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September 25, 2019

How To Sleep After Watching Horror Movies

With Halloween right around the corner, it is time to dust off all of your favorite old scary movies or head to the theaters for the latest thriller. It’s all fun and games until you get home and you’re too spooked to get to sleep. If you’re struggling to get some shut eye after watching a horror movie, then we are here to help. Follow our guide to sleep after watching horror movies and you’re sure to be sleeping soon.

sleep after horror movies

Turn The Lights ON

turn on your bedside light to get better sleep after scary movieSounds counter productive to getting some rest, but it is a great way to literally shed light on your surroundings. When the lights are off or low, shadows turn into lurking figures and your mind is sure to freak itself out.

With the lights on, there is no room for speculation on what is moving in the corner across the room. You can clearly see that it is just your plant being blown by the AC.

Talk To Friends

talk to a friend on the phone for peace of mindIf you’re watching with friends, stick around and talk for a little bit. Hanging out with friends and getting back in touch with day to day life is a good way to relax and distract your mind from the world of the horror film you just watched.

If you are home alone, call one of your friends up and get to chatting. Check in on your mom and let her chat your ear off about the neighbors dog getting out. Any reminder of what is going on in the real world is sure to ease you mind and get you back in touch with reality before bed.

Watch Behind the Scenes

watch bloopers of the scary moviesBy watching how this frightening film was made, you can begin to disconnect from the story feeling like reality.

This can be an especially great tool for kids who may need help conceptualizing what is reality and was is fiction.

If they have a blooper reel, this is even better. Watching intense actors in frightening costumes playing pranks on each other and breaking character helps break the facade and is often full of good laughs.


Watch Something Else

sleep after horror moviesFind an old reliable movie or TV show that is a real favorite of yours. Something that makes you feel calm and relaxed. You can watch this as a distraction or you can even fall asleep with the TV on.

That way the familiar voices and sounds fill your mind and put a little light throughout the room. Making it much easier to fall asleep. Think of it as an adult nightlight.

Snuggle Up

get some sleep by snuggling up Put your dog in the bed or snuggle up with your significant other and hold on tight. A good snuggle helps to ease anxiety and bring on sensations of safety. Home alone? That’s okay! Grab your favorite pillow and a weighted blanket. The weight helps to ease anxiety and stress.

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Watch The Matinee

watch the matinee insteadIf you have already watched your scary movie and you are currently trying to get some sleep, then just keep this in mind for next time. However, if you are planning ahead, book your tickets for the matinee showing. It might not be what the “cool kids” do, but at least you will be able to sleep tonight.

By watching your movie in the afternoon you get the added time buffer between finishing the movie and needing to go to sleep. That way you have an extra amount of time to do other activities and forget about the horror movie before you go off to bed. An added bonus is that your tickets will probably be cheaper too.

Create A Safe Space

too scared to sleepMake your home and bedroom feel as safe as possible. Do a full sweep of your home with the lights on and double check all of your doors are locked before you even go to your room. This way you don’t crawl into bed and lay paralyzed trying to remember whether or not you actually locked the front door when you got home earlier.

Leave a few lights on throughout the house so if you need to go get a glass of water you are not walking through the dark. Then close the doors to your bedroom and turn on loft lighting like your bedside lamps or a nightlight. Put on some familiar music and try to relax knowing you and your home is safe.

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Change Your Focus

distract yourself with reading to get some sleepFill your head with other content. Whether that is reading a book, a magazine, playing sudoku, tetris, or even angry birds. The point is to engage in a low energy activity that you can focus on instead of allowing your mind to wander and think about the movie. Just make sure you’re not reading anything by Stephen King.

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meditate in order to calm yourself downQuieting your mind and focusing on the reality of the here and now is a perfect way to disconnect from the world of the film. Deep breathing will help to calm the body and slowly release tension.

When you are scared, your body turns into a ball of tight tense muscles. By breathing slowly and focusing on relaxing those muscles, you will be amazed how much more relaxed and at ease you will feel.

Check out our page Meditation for Sleep, Anxiety & Healing to learn more about how meditation practices can help you get to sleep and other health benefits. 

Get Comfortable and Sleep Will Come

sleep after horror moviesWhile it may seem impossible at first, if you lay still long enough you will fall asleep eventually.

So cuddle up in your favorite blanket, put on music or a show like we mentioned earlier if you need to, think happy thoughts, and hunker down.

Eventually the spooks will subside and you’ll be able to get some rest.

How To Sleep After Watching Horror Movies: Final Thoughts

You’ve got this, the movie is not reality and you will be able to get to sleep very soon. We hope these coping mechanisms will help you get some sleep tonight and next time, maybe skip the late night scary movie marathon… At least until the nightmares subside.

sleep after horror movies

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