September 20, 2019

Fall 2021 Bedroom Trends

autumn bedroom trends 2021

Fall is almost here! The excitement is overwhelming, and we want to celebrate by decorating. While we love a timeless design, there are ways to add touches of fall to your existing bedroom decor in order to add to the spirit of the season. There are some fun trends for fall this season. Instead of going all out we will share with you how to incorporate those trends to your bedroom without having to hire a designer or buy all new bedding. Continue reading our guide to 2021 fall bedroom trends to get all the cozy details.

If you haven’t read it already, we suggest starting with our blog How To Design a Timeless Bedroom first before you move on to this article. This way you start with a clean slate. 

Add Autumn Textures 

With the onset of fall we start to think about cozy sweaters, leather boots and inspired scarves. Not only does our wardrobe change and reflect a new set of tones and textures, but so can our bedroom. Below are some great ideas to add some cozy and inviting fabrics into your bedroom for an extra touch of warmth and seasonal flare.

– Faux Fur
turn your bedroom into a fall haven

Playing with different textures can be a fun way to make your bedroom feel cozier for the colder seasons ahead. Faux fur throw blankets are especially popular this fall.

This is a great trend to go with because it is cheap and very easy to change out once Spring rolls back around. It also packs quite a punch, the bold texture gives a feeling of warmth and a touch of cabin vibes, while often remaining in a neutral color palette.

We particularly love the options and price point of the Best Home Fashion Faux Fur Throws. Find several sizes and colors on

– Knitted Blankets

Fall 2019 Bedroom TrendsNot into the furry look? No problem, never go with a trend just because it is trendy. There are plenty of cozy textured throws out there. Currently using large knit blankets is super on trend.

We especially love the Bearaby Napper blanket. It is large knit blanket, that just so happens to also be a weighted blanket. They also have a wide selection of color options, so this is a fun way to integrate a little but of a fall colors.

– Velvet Pillows

fall bedroom trend velvet pillowLarge pieces of velvet furniture are such a big statement that they go in and out of trend regularly. Instead of getting a statement velvet chaise lounge, pick up a few fun velvet throw pillows.

You can go with a neutral tone or a pop of your favorite seasonal color. Either way the added texture provides cozy fall feelings without being a large investment.

If you can, we suggest buying a standard throw pillow size so you can change out decorative pillow cases. This also cuts down on space being used in storage.

– Layer

layer rugsSimilar to how we dress this time of year, the concept of layering is also ideal for decorating too. This not only seems to be a seasonal trend, but in 2019 we’ve seen layering with necklaces to be huge. There are so many ways to incorporate layers into decorating that the options are endless.

A popular way to layer this season is with rugs. We love this cute and easy way to add some extra warmth and character to your bedroom. This not only doubles up on the warmth and comfort stepping out of bed, but creates a different look in seconds.

There are several cute ways to layer rugs. We particularly like the idea of placing a small faux fur rug next to your bed right on top your existing rug. This gives you two of the best 2021 Fall bedroom trends in one!

Insert Pops of Pattern

decorate for autumn in your bedroomDifferent plaids, and even a good black & white gingham, immediately make a space feel like a fall cabin. However, you don’t want to feel like a hunter’s wardrobe has exploded all over your home.

When it comes to these bold patterns, keep in mind that a little goes a long way. You don’t need to go out and buy a full bedding set. Something as small as a throw pillow, or a blanket would do the trick.

We love the variety of fall colors and patterns that Batmerry pillows add to any room. And the Tartan pattern of the Arus Highlands Throw warms us up just looking at it.

Use Metallic Touches 

gold pumpkins for fallAdding soft metallic touches to your decor is an elegant way to add a few otherwise potentially kitschy fall decorations, like decorative pumpkins.

There are glass pumpkins with gilded touches like these all over the place. We love the added warmth and light a little gilding can add to a bedroom.

Also, mercury glass and metallic candle holders are another slightly more subtle way to incorporate this trend. This set of Pillar Candle Holders is the perfect touch to easily incorporate the Fall 2021 bedroom trends.

Layer Neutral Tones

how to layer neutral beddingWhile this is incredibly popular right now, we believe that neutral tones are timeless. Especially layering neutral tones that go nicely together.

While sometimes beige is popular and other times a light grey is in, your home will never feel “dated” with a neutral paint color on the wall. Even if it isn’t the “in” neutral tone of the season. So this is one trend that we encourage completely. Go all out and get all the lovely white sheets, or cream throw pillows.

Paint your walls a barely grey, or eggshell. Our only tip on this is in order to keep things interesting, mix up the textures. This keeps the room from feeling boring or bland. And is another way to seasonally change things up without making drastic changes.

Embrace the Farmhouse Trend

farmhouse style bedroom lightingNo fear Joanna Gaines fans, Farmhouse is still in full force out there. Matte black metal details, white painted shiplap, and vintage touches are all over the place.

While someday these will likely get overdone and we all will move onto new and different trends, there are still loads of people flocking to these styles and we must admit, they are ideal for Autumn.

Thankfully you don’t have to renovate your home to add touches of the Farmhouse vibe. One way to make a big statement that can always be relatively easy to change out, is with a unique light fixture.

We love the easy and simple look of a black matte chandelier. It is sophisticated while still feeling casual and oh so Farmhouse Chic. Adding a simple yet elegant chandelier, like this one by Laluz, will transform your bedroom instantly.

Go Shabby Chic

fall shabby chic bedroom designSimilar to the Farmhouse trend is a shabby chic. This somewhat whimsical take on provincial design is the perfect balance of femininity and rustic. Creating a balance between the old and new.

