Accessory Review Saatva Latex Pillow

If you are in the market for a hypoallergenic, organic pillow that will never fall flat. Then boy do we have the pillow for you. The Saatva Latex Pillow has a soft outer layer with a supportive shredded latex core. Combining together to create a soft yet supportive pillow. Stick around to learn more bout this pillow and whether or not it is the right choice for you.

saatva latex pillow review

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Saatva Latex Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Queen or King
  • Trial Period: 45 Days
  • Warranty: 1-Year Limited
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Organic Cotton Cover
  • Talalay Latex
  • Works Best For: Side Sleepers & Back Sleepers (Can be adjusted for Stomach Sleepers)
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

hybrid pillow design from saatvaSaatva really goes above and beyond in their designs to ensure they are creating optimal comfort. Their latex pillow is no exception. This pillow consists of three main sections.

The first being the cover of the pillow. They made the cover of the latex pillow out of 100% cotton. It is a sateen 100% organic cotton that is silk smooth to the touch and helps to stay cool and dry by wicking away extra moisture. The sides are gusseted to create a loftier pillow. This is what makes it so great for side sleepers.

The second layer is a fluffy top layer of cotton fill. Again, they used 100% organic cotton in this layer. This cotton fill gives the pillow that fluffy puffy pillow feel that we are all rather accustomed to. It has that pillow soft feel that gives pressure relief and contours to the shape of your head, neck, and shoulders. Unlike traditional down feather fill, this is hypoallergenic.

The third and final section is the core of the pillow. Saatva made the core of this pillow filled with shredded 100% Talalay latex. They shred the Talalay latex to keep it soft, so it will never feel like there is a block of latex sitting in your pillow. Instead, it feels like one cohesive pillow. This core layer is what keeps the pillow from deflating or falling flat. It provides a soft supportive feel to the pillow.

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Is the Saatva Latex Pillow Comfortable?

comfortable latex pillow coreMany pillows are on two extreme ends as far as comfort. They are either so soft that they fall flat, or so supportive that they are stiff and uncomfortable. The Saatva Latex Pillow is elegantly designed to provide both contouring soft comfort along with lasting support.

They do this by having a plush outer section of the pillow that is supported by the Talalay latex core. This shredded latex core keeps your pillow from falling flat and lacking the support you need in order to maintain proper spine alignment.

This is going to be a great pillow for either side sleepers or back sleepers. Side sleepers tend to need the loftiest support from their pillows in order to keep their head propped up. While back sleepers also need some extra support from their pillows. Stomach sleepers typically need a thin profile pillow to avoid craning their necks, making this pillow too lofty for most people who prefer to sleep on their stomach. Although Saatva notes that the inner layer of Talalay latex is adjustable, which means you can lower the loft of the pillow to your liking. Making this a great pillow for everyone.

Care Instructions:

100% organic cotton coverWhile changing your sheets often goes a long way with keeping your pillows clean. Pillows get a lot of use and do require some cleaning every now and then. This is no issue here with the Saatva Latex Pillow. The cover and outer section of the pillow are both machine washable.

However, the internal Talalay latex core is not washable. Saatva recommends unzipping and removing the Talalay Latex core before washing the external cover. Be sure to use a gentle detergent and use a low heat/gentle cycle for best results.

Saatva Latex Pillow Value:

talalay latex pillow with cotton fillThese prices are right in line with many other high-end pillows out there. Although, you may find many pillows priced similarly that are not designed with the same care and quality materials that you will get from the Saatva Latex Pillow.

With many pillows being purchased in pairs, there is a chance to save by buying more than one pillow in the same size as well. Click the button below for current promotions and the latest pricing. Keep in mind that with Saatva you will get free shipping and 45-day free returns.

Queen: $155
King: $175
Multi-Pack: Get $40 off every pair of Queen Pillows or $60 off every pair of King pillows.

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Saatva Latex Pillow Overview:

It is rare to find a pillow that can work for just about all sleepers. The lofty soft yet supportive design really works wonders for side sleepers and back sleepers alike. Although, the internal fill of the core allows this pillow to work for just about everyone. Stomach sleepers can lower the loft of this pillow to make it work well for them as well. This is also a great feature for back sleepers who prefer a lower loft pillow. Overall, the quality and comfort of this pillow is impressive and we think you’re really going to enjoy sleeping on it. Click the button above to start shopping now.

is the latex pillow from saatva comfortable?

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