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October 16, 2020

New Year, New Bed!

upgrade your bedroom during the new year

When the New Year is coming around the corner, we inevitably start thinking of new years resolutions and different ways that we can enhance our lives. What can we be doing that would make us a better version of ourselves?

This is the whole idea behind New Year, New You! But what could enhance your sleep quality in the new year better than a new mattress! We are talking about New Year, New Bed! Stick around for our top suggestions on what you could do to change up your bed in order to sleep better than ever this year.

New Year, New Bed – Top Ways To Upgrade:

Below are several ways to take your sleep to the next level. Whether you are upgrading your mattress, or maybe just your pillow, it could make a huge difference. There are also several other ways to make adjustments to take your bed and sleep from okay to amazing.

Invest in a New Mattress:

how to move on from the wrong mattressWhen did you buy your current mattress? Depending on the quality of the mattress you get it can last for an entire decade. If your mattress is looking and feeling beat up and on its last leg, then your sleep is suffering. Often a quality mattress that is worn out will still look perfectly fine.

Even if your mattress looks like new, it could be lacking in support. If your mattress just doesn’t feel like it used to, then it may be time to give it an upgrade. We have several amazing online beds that we have reviewed and can offer several suggestions. Also, if you are looking for more personal mattress advice, Contact Us and we’d be happy to help.

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Upgrade Your Bed Frame:

malouf designer bed frameIt is always fun to change out your bedroom design to make it suite your new taste and style. However, your bed frame does far more than just look pretty. It also supplies the right amount of support and height to make your bed just right for you.

If you are not getting the support you need from your bed frame, then it very well may be time to get one that does. Along with adding a fresh look to your room too.

Check our review over these stunning bed frames from Malouf! Malouf Designer Bed Frames

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Go For An Adjustable Base:

upgrade your bedroom this yearLooking to take your comfort to a whole new level this year? Adjustable bed frames are all the rage! We do so much more than just sleep in our beds these days. We use our beds for lounging, reading, watching tv, hanging with the family. Which having an adjustable base makes all of that easier and more comfortable to do in bed.

You also get the added benefits of a zero gravity position, position that help with snoring, easing RLS symptoms and so much more. Click the link to learn more about whether or not an adjustable base is a good upgrade for you.

Click the link to learn about the Pros & Cons of Adjustable Bases to see if it will work for you!

Upgrade Your Bed Size:

benefits of getting a larger bedWhether you are looking to upgrade from a Twin to a Full or a King to a California King, we could all use a little extra space in bed! Whether you sleep alone or you are constantly sharing space with a partner, your kids, your pets or the whole family! We all love to snuggle, but it is nice to have that extra space to avoid flying elbows and kicking feet.

Even if you sleep by yourself, upgrading to a new bed size can allow you to turn over without risking a leg falling off the side of the bed, or slamming your knee into the wall. Upgrading to a larger bed is a luxurious way to add a lot of comfort to your new year.

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Invest In Luxury Pillows:

when should you upgrade your pillowsWhy not freshen up your bedroom comfort with a fresh set of pillows? Pillows get a lot of use, they are squeezed, snuggled, squished, sweat on, and sometimes even drooled on. Needless to say, it is important to replace your pillows more often than you replace your mattress.

Your pillows get a lot of tough love, which is why starting the new year with fresh pillows makes a great addition to your bed. Often a lot of neck and back pain is caused by using the wrong size or type of pillow for how they sleep. So be sure to click the link below to learn more about how to choose the right pillow for you.

Check out the 15 Best Pillows and see which one is the perfect fit for you!

Finally Get A Weighted Blanket:

charcoal grey weighted blanket reviewThis year is the year you finally invest in your stress relief and get a weighted blanket. You have heard everyone boasting about how incredible they are, and how they help is stress and anxiety. Feeling anxious is no way to start a new year.

Instead it is time to invest in yourself and get a weighted blanket. We love the calming affects of a weighted blanket. They really can help to ease worries and anxiety so you can find comfort and rest quickly. This is a true gift to yourself. It is also a much more affordable investment than upgrading your mattress entirely.

Click to learn more about Weighted Blanket Benefits.

New Mattress Topper:

real bed mattress topperIs your mattress a bit more firm than you expected? Or lacking the pressure relief that you need? This is the perfect solution to that problem. It isn’t always easy gauging how soft a mattress will be once you break it in. Which can sometimes leave you with an overly firm mattress that is simply too stiff for comfort.

A mattress topper can give you that little bit of added pressure relief. Or, certain materials might make your bed warmer or cooler. Giving you all of the support and quality of your current mattress with just a touch of luxury comfort.

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Upgrade Your Bedroom Lighting:

new lighting for the bedroomIf you enjoy automation and technology that increases standard of living, then you need to upgrade the lighting technology in your bedroom. Gone are the days of needing to manually turn your lights on and off. There are lights out there than you can schedule to gradually turn on and off. All so you can fall asleep and wake up naturally without ever having to flip a switch.

Whether you are replacing the lights in your entire room or just by your nightstand the difference in how you feel waking up to a gradual change in light instead of an alarm clock will amaze you. There is nothing quite like waking up naturally with your circadian rhythm. Talk about relaxing.

We particularly enjoy using the Philips Hue lights for these uses. Did we mention you can change the color of these lights as well? You’re really going to enjoy these light in the new year.

Click here to shop the Philips Hue Go Light!

Get The Latest & Great Bedroom Tech:

top technology for the bedroomSpeaking of gadgets, there are loads of different tech used in bedrooms these days that can turn your bedroom from being a simple bed and some furniture into a smart bedroom!

Get the adjustable base, new lights, plus so much more. For instance a pillow pad that keeps your pillow cool, or a mattress pad where you can set it to the exact temperature you want to sleep in all night. Click the link below to learn more!

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New Year, New Bed – The Takeaway:

You and your bed deserve an upgrade this year. There is no need for starting the year off in an uncomfortable bed that is lacking the space, support, and comfort you desire. We hope these suggested upgrades spark ideas of how the new you can create the new bed of your dreams! Comfort for everyone! Have a comfortable and happy new year of great sleep. We will toast to that!

happy new year to an upgraded bedroom

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