June 24, 2019

LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora

You sleep, he sleeps, we all sleep, everyday. So why waste those eight hours tossing and turning? In today’s world, mattresses have come a long way, and now you can even purchase them online. While this may seem overwhelming to trust in a mattress that you cannot physically touch, online mattresses offer some of the most benefits.

In this review we give you two of the top ten leading mattresses in comfort, the LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora. You’re splitting hairs when it comes to comfort between these two mattresses, along with several other features. Continue reading to learn about the motion transfer, materials, edge support, comfort, and more between the LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora.

brooklyn aurora vs luuF mattress

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LuuF Overview:

luft mattress vs oceano

The LuuF mattress brand (Previously known as Luft Mattress Brand) is fairly new to the game, but what they lack in years, they make up for in quality. They offer a high quality thick hybrid mattress available in three comfort options. This 14” + thick and durable mattress will exceed your standards. The LuuF contains layers of gel and graphite infused foams to provide maximum comfort and coolness.

It three perfect feels and ideal support due to its individually wrapped coils. These coils reduce motion transfer and reinforce edge support. This mattress brand surpasses most other brands. The LuuF is ideal for any and all types of sleepers. Overall the LuuF comes with quality, durability, and luxury delivered right to your door. Not to mention the 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial.

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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Overview:

brooklyn aurora mattress review

The Brooklyn Aurora brought to you by Brooklyn Bedding is their most luxurious mattress. Even its name sounds like a dream. This mattress comes in three different comfort options; soft, medium, and firm, so it’s guaranteed to meet your sleeping needs.

The Brooklyn Aurora uses innovative technology to combine innovative latex foams with memory foam, as well as the classic coil system you love for durability. The benefits of this mattress are endless, but the best part? This high quality bed comes to you at an even better, affordable price. The Brooklyn Aurora also offers a 120-night sleep trial and 10 year limited warranty. That’s a lot of days to love this mattress.

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LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora- Delivery & Unboxing

luft mattress lifestyle comparisonAlthough it is not your standard roll package memory foam mattress, the LuuF will still need to be taken out of the box. The LuuF is 120 lbs of solid material, so make sure you have some help moving it around. Once you have it where it needs to be, remove the plastic. The mattress should only take a few minutes to come to life.

The LuuF will have a few ‘new smells’, but nothing noxious. If you are especially sensitive to smells you may let the mattress breathe for up to 8 hours, but otherwise it is ready to go. The LuuF will need a flat, even surface, but works well with any option. The LuuF can be used with or without a frame and goes great with a box spring. Or choose from an adjustable base, slatted bed, or platform bed. The choice is yours. It’s all about what is functional and aesthetically pleasing for you.

Your Brooklyn Aurora mattress will also arrive in a compact box, for a mattress anyway, weighing 100+ lbs. We suggest you acquire some help to move it. Once you have the Brooklyn Aurora in its desired location, simply remove it from the box, cut away the plastic, and watch your mattress come to life.

We recommend allowing a full 24 hours to let the mattress fully expand and firm up, but per experience it can take as little as a few hours. This USA made mattress will have very little to no off-gassing, and definitely no toxic fumes. The only odor you should notice is that new mattress smell, which should dissipate naturally within a few hours. If you’re more sensitive to smells, it is advised to let it breath for longer.

LuuF Materials

luft mattress reviewThe LuuF mattress gives you 14” thickness, 4 layers, and a soft cover. You’ll be able to feel the comfort from the cover to the very bottom. The cover is made with a gel infused quilting foam and Dacron high loft fibers. This creates several inches of cool, breathable, plush comfort.

Beneath that, the first layer gives you 1” of graphite infused open cell memory foam. This layer keeps you extra cool while relieving pressure points and evenly distributing body weight. Next is the 2” layer of transition foam for extra deep comfort and support. Finally, the coil system makes up 8” of the LuuF mattress core.

It is made up of 1074 (queen) innersprings. This layer is perfect for dissipating heart and providing ultimate support. The coils are individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer and provide support exactly where it is needed. Finally, you get durability and longevity with the 1” layer of dense support foam.

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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Materials

Nothing says high quality like the 13” Brooklyn Aurora mattress, making the LuuF and Brooklyn Aurora very close in thickness, The mattress consists of 6 layers of foam and coils for a comfortable yet durable mattress. The first three layers are built for comfort.brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature mattres

Top Layer & Cover:

The very top layer uses 1.5” of CopperFlex™ foam. This layer is all about comfort, it is designed to contour to your body giving relief and support to your pressure points. This layer is infused with TitanCool™ this technology keeps the top layer of your mattress at prime skin temperature, a cool 88 degrees.

The entire 13” Brooklyn Aurora mattress is wrapped in a smooth and breathable weave. The cover also features their TitanCool technology to keep you cool throughout the night.

Middle Layers:

The next comfort layer uses an additional 2” of density TitanFlex foam. This adds a layer of responsiveness to the top half of your mattress. Allowing you to move and adjust in your bed more comfortably.

mattress coilsThe third comfort layer uses 1” of breathable Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This layer will also be adjusted depending on the firmness option you choose. This layer is also ideal for isolating motion, additional support, and deep comfort, while creating an excellent transition to the support layers.

Support Layers:

The support of the Brooklyn Aurora comes from the 8” layer of Quantum Edge Encased Coil System. It allows for great support, easy movement, and heat dissipation. This solid and durable system uses individually fabric wrapped coils to minimize motion transfer and provide ultimate pressure relief for flexible support.

The final layer is 1” of dense base foam for a solid and firm foundation. This layer keeps the coils and other layers in place so that they may do their job for the most comfort ever.

