December 29, 2020

Breakfast in Bed

breakfast in bed tips and tricks

Want to make a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, anniversary, or just any day feel extra special? A breakfast in bed is a great way to do so. It is an easy and affective way to show someone that you love and care for them. There is something so simple and absolutely luxurious about having a nice relaxing sleep in while your breakfast is brought to you.

However, the dream breakfast in bed can easily be ruined with messy meals, spilled drinks, and broken dishes. We have pulled together our top tips on how to have a mess free breakfast in bed. Along with our top ten favorite breakfast in bed recipes that are totally Pinterest worthy.

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Getting Breakfast into Bed:

how to create the perfect breakfast in bedOne of the trickiest aspects of having a good breakfast in bed is the trip from the kitchen to the bedroom. Breakfast is made, drinks are poured and now it is time to surprise your loved one with delicious breakfast from the comfort of their bed.

However, long hallways and staircases can turn a short walk into a scary balancing act. We suggest skipping a big presentation and taking trips. Bring the drinks and then the plates of food. Even if you need to take one plate at a time it will be worth the extra trips. Nothing ruins a good breakfast faster than accidentally tripping or having drinks spill all over your waffles.

Add Sentimentality:

make it sentimental add a love noteUsually, a great breakfast in bed is to treat someone you love to a little luxury and relaxation. This is a great way to show someone a little extra love.

To add a little something extra, we suggest adding some small touches in order to make the breakfast in bed just that little bit extra special. A hand written card is a simple and very effective way to add a lot of sentimental value to your breakfast in bed.

Of course, flowers and gifts are another fun way to treat your loved one. If you have kids together, absolutely get them involved.

Get a Tray Table!

how to have a spill free breakfast in bedBreakfast in bed simply isn’t nearly as fun or easy without a great tray table. No more balancing plates on pillows. A tray table gives you a temporary place to eat and set you drink down without having to put everything on your nightstand.

The tray table by Lap Gear is a great option for any breakfast in bed. It works on any size bed and not only is great for holding the food but it can be a great way to move food from the kitchen into the bedroom.

This tray table even has a place to set a drink and a lip for holding tablets, e-readers, and smartphones. This is a great addition for anyone who wants to enjoy using their tech while having breakfast in bed.

Pick Drinking Glasses Wisely

mimosa glasses great for bedIn order to avoid spills, picking a glass that is shorter is going to be a great choice. If you are wanting to serve mimosas in champagne glasses, try pouring these at bedside or carrying in on their own. Champagne glasses are tall and have most of their weight up high, which makes them rather prone to tipping over and spilling.

However, there are a lot of new travel glasses that are perfect to use for breakfast in bed. S’well and Brumate make fantastic stemless champagne flutes with lids. They are a great spill preventative drinking vessel. They also make many other shapes and sizes that would also be perfect for a spill free breakfast in bed.

Perfect Plates for Breakfast in Bed:

the perfect plates to useWe are going to share some of our favorite mess free breakfast in bed recipes a bit later on. However, no matter what you are planning to make for breakfast, the right plates can make a big difference in keeping your bed clean and avoid any accidental broken plates.

Anytime you are eating breakfast in bed, there is a chance that you may tip something over, having the right plates can greatly change the severity of the following chaos. We suggest getting shatterproof, lightweight plates with a curved edge. The edge will help prevent spillage, lightweight, plastic plates will help prevent shattered fancy plates and make it easier to move back and forth.

These plates by Cciny are a great example of the kinds of plates we suggest getting for a great spill/accident free breakfast in bed.

Struggle in The Kitchen?

order breakfast in to make it extra easyYou really don’t have to be a cook in order to give your loved one an amazing breakfast in bed. You can always get breakfast delivered from your favorite brunch place. Or simply go to the grocery store and get pastries and their favorite coffee.

Even if you are not a great cook, there are ways for you to make a special breakfast in bed.

Clean Up After Breakfast in Bed:

clean up the kitchen after you are finished cookingAfter a great breakfast in bed, go the extra mile and do the cleanup. It doesn’t feel like much of a treat when you need to do the dishes afterword. Which is why if you are truly wanting to treat your loved one, take on the task of cleaning up the kitchen as well as making breakfast.

We also suggest cleaning the sheets and bedding after a good breakfast in bed. No matter how mess free your breakfast is, crumbs can find their way into your sheets. Not only is this just no fun to sleep on, it also can attract bugs and critters. Which is why a good clean up after breakfast in bed is always a good idea.

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Top 10 Breakfast in Bed Recipes

  1. French Toast

french toast recipesBy: Oh, Sweet Basil –

French toast is a great go to breakfast in bed recipe. It combines your eggs, sweets, and fruit all into one delicious meal. It is also an incredibly simply meal to make!

Soaking some bread in an egg mixture before frying each off and then topping with just about whatever sounds delicious to you. You can even tailor them to be sweet or savory as desired. We love this recipe from Oh, Sweet Basil. However, just about any French toast recipe will do.

Click Here For The French Toast Recipe!


