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October 13, 2020

3… 2… 1… Happy New Year!

new year's eve resolutions
Bringing in the new year is a fun and exciting time to celebrate. The new year brings along with it new beginnings and an optimal time for change. Closing the chapter of one year and beginning another is a great time to commit to new goals you would like to make in life.

Of course, we focus on sleep here out Our Sleep Guide. Which is why we want to focus on some of the top resolutions related to sleep. Along with several suggestions on how to stick to them to make them a healthy new habit. Keep reading to see which New Year’s Resolution is your favorite and you can make this coming new year!

New Year’s Resolutions To Achieve Better Sleep:

We all have great intentions when January 1st rolls around. Whether it is a small change or lofty goals, try to find one that you can genuinely stick with. Below are a few of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions that will certainly improve your sleep if made into a habit. Even if you alter them slightly to better fit your expectations, something is still better than nothing!

Stop Drinking Coffee

give up caffeine for the new yearWhether your caffeine of choice is coffee or any other form, this is a common New Year’s Resolution. While caffeine is not inherently bad for you, for some people’s health it is better to break the addiction. The great news is that if you cut out caffeine, your overall sleep is likely to improve. This is especially true if you like to drink caffeine into the afternoon and evening.

While heavy caffeine drinkers believe that they can drink caffeine anytime day or night without being effected. However, even if you drink caffeine heavily and you build up a tolerance to the effects, you are still being effected by it.

Caffeine can remain in your system for up to 6 hours! Which can lead to that afternoon coffee making it more difficult to fall asleep than usual. Which is why if you’re planning to cut the coffee in the new year, you are very likely going to experience a lot of sleep benefits as well.

Learn more in our guide! Caffeine Free: The Benefits of Quitting Caffeine

Wake Up Early

how to stop hitting snooze new year's resolutionsWe have all fallen victim to the snooze button every now and then. However, after sometime sleeping in late can become more of a habit then an occasional occurrence. Making the goal to wake up earlier a resolution for many in the new year.

While changing up your sleep schedule can feel like it is taking a toll on your sleep at first. In the long run, it is merely a transition and eventually your circadian rhythm will adjust and it will simply become a new normal.

The best way to retrain your circadian rhythm to wake up earlier is to stick to a strict sleep and wake schedule. Decide on a time to go to sleep and when to wake up that works best for you and your goals. Then adhere to them extremely strictly for a month straight. After the month is over you will find that it has become easier and easier to wake up at that time every morning.

Click the link to learn more about How To Become A Morning Person and get our top tips on waking up earlier.

Go To Bed Early

get the sleep you need each nightGoing to bed earlier can often go hand in hand with wanting to wake up earlier. However, some struggle specifically with turning off all of the distractions and fun of the night and getting some rest. Whether you are simply a night owl or you struggle with insomnia, making a resolution to get to bed earlier is a great goal.

The first thing you need to determine is whether staying up late is a choice you are making, or if you are struggling with insomnia. If you are simply staying up late for fun, making the switch to going to bed early will be much easier to transition to. This is because it is more about will power for you than anything else.

For all those out there struggling with insomnia, we suggest making a new goal that is less oriented on timing for sleep. Instead focus on treating your insomnia so that you can get the healthy rest that you deserve.

Read our Guide To Insomnia to learn more and get our top tips on how to beat insomnia and get some sleep.

Create A Morning Routine

It is one thing to simply wake up earlier than you have to. It is an entirely different thing to create a whole routine that maximizes your self care in the morning. Too often the first things we do in the morning are for someone else. Which is why a new year’s resolutions that is based on you is multi beneficial.

getting the rest you need By that I mean, getting out of bed or else you’re going to be late for work. Or getting out of bed to take care of the kids, or packing someone else’s lunch, you get the picture. Which means you can go an entire day until bedtime without a moment spent entirely focusing on taking care of yourself.

A morning routine is a great way to make time to take care of your needs first. That way you have the energy to give to others when needed throughout the day. Huge benefit to this new year resolution is that it makes waking up far more easy and enjoyable. Even if you are having to wake up earlier than normal in order to enjoy your morning routine, you will find that it doesn’t feel quite like a chore anymore because you know you get to have some you time.

