January 23, 2023

How To Make Your Bedroom More Intimate

Whether your romance is new, or you’re are looking to bring back the spark, creating a more intimate mood in your bedroom is a great way to ensure your room is not only for sleeping. If you are wanting to make your bedroom more sensual, then read along for our top tips on how to create a romantic mood in your bedroom. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

how can i make my bedroom feel romantic?

Clean & Freshen Up:

how to create a romantic evening for your loveSure, the act of cleaning up does not sound romantic. However, it is much easier to feel the love once your room is clean. For you significant other, having a beautifully cleaned room with fresh clean sheets and everything picked up and put away. This may be a huge act of romance. Especially if they are overwhelmed up all of the many household duties, or if their love language is acts of service.

Be sure to wash or change the sheets for fresh clean ones. A good bedroom clean up is a great first step to making your bedroom feel more romantic. Again, the act of cleaning doesn’t sound all that romantic but having a clean bedroom makes a huge difference.

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Light Some Candles:

how to make the perfect romantic bedroomIf you are looking to really add a romantic feeling to your bedroom, candles are a great way to do just that. Candles are a go to for creating a romantic setting. Not only because scented candles make your room smell beautiful, but because they cast such beautiful romantic lighting as well.

Whether you choose to light a number of unscented candles in order to create an ultra-romantic lighting for the room. Or you just light one more for the beautiful scent and a little bit of flickering light, candles are almost always a safe bet.

Romantic Scents:

add scents with fragrant cnadles or flowersIf you prefer to not burn candles in the bedroom, there are plenty of other ways to make your bedroom smell beautiful. Of course, first and foremost ensuring that your bedding is fresh and clean will go a long way. It freshens up your space and sets the scene for romance.

Once your space is fresh and clean, then you can do little things to add a romantic scent to the room. Whether you do this with a linen spray, air freshener, essential oil diffuser, scented candles, incense, or any other form you like. Warm scents like vanilla, amber, and darker wood notes give off a very romantic feel. Although if your love prefers citrus or floral scents, make it personal to them and their preferences.

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Dim The Lights:

set the mood with lightingBright overhead lighting can be harsh and lower the drive for intimacy. Instead, turn off any overhead lights entirely. Instead, opt for warm lamp lights, candlelight, string lights, or even mood lighting in different colors. This may even be the first thing your loved one notices as a change in the bedroom space. Lowering the lights immediately sets the tone as romantic.

There is an intimate feeling about lowering the lights. If you have smart lights like the Philips Hue Go lamps, you can even shift the colors to create a fun whimsical feeling to the room. If you are going to change the lighting try to use warm tones, they make everyone look more beautiful and is gentle on the eyes compared to cool toned white light, which can be harsh and cold.

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Flowers & Rose Petals:

buy flowers for your girlfriend or boyfriendSure, rose petals on the bed may be corny and overdone. However, you can’t deny that red rose petals on a bed is simply very romantic. Flowers make sure a beautiful gesture. Another great thing about buying flowers, is that they don’t have to cost you an arm and a leg in order to impress. Even a grocery store arrangement of carnations can be a sweet addition to your romantic bedroom setting.

Flowers can make any bedroom feel fresh and full of love. If you want to make any room feel extra special, a floral arrangement is a quick and easy way to do just that. Perfect way to perk up a guest bedroom or of course add that romantic mood in a bedroom.

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Have Your Kids Sleep In Their Own Room:

make the kids sleep in their own bedroomIt is just about impossible to set the mood for romance when your kids are climbing into bed with you. While there is a time and place for family sleep overs, a romantic night as a couple is not that time. Instead, have the kids sleep in their own bedroom. This really is a very important step.

If your kids are not yet sleeping alone, you may want to call up your babysitter or grandma and grandpa so that you can have a romantic evening together while the kids go have a sleepover elsewhere. This is a great way to ensure there will be no unexpected distractions and instead you can focus on connecting with one another.

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Put On Romantic Music:

turn on romantic music to set the moodYou can’t set up a romantic mood in your bedroom without the right music. The right music will set the tone faster than anything else will. Music has a way of affecting our mood unlike anything else. It triggers memories and sets the mood wonderfully. So don’t just slap on some music, put in a little bit of effort into the playlist you choose.

Making it personal can be incredibly romantic. While the days of making mix tapes are over, making a personalized playlist is easier than ever. So choose songs that you know your spouse loves, or have significant meaning to you as a couple. Creating a personalized romantic playlist is a beautiful touch to any evening.

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Plan An Activity:

plan an activity to do suggest dancingSo the big reveal of your romantic bedroom setting happens. Your loved one walks into the room and is taking in the beautiful clean, romantic bedroom, it smells beautiful, there are flower petals on the sheets, music in the air. Having a suggested romantic activity is a great way to create a romantic mood in your bedroom. Whether it is a bottle of massage oils, a fun couples board game, or what have you.

This is a great way to keep your date night fun and more about intimacy and having a good time together than just romance. This is especially true for those who crave emotional connection before heating things up. It can also be a great way to spend time with your loved one if they crave quality time.

Set Out Gifts Or Surprises:

gifts are a great way to give each other loveIf there is a special occasion you are celebrating, like a birthday, anniversary, etc. Then this is a great time to set up any gifts you may have for them. Display your gifts on a bedside time or dresser for them to see. This is a great touch for anyone who has a partner who’s love language is gifts.

Even if you are not celebrating anything big, a new set of comfortable pretty pajamas and cozy socks, or perhaps matching facemasks for a cozy spa day in bed can be a great way to show your love.

If you don’t want to get any big gifts, something as simple as a bottle of champagne (or sparkling grape juice) and chocolate covered strawberries, or their favorite go to guilty pleasure snacks are a wonderful surprise.

Put A Love Letter On Their Pillow:

write them a love letter and put it on their pillowLooking to add that extra personal romantic touch to your bedroom? Write your person a love letter and place it on their pillow. This is also a sweet touch if you are not going to be present for the romantic evening or are in a long distance relationship. Leaving a bit of your heart for them to discover at a later time is a beautiful way to add some romance to your room.

It can also be a sweet way to connect as a couple, write your love letters and then read them to one another. It can be hard to get deep into your feelings on a daily basis, this is a great way to use words of affirmation to uplift each other and share your love together.

Time To Make Your Bedroom More Intimate:

Planning a romantic evening in with your special someone is a great way to spend some quality time together. We hope this hot to guide on creating a romantic mood in your bedroom helps you to do just that. Set the mood for romance in a way that makes your loved one feel thought of and loved.

Remember to make it as personal as possible, add things that you know your love will appreciate. Whether it is with choosing music that has meaning to you as a couple, snacks that they love, gifts they will love, or just writing out a love letter. After all, romance is about showing the person you adore how much you love them.

treat yourself to a glass of champagne and enjoy your time together

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