March 10, 2024

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

10 ways to treat mom this mothers day

Moms do so much for their families. It is only fair that we go all out to treat mom EXTRA well on mother’s day. However, sometimes we could all use a bit of help to find the perfect way make mom feel special. Which is why we did all the research for you! We collected our top ideas on ways you can treat mom this mother’s day! Keep reading to get our top tips and ideas in our Mother’s Day gift guide to treat mom extra special this year.

1) Breakfast In Bed

breakfast in bed for momA classic way to treat Mom on Mother’s Day, breakfast in bed! No need to get up and get everyone else dressed and ready for the day. Mother’s Day is all about letting mom relax, and treating her like the queen she is. Laying in bed and having someone cook and bring breakfast to you is simply the best.

It is easy to say that most Moms are often running low on sleep. Giving them the gift of rest and relaxation is always a option. Especially for new moms who are having to wake up at all hours of the night to feed their newborns. Click the link below for our tips on how to create the best ever breakfast in bed experience.

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2) Cook AND Clean

clean up the kitchen for momWhether you are planning on making breakfast in bed, or creating a masterpiece in the kitchen for dinner. The key to cooking as a gift is making sure you clean the kitchen when you’re done. Even the most delicious meal in the world served on a silver platter will not feel like a gift if you have to do all the dishes afterword. So make sure if you are planning on cooking for mom this year, that you finish the job and clean up after yourself.

Even if the kitchen was not clean when you started, go above and beyond and make sure it is extra clean afterword. This really is what takes a nice gesture into being a thoughtful act of service for Mom.

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3) Pajamas From Hass

comfortable pajamas mothers day gift ideasA lounge set or pajamas from Hass Apparel are a treat for mom that she can use over and over again. The Hass brand is all about creating luxury lounge and casual clothing with natural and environmentally friendly materials. Making it a perfect gift, a little something special for mom to enjoy not just on the day but for years to come.

These high quality lounge sets are oh so comfortable, classic, and chic. They have a little something for everyone. From their soft fleece matching sets, to cashmere cardigans in classic colors. This is not only ideal for the mother of your children, but also for the moms of adult children as well.

Click the link to read our review over the Hass Apparel Collection by Avocado

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4) Luxurious New Bedding

comfortable beautiful beddingMoms are always putting others first. Which means sometimes things like their own bedroom can fall by the wayside. If you know Mom could use a beautiful new throw blanket, or fresh cotton sheet set, then this could be an unexpected and enjoyable luxury that she may not think to request. Often less than a bottle of her favorite perfume, new sheets can bring comfort and beauty into her bedroom that she will get to enjoy every night.

We love how much a new set of sheets, a fresh duvet cover, or some stunning throw pillows can really brighten up a room. Not sure what sheets she would like? How about a new blanket light adn fresh for the summer? Or a lovely new bathrobe and slippers. Luckily you can find all these and more at Parachute.com!

Want a head start on shopping? One of our favorite bedding brands, Parachute, has some amazing options found HERE!

Parachute Bedding & Accessories Sale

5) Spa Day At Home

bath time spa day treat mom for mothers dayAnother way you can treat mom this mother’s day is with an at home spa day! The gift: Reed + Gwen luxury bath and body products that smell and feel oh so luxurious. You can start with a massage, manicure, pedicure, a nice face mask and so much more. If your kids are old enough they can help paint toe nails or have fun playing spa day with mom.

Make some fun cucumber mint water for her to sip on at the spa. Then finish the day giving mom some alone time and a luxurious bath with flower petals from the Reed + Gwen magnesium bath soak. This is a great way to end mother’s day by treating her to some quality time and relaxing alone time.

Check out the skincare products from Reed + Gwen Skincare by Avocado to make the spa day perfect!

6) Order Her Favorite Dinner

order her favorite take out mealNot confident you can cook something for mom? Or perhaps she has been craving dinner at her favorite restaurant? Then skip cooking and order dinner instead! Eating your favorite meal, comfortable on the couch with your favorite beverage and snuggly blankets. This is a treat you know mom deserves.

There are always ways to make a takeout dinner feel extra special. Plate things nicely instead of eating out of to go containers. Clean up and light some candles. Setting the ambience of a romantic dinner at home and put the kids to bed early. Make some special time for just the two of you.

Or if you are picking up food for your own mom, clean the house and pick up a special dessert as well. Pick out one of her favorite movies and have it ready to go on the TV. Anything that shows you have put thought and time into the evening will help to make mom feel special on her special day.

7) Date Night Out

date night for momPerhaps mom doesn’t want to stay in for the night. If you are looking to plan something special for the mother of your children, then perhaps you should plan a date night out for just the two of you. Remember that making the plans is half of the work. You are welcome to get suggestions if you feel you really need them. However, if you can take note, remember, and get reservations at one of her favorite spots, this is incredibly romantic and a great way to impress the mother of your children.

Make sure you create all the plans for who is watching the kids, dinner for the kiddos, and so on. This will really give mom the break and ability to sit back, relax, and just enjoy the evening. Ideal for the mom who just wants a night out of the house and a reason to get dolled up and feel like herself again.

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8) Good Side Silk Set

silk pillow case gift ideas for momCan’t spend the day with mom, but want to send her a little something to remind her of how much you love and appreciate her? How about a gorgeous gift from Good Side! The Good Side brand creates stunning silk products. They have silk pillowcases, scrunchies, and even sleep masks.

They come in gorgeous colors, and feel slippery smooth. Silk is wonderful for your hair and skin when you sleep. It helps to maintain the style of your hair, reduces wrinkles on the face, and feels oh so wonderful to sleep on. Good Side makes sure that their manufacturing is done in ethical factories. The sets come in great boxes which is ideal for gift giving. Click the link below to read our full review or click the shop button to shop now!

Click the link to read our full review over The Good Side Silk Collection!

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9) Schedule A Babysitter

hire the babysitterGive mom a break and hire someone else to watch the kids. Then you have to freedom to do whatever you like for Mother’s Day. You can plan the day for her or plan it with her ahead of time. Perhaps there is a museum she has been wanting to go to, a restaurant she wants to try, a concert she wants to go to. Figure out a special way to give her the freedom to do whatever mom wants to do on mother’s day.

Perhaps all mom wants to do on mother’s day is sleep. No problem! Drop the kids off to get watched by someone else, or book a hotel for the night and let mom sleep with no interruptions for the whole night. Scheduling a reliable babysitter will let mom get some much needed free time for whatever she wants to do.

10) Plan a Mom’s Night

organize a girls night for momsOne way to treat mom is to ban together with all the other Dads and spouses out there to create a relaxing Mother’s Day Out just for the girls. You stay at home with the kids and let the mom’s have a fun girls night. Perhaps rent an AirBnB, luxury hotel room, and fill it with food, movies, flowers, and cozy pajamas. Or buy her a new dress, perfume, high heels and give her the night out to enjoy hitting the town with all her good friends.

Not all moms want to have breakfast in bed. This is a great option for those moms that are itching to get out of the house and have some fun! For bonus points, hire a driver to make traveling safe and easy. Or make reservations and make the night easy for them to go out and enjoy. The less planning they have to do, the better.

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Mother’s Day Gift Guide – The Takeaway:

We all know mom deserves more than one single day to show her how much we love and appreciate her. However, celebrating Mother’s Day is a great reminder for us to show how much we care. We hope these 10 ideas for treating mom this mother’s day helps you to think of something special you can do for the moms in your life this year!

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