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August 26, 2019

Breakfast in Bed: Amazing Recipes & Easy “No Mess” Tips

Just imagine the perfect breakfast in bed. The smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air, as rosy cheeked kids in pajamas gleefully help their parent make breakfast. Fluffy pancakes, eggs, and crispy bacon all ready to be carried up stairs for a very special morning. Sounds delightful right? Unfortunately, breakfast in bed doesn’t always turn out as picture perfect as we imagine. It often turns into hungry kids running around while flour and sticky maple syrup goes flying. However, we have a few tips, tricks, and recipes that are sure to make your breakfast in bed plans go smoothly. If you want a clean, easy, and all around delicious breakfast in bed, keep reading to learn how.

breakfast in bed the best and the worst

From Kitchen To Bedroom

The trip from the kitchen to the bedroom is the riskiest point in time for a breakfast in bed. One little bump and you’re looking at a full breakfast on the carpet instead of placed gently on the bed. The chance for big spills is high and picking the right tools to get you to and from is sure to help. Keep reading for our favorite tools and tips for a successful breakfast in bed landing.

The Best Cups

be mindful of spilling get the right cupsIf you decide mimosas are on the menu, you may want to pour your drinks bedside or skip the nice glassware all together. Champagne glasses are tall, thin, and top heavy. If you pour a glass and then try to transport it on a tray, you will very likely end up with a tray full of orange juice, sparkling wine, and broken glass. That is not fun for anyone.

Instead, opt out for a shorter glass that is not made of breakable crystal. This same way of thinking goes for all your drinks. Whether you’re serving coffee, water, or juice, try to use shorter mugs and glasses that won’t shatter if dropped. The shorter glasses help to limit the possibility of spilling in the first place. While the shatterproof aspect will just make clean up safer if you happen to drop them anyway.

Another option is to serve your drinks separately. Either before or after your serve the food, bring in the drinks on their own. That way you have more control over them and you’re less likely to spill.

Unbreakable Plates

the perfect plates for breakfast in bedWhen it comes to plates you are also going to want to look for a durable/unbreakable material. A solid plastic plate with a raised edge are the perfect choice. The lip on the side will help prevent and spills and the plastic is durable.

These plates by Cciny are a great option because they cover all of these requirements while having the added bonus of looking rather elegant and for adults.

You also want to ensure that the plates you purchase are BPA Free and microwave safe. That way, if you get distracted during your breakfast and need to warm anything back up, you can.

The Best Tray Table

the ideal breakfast in bed trayWe searched high and low for the perfect tray table. We wanted a few very specific features including, a lip to prevent anything from slipping off. Legs, so that the tray does not have to rest directly on the bed or someones lap. And handles for carrying across the house. This tray table by Lap Gear has all of those things, plus one side with a lower edge to make eating easier and more comfortable. It also has a specially made back edge for placing a phone or tablet.

Just a side note, this is also the perfect tray for those days when you are at home, sick in bed. Or if you’re just working from home and don’t want to get out of bed in order to answer emails.

Added Sweet Touch

add a little something specialIn order to have the perfect breakfast in bed experience it is nice to have that little something extra special to make your loved one smile. If your special someone enjoys flowers, you can place a single stem on the tray or in a short bud vase.

If it is a special occasion that may come with gifts, those are also a nice addition to slip onto the tray or to have on display near by for opening after breakfast. Sometimes it is those little details that takes things over the top

Avoid and/or Clean Up Accidents

coffee spills what to do and how to keep your mattress safeIf you need to make a couple trips to get everything you need to the bedroom, that is okay. Don’t try to be a hero and balance an entire feast in your arms from the kitchen to the bedroom. If you have little ones that are wanting to help carry breakfast up to mommy or daddy, give them something to carry that isn’t the main breakfast tray. Like napkins or a caddy of silverware or condiments.

We suggest you wake up your loved one before you bring in the food, especially if you’re planning on putting it right on the bed. If you give them a little heads up they can use the restroom real quick or at least have enough time to sit up straight so they are not trying to adjust or get out of bed with a full tray of food balancing on the bed. This will help avoid some potential spills.

Lay down an extra blanket on top before putting down your try of food, think of this like the picnic blanket to your breakfast in bed.

Sometimes you do everything you can and you still spill cranberry juice all over the bed. Well, we have a few tips for that as well. First, think ahead and invest in a quality mattress protector, that way you won’t worry about spills or accidents ever again. We love the Protector by Brooklyn Bedding it is waterproof, super comfortable, and very protective.

Now a mattress protector is great for keeping your bed safe, but it won’t do anything to protect your bedding. We suggest following individual washing instructions for bedding. However, we found that when it comes to small stains, sticks like the OxiClean Gel Stick can really be life savers.


entertainment during your breakfast in bed

If you are treating your significant other to a relaxing morning while you take care of the screaming kids downstairs, then try putting on their favorite film for them. Or you can put on some of their favorite music and bring out a few of their go to books, or their reading tablet. This way you are making it as easy as possible for them to have a lovely relaxing morning in bed.

However, if a romantic breakfast in bed together is more what you’re looking for, then it is time to shut out the rest of the world and spend some quality time together. So we suggest doing just that by turning off phones, tablets, and the tv. Instead do something together. Try reading the newspaper together, go through the crossword puzzles. Or you can simply turn on some music and enjoy each others company.

Want to go ALL OUT?

gorgeous flowers and breakfast in bedIf you really want to roll in with style and grace, a rolling tray commonly used for fancy hotel room service is a great way to add flash and luxury to your breakfast in bed experience. We think the Nathan James Rolling Bar is especially cute and can serve as a cute piece of furniture whenever you’re not using it to serve breakfast.