While a morning workout can feel fabulous, we also encourage adding in some purely enjoyable one on one time with yourself. Whether it is watching your favorite show while you sip your coffee, reading, praying, indulge in some skin care, whatever makes you feel great.

Get our top tips on a soothing morning routine in our post: Stress Free Morning Routine

Workout Daily

new years resolution to exercise dailyWhile this may be the one of the most common new year’s resolutions out there, most people do not typically pick a workout goal for the sleep benefits. but, the are still there. A consistent workout routine can do wonders for your sleep hygiene. By expending physical energy throughout the day, it will be easier to go to sleep at night.

A morning workout can also be a great way to boost endorphins and get your blood pumping in the morning. It can be a great way to make yourself feel awake and ready to take on your day. Which can make it much easier to wake up early and feel refreshed before you start your day.

Studies have also shown that by getting in at least 30 minutes of cardio everyday, you can increase the overall quality of your sleep cycle. Allowing you to feel better rested when you wake up in the morning!

Learn more about the benefits exercise has on your sleep in our post: Exercise and Sleep: Is Exercise Good For Sleep?

Read More

how to get the rest you need in the new yearWe are currently living in a world that never lacks in entertainment. There is never “nothing on TV” and even our cellphones that we can carry around with us everywhere supply an infinite supply of entertainment. Which can make it difficult to shut off and choose a more challenging source of fulfillment.

Reading takes more effort, time, focus, and energy then mindlessly soaking up easy entertainment. Yet it can bring us worlds of knowledge and entertainment. Which is why so many make reading more often a new year resolution.

Reading is a great way to ease in and out of your day. By that we mean it is a wonderful activity to slowly wake you up, or entertain yourself before you go to sleep. We often recommend reading as a replacement for highly stimulating smartphones or tv watching before bed. Especially because it helps you to avoid blue light. Making reading more a great addition to your morning and nightly routines.

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Stop Drinking Alcohol

stop drinking for goodHoliday parties and celebrations often comes along with lots of alcoholic drinks and merriment. Which is why it is no surprise that after all of that drinking many are ready to take some recovery time and stop drinking alcohol. The great news is that cutting out alcohol can greatly increase the quality of your sleep.

Many think that due to the sedentary effects of alcohol, that it must be good for your sleep. When the truth of the matter is that alcohol may put you to sleep, but it decreases the quality of the overall rest you are getting. This is especially true with drinking in excess.

Even if you are unwilling to cut alcohol out entirely for a full year, taking a few months of staying dry will give you a chance to really feel the difference in your body. Feeling more hydrated, less headaches, better rest, waking up feeling more refreshed and pain free. It truly makes a huge difference.

Learn more about the negative effects alcohol has on your sleep in our post: Our Guide To Why Alcohol and Sleep Don’t Mix

How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions:

how to stick to your goals new year's resolutionsAnytime you are working to make a new habit change in your life, it takes consistency and time. Which of course can take a lot of willpower. One thing that may trip you up is simply forgetting about your resolution can falling into old habits.

To better stick to your new year’s resolutions try to create constant reminders for yourself. There are several helpful tools out there. One of our favorites is sassy & motivational water bottles that keep track of your hydration. Another great options is to track your progress in a goal journal to help hold yourself accountable. Each easy and daily reminders that you are competing your goals.

Another trick is to have an accountability buddy (or many). Make pacts and tell all your friends and family what your resolution is. Then you can check in with one another to see how the resolution is going throughout the year. This is a great way to have others to help keep you accountable and remind you of your goals.

Top New Year’s Resolutions For Better Sleep – Final Thoughts:

Whether you are aiming specifically to better your sleeping habits this New Year’s Eve. Or if you are simply trying to better yourself and your health, your sleep is sure to benefits as well. Anytime you are working to make yourself a better healthier individual it directly impacts how you sleep at night. Our sleep health often reflects our overall health. Which is why we are wishing you good health and happiness in the new year!

new year's resolutions that help you sleep well

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