  1. Ham and Cheese Quiche

quiche is perfect for breakfast in bedBy: Chelsea’s Messy Apron –

Scrambled eggs simply are no fun for special occasions, and anything with a runny yolk is a spill risk. Which is why a quiche is such a great egg breakfast choice. It is relatively easy to make, especially if you use a frozen pie crust.) It is a compact mess free breakfast that is easy to serve and eat in bed. Plus it feels far more special than a serving of scrambled eggs.

This ham and cheese quiche from Chelsea’s Messy Apron is a great go to recipe. Simple to follow and make a delicious quiche!

Click Here For The Quiche Recipe!


  1. Breakfast Casserole

casserole breakfast perfect for feeding lots of people

By: TippsInTheKitch – 

Need something even easier than a quiche? Or cooking for a full house? This breakfast casserole from Tipps In The Kitch is a great recipe for you. It is as simple as combining ingredients and popping in the oven.

So simple and straightforward that anyone who can turn on an oven and crack eggs can do it.
Again, this recipe is also just so easy to make and eat in bed, it is practically mess free to eat. Which is why it is such a great recipe for breakfast in bed.

Click Here For The Breakfast Casserole Recipe!


  1. Sunrise Mimosas

gorgeous sunrise mimosasBy: Cooking with Amber: Simple Made Recipes –

This mimosa recipe from Cooking With Amber is a great way to add a little something extra to your mimosas in order to make them feel just a bit more special.

She uses a simple slash of grenadine and a garnish in order to make a simple mimosa into an Instagram worthy breakfast in bed cocktail. This also looks fantastic in a shorter glass that is more breakfast in bed friendly.

Click Here For The Sunrise Mimosa Recipe!


  1. Strawberry and Prosecco Scones

scones and pastriesBy: Jeff Mauro

Scones and other pastries are a great breakfast in bed option, because they are so easy to eat in bed. They go great with tea and coffee as well. This scone recipe from Jeff Mauro, adds a little something extra to a standard strawberry scone recipe.

He adds a bubbly kick of Prosecco. takes a classic strawberry scone and bumps it up to the next level. The flavor of the prosecco pairs so well with the sweet strawberries. the whole recipe at

Click Here For The Strawberry & Prosecco Scone Recipe!


  1. Sausage Hash Brown Casserole

joanna gaines recipe for breakfastBy: Joanna Gaines

You can find this amazing recipe in Joanna’s cookbook, Magnolia Table By: Joanna Gaines. This casserole is absolutely scrumptious, super easy, and can feed a crowd. You can even prepare everything the night before and pop in the oven the next morning if you wanted to.

This is an egg based casserole, that is packed full of golden brown potato hash browns, sausage and cheese. Every bite of this casserole is the perfect bite, with a little bit of everything. For those morning you are not eating this in bed, we highly suggest serving with your favorite salsa.

Click Here For The Casserole Recipe!


  1. Cinnamon Swirl Donut Bread

delicious sweet recipe for breakfast in bedBy: Lauren’s Latest –

This cinnamon swirl donut bread is heavenly. Oh so soft and an absolute treat to eat. Any loaf is a great option for easy breakfast in bed. Not only because it is easy to eat, but you can often make it the night before. Which means the morning of your breakfast in bed, you simply slice and enjoy.

However, this Donut Bread is so much more than your average everyday loaf. While you could bake ahead of time, this is delicious straight out of the oven.

Click Here For The Donut Bread Recipe!


  1. Oven Baked Bacon

bacon in the oven mess freeBy: Downshiftology with Lisa Bryan –

If you are making breakfast in bed for a meat lover, then breakfast simply is not complete without bacon. However, stove top bacon can make a terrible mess and take lots of time and attention to do right. We found a recipe that will make it so much easier, oven baked bacon.

Lisa Bryan has simple directions that will absolutely change the way you cook bacon. We love the easy cleanup afterword. Much easier than cleaning a stove top covered in bacon grease.

Click Here For The Oven Bacon Recipe!


  1. Perfectly Seasoned Roast Potatoes

mess free breakfast in bed recipesBy: The Pretty Bee –

What is the perfect breakfast without the best breakfast side dish of all time, seasoned roast potatoes. Perfectly paired with any and all egg options.

The Pretty Bee wasn’t joking when they called these roast potatoes “perfectly seasoned” they have a bit of a kick and gorgeous color from chili powder and paprika. This is a great side dish to make your breakfast in bed feel extra special for anyone who is usually a simple bacon and eggs kind of guy or gal.

Click Here For The Seasoned Roast Potatoes Recipe!


  1. Whipped Coffee

trendy whipped coffeeBy: Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons –

A standard cup of coffee brought to your loved one in bed will always be welcomed and appreciated.

However, we wanted to share this fun and trendy coffee recipe for Whipped Coffee. It is a fluffy delight and is rather easy to make. This is a fun way to make your breakfast in bed extra fun and special. It is so easy, you will want to make it over and over again.

Click Here For The Whipped Coffee Recipe!

keeping your breakfast in bed special

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