comes in one size that measures 28″ x 16″ x 2.5″. This pillow is slightly smaller than a standard queen size pillow, that measures 30″ x 20″. Which means this pillow will fit into a standard queen pillow case but will have some extra fabric. The price of the Belly Sleep Pillow is $79. This doesn’t include their latest and greatest coupon though. Make sure to follow the link below to make sure you get the best price and latest savings on this pillow.

Belly Sleep Pillow Latest Savings

Besides the original belly sleeping pillow they also offer a variety of perfectly fitting pillowcases. With a variety of cotton, bamboo and silk pillowcases. Each of these varies in price but can be bundled with the pillow too for even more savings. Make sure to check out all the options and items at


belly sleep careHaving a pillow that takes into account an easy to wash and clean approach is always appreciated. Though many times pillows are covered in a pillowcase, having easy access to wash the pillow cover also helps ensure it stays clean.

With the Belly Sleep pillow you can easily remove the zippered cover and machine wash. It is recommended to wash on a gentle cycle with similar colors. Using a cool or warm setting is best. And drying on a low heat setting is also best to ensure the best care of your pillow cover.

Belly Sleep Pillow Overview:

Overall, the Belly Sleep pillow is an ideal accessory and necessity to stomach sleepers looking for the most ideal pillow. The shape, size and materials make this a perfect amount of support and comfort. As well as dense and durable but also light and pliable memory foam pillow. If you are a stomach sleeper that has issues with your current pillow causing you pain. Or you just want a pillow made specifically for your sleeping style. The Belly Sleep Pillow won’t disappoint.

Belly Sleep Pillow Latest Savings

belly sleep pillow review

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