January 24, 2023

Top 10 Brooklyn Bedding Accessories

The Brooklyn Bedding brand is American born and raised. They started with RV mattresses and grew to doing their own manufacturing right here in the US in their very own factory. From there they have branched out to creating and selling everything from pillows and sheets to adjustable powerbases.

In this post we are going to highlight some of our top 10 Brooklyn Bedding Accessories. Keep reading to learn more about the different pieces from Brooklyn Bedding. As well as get access to the latest and best coupons for your bedroom accessories.

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top ten brooklyn bedding accessories review

10) Complete Coverage Mattress Encasement Cover

our favorite accessories from brooklyn beddingWhile a mattress protector is not the most exciting purchase you will ever make, it is one of the smartest. Standard mattress protectors are also a great investment but there is nothing as protective as an encasement cover like this one from Brooklyn Bedding.

The complete coverage keeps your mattress safe from all the standard things like sweat, spills, dust and allergens. However, it will also give you 360° protection from bed bugs and dust mites as well.

Anyone who has dealt with bed bugs before will know how much of a godsend a mattress encasement cover can truly be.

Learn more about bed bugs and ways to prevent getting them in the first place in our post: A Guide to Bed Bugs

9) Bamboo Twill Sheets

bamboo twill sheets from bbThese natural rayon sheets are made out of bamboo. They have a gorgeous sheen to them and they are luxuriously soft. However, what we think you are really going to enjoy about these sheets is that they are a great option for thermal regulation. In other words they are great at keeping you that ideal temperature as you sleep.

No more worries about getting too warm or too cold throughout the night. These bamboo twill sheets are ideal for keeping you a comfortable temperature all night long. They are also great at wicking away excess moisture and they are hypoallergenic. Making these a great option if you tend to get a bit sweaty at night or if you have allergies.

8) Premium Shredded Foam Pillow

shredded foam pillow charcoal coverIf you are looking for the support of a foam pillow, with moldable comfort then this the pillow for you. Brooklyn Bedding uses a combination of shredded memory foam and deconstructed latex. The memory foam has a cooling gel infusion, this helps to lower heat retention in order to keep the sleeper comfortable as they sleep.

The Premium Shredded Foam Pillow also has a zipper access on the side that allows you to remove or add filling in order to adjust the overall loft height. This simple design feature makes this pillow completely adjustable and allows you to really customize the pillow to work for you and how you sleep.

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7) Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket

the brooklynn bedding weighted blanket and coverWeighted Blankets are one of our all time favorite bedding accessories. They help to lower stress and anxiety in order to help you get the sleep you need. It can even help you to get back to sleep faster if you are experiencing interrupted sleep.

This weighted blanket from Brooklyn Bedding has two main pieces. The first is the weighted quilt portion of the blanket. It is covered in a breathable cotton fabric and is a charcoal grey. The next is the dual sided cover for the blanket. This cover is made with a minky soft side with texture for added soothing benefits.

While the flip side is made with a silky smooth cooling fabric. You can flip your blanket over to have a cool side or to stay extra cozy with the minky side of the blanket. Either way the Dual Therapy Weighted Blanket from Brooklyn Bedding is a great buy.

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6) Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Mattress Protector

luxury cooling mattress protector aurora mattressWe always recommend that you buy a mattress protector, especially when purchasing a new bed. This is a great way to protect and extend the life of your mattress. However, the biggest complaint we hear about old school mattress protectors is that they get hot. Which is exactly why we like the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooing Mattress Protector.

This mattress protector features the same premium cooling cover material that is found on their Aurora Mattress. (Which is featured on our list of Top Mattresses For Hot Sleepers) This cover does a great job at balancing protecting your mattress while also keeping you cool and comfortable as you sleep.

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5) Brooklyn Bedding Tencel Sateen Sheets

tencel sateen sheet set from brooklynbedding Tencel fabric is probably the second most popular material for bedding besides Cotton. This material is made out of a lyocell fibers. It is silky smooth, wrinkle resistant, wicks away moisture, and very breathable. All of these features together make for a great set of sheets.

The sateen finish on these Brooklyn Bedding Tencel Sheets looks high end and luxurious. Yet the entire set is still very reasonably priced. Overall, this is a great go to sheet set from BB.

Learn more about these tencel sheets in our full review: Brooklyn Bedding Tencel Sateen Sheets

4) Brooklyn Bedding Talalay Latex Pillow

all natural talalay latex pillow reviewThis pillow brings back the comforting power of nature. Made with all natural materials, the star of this pillow is the Talalay Latex. This latex is made out of the sap of a rubber tree and is minimally processed. The foam is poured into a mold to create mattresses or pillows like this one. The perforations are created during the molding process, and they add extra airflow as well as pressure relief.

The cover is made out of an organic cotton. It is extra soft and keeps the pillow nice and breathable. While it is not adjustable in the same way their Shredded Foam Pillow is, it does come in two different loft sizes which allows just about everyone to pick a version of this pillow that will work nicely for how they sleep. We love this natural pillow that is produced right here in American factories, and we think you will too.

3) Ascension Luxe Adjustable Powerbase

the luxe adjustable bed frameA powerbase is one of the biggest changes you can make in your bedroom just by adding an accessory. Having an adjustable powerbase like the Ascension Luxe Adjustable Powerbase allows you to completely change the positions you lay in while in bed. This feature can help you to snore less, reduce swelling in feet and legs, help you sit up when lounging in bed, and much more.

We love that the Luxe Powerbase has a wireless remote control for easy control over your positioning as well as a few programmable buttons. This allows you to get to your favorite position with a single press of a button instead of having to adjust to it every time.

2) Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow

aurora luxury cooling memory foam pillow reviewYou will never have to flip your pillow over to get to the cool side of the pillow again. You’re always sleeping on the cool side of the pillow with the Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow.

The cover of this pillow is made with the same cool to the touch material found on the cooling mattress topper, as well as the Aurora Mattress. This pillow has an open cell, fast response memory foam core.

This is an airy and cool sleeping memory foam that feels more like a latex based foam. This pillow is bound to keep you comfortably cool throughout the night and is a luxury addition to any bedroom.

Click the link to learn more about this extra cool pillow: Brooklyn Bedding Luxury Cooling Pillow

1) Ascension Ultra Adjustable Powerbase

top bedding accessories american madeWhile Brooklyn Bedding does have several other powerbase options available, this is the main attraction. If you are wanting all of the latest features that you can get out of an adjustable base, then this is the guy you want to get. The Ascension Ultra Adjustable Powerbase has a streamlined design that will easily adjust your sleep position at the push of a button.

The wireless remote features a built in flashlight and the frame even has lighting underneath the bed. This is one of the best adjustable powerbases for your mattress as it has an ergonomic extension seat. This reduces friction and unnecessary wear on your mattress. This luxury Brooklyn Bedding Accessory will easily change the way you spend time in your bed.

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Top 10 Brooklyn Bedding Accessories: Final Thoughts

Whether you are on the hunt for bedding accessories that are all natural, or you are simply looking to stay cool, there are some great accessories that you’re going to love from Brooklyn Bedding. The luxury cooling fabric is such a great touch on the Aurora mattress as well as all of the coordinating accessories. The adjustable bases are also a fun way to change up your bedroom to become more high tech. Overall, we think Brooklyn Bedding has a wide range of accessories that are sure to suite your needs for comfort and luxury in the bedroom.

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Did we miss your favorite product from Brooklyn Bedding? Send us a message and tell us which is your favorite product!