May 25, 2022

11 Ways To Help Your Kids Sleep Through Fireworks

Celebratory fireworks, they are beautiful and fun but they can be loud and frightening to kids, dogs, or even adults who are just trying to get some sleep. If you have pesky neighbors setting off fireworks or living anywhere close to where fireworks are being set off, getting a descent nights sleep can seem impossible. If you’re getting ready to hunker down to sleep through the fireworks, then we have a few suggested tips and products to help you and your loved ones get some rest and hopefully sleep undisturbed by the celebrations outside.

helping your kids sleep during fireworks
  1. White Noise Machine

    white noise machineYou can find noise machines online or even as an app on your phone. These white noise makers are great for drowning out sound. It is a great tool for adults and kids alike year round who are sensitive to noise disruptions. It is dull enough to not be distracting on it’s own while also blurring out other noises that might disrupt your sleep.

    Looking for a good white noise machine? We love this one by Big Red Rooster Portable Sound Machine not only does it have white noise setting but many others as well to soothe you or your little one to sleep.

  2. Sleep in a Different Room

    try sleeping in a different roomIf your kids room is facing the direction where most of the noise will be coming from, then try changing the room they sleep in for the night. Pick the most isolated internal room furthest away from the noise.

    In most cases, consistency is key to getting a great nights rest. Changing the space your little one is sleeping in might be a bit disconcerting but try to make it fun instead. Maybe break out a play tent and go “camping” in a different room with sleeping bags.

  3. Put on Some Music

    Distract your kids ears with some music. If you typically play them lullabies at night, then turn the volume up a bit louder than you normally would. While this isn’t a fool proof tactic it can definitely help to muffle some of the exterior noise.

    Looking for what to play? Try classical music, lots of classical music is relaxing and peaceful to listen to. Those bursts of thunder may just seem like clashes of cymbals.

    Check out some of our favorite music playlists to fall asleep to on our page Best Music For Sleep.

  4. Movie Night!

    family movie night no fireworksPop some popcorn, break out of the snacks, then pick one of your favorite loud adventure movies and pump up the volume. A movie night can be a great way to drown out the sound of fireworks.

    That bang noise over there, was it the movie? Was it fireworks? No one knows, because it is too noisy to tell the difference. This is a great option for adults, dogs, older kids who stay up later, or even for babies who are used to sleeping in a home with loud adults who watch movies often.

  5. Teach Your Kids

    show your kids videos of fireworksWhile setting off fireworks should always be left to the professionals, watching fireworks is a fun pass time that is nothing to be afraid of. As kids and adults, we humans tend to be afraid of what we don’t know. So before the fireworks even start, teach them what they are.

    Teach them how they work, show them videos of what they look like, let them hear on a video what they sound like. Inform them that it will be MUCH louder in person if you go to watch them live. Knowledge is power and it often takes the fear out of situations, so give them as much information as you can. If you have kids that want to learn how fireworks actually work, then we think you will love this video, click here to watch.

  6. Earlier Bed Time

    go to sleep earlyIf you’re concerned the fireworks will wake up your kids throughout the night, plan for an earlier bed time.

    This way when the fireworks start you or your little ones will be in a deeper level of sleep by the time the fireworks begin.

    This means they will be less likely to be disturbed or woken up. If this doesn’t work and they wake up anyway, then at least you both got a little extra rest in before they got started.

  7. Stay Calm For Kids

    Our kids often pick up on a lot of signals we give them as parents. If we get flustered, upset, or act over concerned they will naturally be upset and assume that there must be something to be scared about or upset by. If we as parents remain calm, then they will be more likely to remain calm as well.

  8. Go Visit Friends/Family

    take a trip out of town get away from the firworksIf the fireworks are surrounding your home, then plan for a little getaway. Call up some friends and family who live further away from the fireworks and stay over at their house.

    You can even make a mini vacation out of it. Plenty of hotels have extra thick walls to dampen noise, you can even research and call ahead to ensure that there won’t be any loud celebrations or fireworks happening in that area. This turns a potentially frustrating sleepless night into a fun getaway with family.

  9. Earplugs

    can my kids sleep with earplugsIf your partner snores or you are sensitive to noises at night, then you likely already have a pair of earplugs at your bedside. They really are one of the best ways to block out noises and get some rest.

    However, not all earplugs are suitable for children. They tend to be the wrong size, or kids could push them into their ears too far causing much bigger issues than a few fireworks.

    Which is why we love the Alpine Pluggies for kids. They are sized for kids, and they are not made out of foam that can be pushed too far in. They even have little tabs to make it easier to take out.

  10. Can’t Beat Them, Join Them

    Put the kids in their pajamas and head out to the festivities. You can even watch from inside the car if you want to. If you can’t avoid or drown on the sounds, simply try to make the most of it and have fun. This is one of the best ways to show your little ones that there is nothing to be scared of. Taking away the mystery of it all and watching other adults and kids have fun can be a great way to take the fear out of fireworks.

  11. Take a Nap

    take a nap the following day after fireworksIf all else fails, be prepared to take an extra long nap tomorrow. If you loose a bit of sleep even after trying to prevent disruptions in every way you know how, take a nap the next day.

    It is no fun loosing sleep. But thankfully one night of disrupted sleep shouldn’t knock your entire sleep schedule off kilter. So plan on being a bit tired the next day and simply embrace it.

Final Thoughts: 11 Ways To Help Your Kids Sleep Through Fireworks

The fireworks will only last for one night. Even if the fireworks ruin your sleep, you and your kids will be able to adapt. You will all get back on your regular sleep schedule soon. So don’t stress too much about the fireworks and try to make the most out of the night that you can. Even if it is a no good restless night, you will all get the sleep you need soon, so try to get some rest or else you can always sleep tomorrow.

it will all be over soon its just one night of fireworks

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