This trend is one that is perfect for the bedroom, and especially great anytime of year. The focus on using a variety of textures and patterns make for a bedroom that offers a welcoming feel. While the color palette is typically neutral and easy to build on with slight seasonal changes.

The idea of shabby chic is somewhat eclectic, but with a glamorous feel. An almost sloppy, yet pulled together look that always makes you want to jump into bed. Similar to your favorite sweatshirt that may be well worn, but still super cute, and oh so soft.

pom throwThe focus on layering a variety of textures and feels makes this look perfect for changing up with new trends. For Fall Chic 2021 we suggest adding a double layered rug, preferably a faux fur like this one by Ashler.

As well as a chunky knit throw. With poms is even better – just like this one! These two little enhancements will not only perfectly compliment an existing shabby chic design, but will give it just enough of a cozy Autumn touch.

Opt For Black & White

fall bedroom trends 2021When it comes to bedrooms we love having a neutral base that you can easily add seasonal changes to. The look of a classic black and white bedroom is great for this and has even been a hot trend in the last few years.

With a country vibe that is still modern, opting for a black and white palette gives you plenty of character while still allowing for plenty of play too. The subtle changes that can help you shift through seasons creates a totally cute vibe without a lot of effort.

With black and white being able to adjust to any color palette it can make it really simple to adjust seasonally. As well as allows you to try out a variety of options. Whether you like bright pops of color or a more subtle addition of neutrals, either works.

Be Influenced By Nature 

Bringing the outdoors in anytime of year is a perfect compliment to the season. It not only offers a perfect match to the time of year, but is also usually quite affordable too. Below are some of the best 2021 Fall bedroom trends when it comes to adding nature to your room.

– Plants

best indoor plants for fallBringing in a little bit of the fall harvest season into your bedroom is a fun way to bring a bit of the outdoors inside. One way to do this is with indoor plants. There are a handful of plants that survive well indoors and bring that fall foliage feeling as well. Below is a list of a few of our favorite indoor plants for fall.

  • Crotons – the fun thing about this particular house plant is that it has a lot of the colors of fall foliage. The tips turn different shades of yellow orange and red as they age.
  • Chrysanthemum – These potted flowers typically live outdoors but have been adapted to grow inside as well. They come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors. Many of their colors are beautiful for fall ranging from yellows and golds to burgundy.
  • Burgundy Rubber Tree – this trendy house plant has dark waxy leaves and touches of burgundy shades on the underside of the leaves.
  • Rosemary – Small potted rosemary plants make great indoor plants during fall. The beautiful piney scent alone is perfect for the fall to winter seasons.

Be sure to check out our Plants for Bedrooms guide to learn more about what plants are great to have in your bedroom and all the tips and tricks on how to keep them happy and alive.

– Birch

birch fall decor 2019The white wood bark is a stunning addition to any fall home. There are now birch items everywhere. There are candle holders, picture frames, even bed posts made out of this distinctive wood.

Since we believe subtlety is best, we suggest keeping with something small or easily replaceable. Like a piece of wall art featuring cut pieces of birch branches. Or cute vases and candle holders you can transition into winter too.

– Wheat or Pampas Grass

Any wheat, barley, or other dried grain typically harvested in the autumn season can add fun fall texture to a bedroom. When paired with spring or summer colors these texture can even work year round if you like them.

However, they are very popular this fall. We particularly like a bit of dried pampas grass in a large ceramic vase or any other container you like.

– Animal Horns
adorable alternatives to taxidermy

We find animals to be gorgeous and the more feelings of nature you can bring indoors, the better. However, a full taxadermied deer head is not something that should ever be in a bedroom. It is intimidating and does not set a calming sleep environment.

Which is why we suggest going with a modern alternative. Like this small deer bust sculpture with twig horns. A little bit different and it adds that touch of wood for an extra natural texture bonus. Or this super cute gold geometric metal deer but by Kate and Laurel.

Incorporate Dark Walls

alternatives to painting walls blackIf you open up a interior design magazine or hop on Pinterest you are bound to see living rooms, bedrooms, even bathrooms painted floor to ceiling in black.

It is very striking and makes quite the statement. However, painting an entire wall black is a big commitment that is expensive to reverse if you change your mind in the future.

So, instead of picking up a black paint can and going full Addam’s Family on your bedroom. We suggest getting a large dark room divider or even a set of curtains if you feel like splurging. This is much easier to change once the trend fades.

Changing out your curtains is going to be much easier and less expensive than painting your wall back to a neutral color.

Create a Cozy Reading Corner

the ultimate reading nookIf you have a little extra space or corner in your bedroom that is feeling a little bare, it may be the perfect space for a small reading nook.

All you really need is a comfortable chair for reading, a small table for a cup or coffee, and a book.

We like to add a seasonal throw blanket and a lamp if you enjoy reading at night or if you don’t get any natural light from windows. Not only is this a cozy addition for fall but with a few minor changes in decor, this reading nook is great year round.

Create Mood Lighting with Candles

Fall 2019 Bedroom TrendsOverhead lighting can be harsh but it is important to have lights in a bedroom, especially when the sun starts setting earlier in the evenings. This is one of the many reasons we love adding candles into the bedroom during the fall. Their soft moody lighting is gentle and comforting.

Plus, there are plenty of cozy scented candles to choose from for fall. If you use lamps, be sure you put warm toned light bulbs. This will help keep your bedroom feeling cozy, blue, or cool, lights are harsh and make it difficult to get in the mood for sleep.

Fall 2021 Bedroom Decor Trends – Final Thoughts:

Trends come and go, especially seasonal specific trends. We suggest sticking with neutral bedding and wall colors. Simply switch out little touches and decorations in order to make your room feel on trend seasonally. Then you can easily switch it out as the next season comes along.

fall 2019 bedroom trends

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