December 23, 2022

3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!

new year's eve resolutions

New Years Eve! It is a time of celebration and new beginnings. With these new beginnings calls for New Year Resolutions, a promise to yourself to make a change for the better. There is no better time that we can think of to commit to yourself to create better sleep habits. Now here us out, diets and workout plans are all well and good. However, by making changes to improve your sleep it will positively impact all aspects of your life! Plus, we all wish we could get better sleep. Keep reading to get our top tips on resolutions you can make in order to improve your sleep during the new year!

New Year’s Resolutions – Achieve Better Sleep:

Stop Drinking Caffeine

stop drinking caffeine in the new yearA caffeine boost in the morning will not ruin your sleep, but often we do not stop there. If you are drinking caffeine in the afternoons and well into the evening then it could be ruining your sleep. Making cutting down on caffeine a great way to get better sleep during the new year.

Not only will cutting caffeine out of your diet help you to get great sleep during the new year, it could also save you a good chunk of change as well. If you are making daily runs to Starbucks then you could be spending quite a lot of money monthly on your lattes.

Cutting down on caffeine or cutting it out entirely, can do incredible things for your sleep, health, and energy levels. Not sold? Click the link below to read more about how cutting out caffeine can benefit your health.

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Start Waking Up Early

new years resolutions that will help you get great sleepEarly birds are admired in our society. There as so many benefits to waking up fresh and early in the morning. You get a lot more time to yourself as you start to day to do with as you please. Whether you want to take a long walk, workout, go to a coffee shop, or journal and relax before you start your day.

By adjusting your sleep schedule to go to bed earlier so you can wake up earlier, we think you will be pleasantly surprised. Once you have properly adjusted your sleep schedule, you feel more rested before starting work for the day. Mornings also tend to be far more productive than staying up late. Making your life overall improved by having a more productive lifestyle.

Click the link to learn more about How To Become A Morning Person and get our top tips on waking up earlier.

Go To Bed Early

wake up bright and earlyThis often goes hand in hand with waking up earlier. Many of us struggle to shut off all the distractions are get to bed at a decent time at night. If you are a night owl, that is all well and good. However, if your nighttime routine is starting to disrupt your life during the day, then it is take to make a change.

By having a New Year Resolution to go to sleep earlier, you could have a much easier time in the morning. We all need our sleep and staying up into the wee hours of the morning can negatively impact your health.

If you want to be well rested, more alert throughout the day, and generally improve your health and wellbeing. Then going to bed early is a great idea for your resolution this year.

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Create A Morning Routine

create a morning routineSomething you will begin to notice throughout this article is that many of these New Year’s resolutions for better sleep will actually do wonderful things for other aspects of your life as well. Creating a morning routine is a great example of this. Routines in the evenings and mornings help to regulate your sleep schedule. It can also give you time and space to start your morning right or even get things accomplished before your day even starts.

If you are wanting to journal daily, workout regularly, or even just dedicate more time to yourself this year. Then waking up early is a great way to accomplish any or all of those things first thing in the morning during an early morning routine before you begin the rest of your day. Making it a daily routine makes it easier to stick to your goals for the new year.

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Consistent Workout Schedule

how to work out regularly in the new yearA classic NYE resolution is to work out more regularly. A consistent workout routine has many wonderful benefits for your health and wellbeing. Although you might be wondering what a workout schedule has to do with getting great sleep. It is not as frequently talked about but exercising regularly can have an amazing effect on your sleeping habits.

Exercising and elevating your heartrate is actually tied into your circadian rhythm. Which helps maintain your energy levels throughout the day. It is the rhythm which regulates your sleep wake cycle.

Which means if you wake up and workout around the same time consistently, it can help to keep your sleeping and waking up at the same time daily. Click the link below to learn more about the many benefits working out has on your sleep.

Learn more about the benefits exercise has on your sleep in our post: Exercise and Sleep: Is Exercise Good For Sleep?

Read More Books

read more books during 2022With all the many distractions we have with TV and the Internet, who has time for reading these days? Reading takes focus and energy, while scrolling through TikTok or Instagram takes no energy what so ever. The many screens we entertain ourselves with tend to be incredibly stimulating and have a lot of blue light, which tricks our brains into staying awake longer than ever.

By reading in the evenings for your nightly entertainment instead, this could have a secondary benefit of making it easier and faster to fall asleep at night. Without the over stimulation of screens and without the blue light tricking your circadian rhythm it will be much easier to get to sleep. Making this another great New Years Resolution for better sleep.

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Stop Drinking Alcohol

new year resolution to drink less alcoholMore and more people are deciding that a sober lifestyle is worth giving a try. While our society is very alcohol centric, it truly is not the best for our health. Which is leading many to cutting alcohol out of their diets. Even if only for a time, many report feeling the benefits of going alcohol free immediately.

No hangovers, no embarrassing stories, less headaches, weight loss, more energy, and of course our personal favorite, better sleep! Studies have shown that even small amount of alcohol can have a negative effect on your sleep quality. Making cutting out alcohol a great way to start improving your sleep quality and quantity during the new year.

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How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions:

how to stick with your new year resolutionNew commitments can be difficult to stick to. Even when you are desperate to make a change in your life, creating change in your daily habits can be difficult. We are creatures of habit, and it can be difficult to maintain change. We recommend committing to sticking with your new resolution for 30 days. Then at that time plan on making a new commitment.

You may find that your initial goal of working out every morning before 6am simply is not possible with your lifestyle. At the 30 day mark you can then adjust your resolution to something that will work better with your lifestyle. Then continue to do this every 30 days for the next year. Set an alarm that goes off as a reminder. If you get off track, it is never too late to start again once you reach the next 30 days.

Why 30 days? Because it is rumored that is how long it takes to create a new habit. If you can’t commit to that long, find something else that works for you. The trick is to being okay with falling back on your goals and getting back into them. We all slip up every now and then, you just have to be willing to start again.

Top New Year’s Resolutions For Better Sleep – Final Thoughts:

You may not think of great sleep as a top priority for a New Year Resolution, however it can tie into so many common resolutions for better health. We hope that we have convinced you to add better sleep to the top of your priority list in the new year! By adjusting your sleeping habits and your morning/evening routine you really can adjust your whole year for the better. We hope you all have great health and happiness in the new year! Happy New Year!

new year's resolutions that help you sleep well

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