Go to your local flower shop and get rose petals for the bed. Rose petals are fun for more than just a romantic night, they are great for romantic mornings as well. If you’re really going over the top, you can also get an arrangement or two for the room. If you don’t have time to sneak out in the morning, then schedule a delivery for the morning of your special day. Try to do this in advance as your florist may book up early.

Our 10 Favorite Breakfast in Bed Recipes

Syrup is drippy and sticky, while croissants will leave your bed full of flaky crumbs. We are going to share with you our top ten absolute favorite and easy breakfast in bed recipes that you are going to LOVE! Below we have a brief description of a few scrumptious options as well as links to the full recipe and list of ingredients.

  1. Ham and Gruyere Quiche

    the best recipes for breakfast in bedFrom: Food Network Magazine
    Is there any combination better than salty ham and gooey gruyere cheese? We don’t think so. Quiches are by far one of the cleanest breakfast foods you could possible eat. A full delicious breakfast all packed up into a convenient slice of pie. You can easily tailor this recipe to your individual preferences as well. We love their addition of green onions and mustard, it really gives this classic quiche a fun kick. Click the Quiche Recipe to get the full recipe and instructions.

  2. Cinnamon Crumble Blueberry Muffins

    By: Lindsay Cola (Tippens) @TippsInTheKitch
    These muffins are little puff balls of heaven. I love the soft muffin middle with bursts of fresh blueberries combined with the delicious cinnamon crumble on top. If you get a few crumbles on the bed, we promise it is worth it. These muffins go great on the side of any main egg dish or by themselves. Serve with a bit of softened butter for an added layer of deliciousness. Check out this recipe and many more at

  3. Strawberry and Prosecco Scones

    favorite recipes to eat in bedBy: Jeff Mauro
    This recipe takes a classic strawberry scone and bumps it up to the next level. We really love how the sparkling lemon glaze takes this recipe over the top. You’re going to love the extra bubbly kick from the Prosecco. So delectable that you can eat these on their own or with your favorite mimosas. They also save well, so you can continue eating them through the week. Get the whole recipe at

  4. Cranberry Orange Loaf

    By: Melissa Griffiths @blessthismessblog
    Perfect in summer, winter, and fall, you’re sure to love this cranberry orange loaf most of all. Incredibly simple to make and rather easy to eat in bed as well. The glaze is delicious. We like glazes to be a little thicker so we used a little less orange juice in the glaze and made sure the loaf was nice and cool before I put it on top. You can find Melissa’s recipe on her blog Bless This Mess.

  5. Sausage Hash Brown Casserole

    the perfect french toast casserole for breakfast in bedBy: Joanna Gaines
    You can find this amazing recipe in Joanna’s cookbook, Magnolia Table By: Joanna Gaines. This casserole is absolutely scrumptious, super easy, and can feed a crowd. You can even prepare everything the night before and pop in the oven the next morning if you wanted to. This is an egg based casserole, that is packed full of golden brown potato hash browns, sausage and cheese. Every bite of this casserole is the perfect bite, with a little bit of everything. For those morning you are not eating this in bed, we highly suggest serving with your favorite salsa.

  6. Ricotta Berry French Toast Casserole

    By: Lindsay, Creator of Pinch Of Yum
    We must admit that this recipe is not for those afraid of getting in the kitchen, it does involve making your own brioche bread dough. However! We can tell you that if you take on this recipe it is totally delicious. A beautiful combination of silky ricotta cheese, cozy sweet brioche bread, and sweet berries combine to make a beautiful sweet baked breakfast. It is a delicious treat and absolutely worth any and all time and effort. Visit Pinch Of Yum for the full recipe and directions.

  7. Best Ever Coffee Cake

    the yummiest breakfast in bed foodBy: Catalina Castravet
    Are we eating breakfast here? Or is this really an excuse to stay in bed and eat cake? Because I am thinking the later is a much better idea. Which is why we put this coffee cake on the list. This recipe beautifully combines coffee cake and cheesecake into one delicious pastry that is good anytime. You’re not going to want to miss this one, check it out at Sweet&

  8. Strawberries Romanoff

    by: Natasha Kravchuk
    This classic way to serve strawberries is delicious and the perfect addition to any weekend brunch. More than just a cup of sliced strawberries, the creamy whipped topping has a kick from the sour cream and the sweetness from the strawberries is brought out by the Grand Marnier. If you somehow find yourself with leftovers, this is also perfect for a light summer dessert. You can find Natasha’s version of Strawberries Romanoff on her website

  9. Maple-Roasted Bacon

    the best bacon everBy: Ina Garten
    Just when you thought there was no way bacon could get any better, Ina Garten found a way to make it even better. You can find this incredible recipe on I mean, it is bacon slowly roasted to crispy perfect while maple syrup caramelizes on top of it. Must we need to say more?

  10. Grand Mimosas

    By: Rachel Ray
    In our opinion a extra special breakfast in bed can only completed with an extra grand mimosa. Take your standard Champagne and orange juice mimosas and simply add Grand Marnier. Who would’ve thought?! Such a simple addition Rachel Ray, you evil genius. It adds a little extra kick and enhances the sweet orange flavor. So simple but such a worthy upgrade. Check out the recipe at

Time to Plan Breakfast in Bed

If you’re looking to serve a special someone breakfast in bed for an upcoming birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, anniversary, or just because. We hope our tips, tricks, and recipes give you a great start. Contact us and let us know how your breakfast in bed goes. And if you have any other tips or products we should add to our list. We would love to hear from you!

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