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LuuF Comfort

luft hybrid mattress vs aurora bedThe LuuF is 14” of pure luxury. The mattress has a solid innerspring core with layers of premium foam on top, and is perfect for anyone. This mattress is available in three comfort options. Making it ideal for all sleepers.

Each varying comfort option is ideal for all sleepers. If you opt for the softer Plush Multi Sleeper LuuF Mattress you’ll get support with just enough softness. This makes an ideal feel for anyone needed great pressure relief on their side.

While the most popular choice will be the Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper LuuF mattress for a more balanced and universal feel. This will work great for almost all sleeping positions and preferences.

Lastly, the Firm Sleeper Luft mattress will be best for back and stomach sleepers. Giving a denser foam top to ensure not too much sink, but just enough.

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Brooklyn Aurora Comfort

brooklyn aurora vs luft mattressThe Brooklyn Aurora knows comfort when it brings you three different comfort options. The unique two layers of TitanFlex foam gives you superior support and contouring comfort. No matter which comfort option you choose, you’ll never have that feeling of being stuck. The first comfort option is soft, which would fall around a 3 on a firmness scale of 1 to 10. This means it is ideal for back and side sleepers, since the added softness allows your hip and shoulders to sink in where they need.

The medium option is of course a 5 on the firmness scale, and being exactly in the middle makes this mattress ideal for anyone. This allows enough softness while still providing sturdy support. It is ideal for any sleeping position and couples since the medium firmness is appealing to all.

Finally the firm option will fall at a 7 on the firmness scale. The firm is ideal for primarily stomach and back sleepers. It gives you a solid cushion so you don’t sink in too much, making this the perfect option for heavier persons too. Once you choose your firmness option, the Brooklyn Aurora does the rest.

brooklyn aurora review

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LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora- Motion Transfer

luft mattress vs oceano bed The LuuF and Brooklyn Aurora are evenly matched when it comes to motion transfer. In the LuuF mattress the coils are individually wrapped and covered with a 1” foam, plus 3” quilted cover. In addition, there is a dense foam between the top and coil system. This means the more dense, the less vibrations travel through the mattress. All of these characteristics greatly reduce motion transfer. If you feel any vibrations, it certainly won’t be enough to disturb you or your partner.

With the Brooklyn Aurora the TitanFlex memory foam acts as an excellent barrier against the natural buoyancy of coils. However since the coils are individually wrapped in fabric, this also significantly reduces vibrations. The transition layer was also specifically designed for motion transfer, so that you can move about freely without disturbing your partner. For a hybrid mattress, you’ll be surprised at how well the Brooklyn Aurora minimizes motion.

LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora- Sleeping Cool

aurora best mattressThe LuuF and Brooklyn Aurora are similar when it comes to sleeping cool. The individually wrapped coils of the LuuF provide breathability and plenty of air circulation. The LuuF is your answer if you’re a naturally warm sleeper. Any coil mattress will eliminate heat much better than an all foam one. The LuuF also engineered its memory foam to be infused with graphite to keep the foam from becoming too warm. In addition, the 3” quilted cover is infused with gel and high quality Dacron fibers to wick away moisture.

The Brooklyn Aurora was meticulously chosen for coolness. From the top-down, the two layers of TitanFlex foam use a latex alternative that is naturally aerated and non-heat absorbing. In addition these layers use TitanCool, which is a water based substance that draws on conductivity to draw heat out. It also features CopperFlex™ which has more cooling properties than usual.

LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora- Edge Support

luft mattress lifestyle comparisonOnce again, neither the LuuF or Brooklyn Aurora will disappoint. The LuuF has a very stable sleeping surface from edge to edge. However, it is not your typical coil mattress that makes it extra supportive. The LuuF uses a higher gauge steel coil around the perimeter of the mattress than in the center, to give you that added support. This means sitting on the edge will be firm, unlike most boxed mattresses. You want to use every inch of sleeping surface when you have a mattress like the LuuF. Sleep anywhere you’d like without that “rolling out of bed” feel

In the same way, the Brooklyn Aurora truly outdoes itself when it comes to edge support. The entire mattress is solid and sturdy. It allows you to sleep on every usable inch of the mattress while still providing great support.

LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora- Value

If you’re still having a tough time deciding between the LuuF and Brooklyn Aurora, value may be your answer. The LuuF is $1099 for a queen and the Brooklyn Aurora is $1699. Both of these beds are a great value. But the unbelievably affordable price of the LuuF makes it an exceptional value. Especially for a thick well made hybrid mattress.

Both of these mattresses also offer some great perks too. Both also include free shipping. The LuuF offers 100 night sleep trial, while the Brooklyn Aurora includes a 120 night sleep trial. And both the LuuF and Brooklyn Aurora include a 10 year warranty. And, the best part of both of these mattresses is the incredible added savings with their latest coupons!

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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Coupon:

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LuuF vs Brooklyn Aurora- Summary

There is no doubt that you will love both the LuuF and Brooklyn Aurora mattresses. These hybrid mattresses are top of the line and have been specifically engineered to help you sleep better. While it may seem difficult to choose between two incredible mattresses, keep in mind that each mattress has a unique quality to offer.

The LuuF gives you a quality mattress for a more affordable price than the Brooklyn Aurora. However, the Brooklyn Aurora gives you a mattress that sleeps very cool. Making anyone who wants the lower price point of a high quality mattress leaning towards the LuuF.

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However, if you want a slightly more responsive feel that also sleeps cooler the slightly higher cost of the Aurora will be well worth every penny.

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brooklyn aurora vs luft mattress

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