June 24, 2019

LuuF vs Oceano

Not all sleep is created equal, and not all mattresses should be either. The best thing about online mattress shopping is all the endless options. The LuuF vs Oceano mattresses are two exceptional hybrid mattresses you don’t want to miss. Although they are both luxury hybrids, each mattress has its own unique characteristic that makes it stand above the rest. Continue reading for a comprehensive review of the a LuuF vs Oceano by Brentwood Home mattresses.

luuf and brentwood home

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LuuF Overview

luft mattress vs oceano

The LuuF mattress (previously known as Luft Mattress) offers a 14” + thick and durable hybrid mattress will exceed your standards. The layers of gel and graphite infused foams provide maximum comfort and coolness. The LuuF will give you a perfect medium feel thanks to its individually wrapped coils. These coils reduce motion transfer. It also reinforces the border for outstanding edge support.

Even being a new mattress brand, the LuuF surpasses most other brands. It is the perfect mattress for anyone. You get quality you can feel, durability, and luxury delivered right to your door. Not to mention the 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial. Even though we know you won’t be dissatisfied, if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

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Oceano Mattress Overview

oceano vs luft

It’s difficult to find another mattress like the Oceano, with a unique 14”+ of high quality materials. The gel infused memory foam gives you the best pressure relief, while the open cell memory foam keeps you cool. If you’re looking for flexible support, the Oceano has two coil systems unlike any other.

Each coil system has a specific purpose, such asthma key base coils for durability and strong support, as well as reinforced coils around the edge for more support and sleeping surface. The entire mattress is wrapped in a TENCEL and wool cover for moisture wicking, breathability, and a smooth, luxurious finish. Sound too good to be true?

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LuuF Delivery & Unboxing

Although it is not your standard roll package memory foam mattress, the LuuF will still need to be taken out of the box. The LuuF is 120 lbs of solid material, so make sure you have some help moving it around. Once you have it where it needs to be, remove the plastic . The mattress should only take a few minutes to come to life.

The LuuF will not be completely free of fumes, but no noxious gasses. If you are especially sensitive you may let the mattress breathe for up to 8 hours, but otherwise it is ready to go. The LuuF will need a flat, even surface, but works well with any option.

The LuuF can be used with or without a frame and goes great with a box spring. Or choose from an adjustable base, slatted bed, or platform bed. The choice is yours. It’s all about what is functional and aesthetically pleasing for you.

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Oceano Delivery & Unboxing

cedar mattressBrentwood Homes has personalized the delivery of their Oceano mattress and any mattress of theirs. As one option, you may have your mattress roll-packed, shipped for free, and deliver to your door via FedEx.

For an additional $199 another option is that you may choose white glove delivery. This means the mattress will be hand-delivered, carried through your door, setup, and even the trash will be removed. For an additional $76 they will even remove and dispose your old mattress for you. Your buying experience just got that much easier.

Simply put, your Oceano mattress will have no noxious fumes whatsoever. Brentwood Homes is committed to using non-toxic, eco-friendly materials from top to bottom with their Oceano and all Brentwood Homes mattresses.

The Oceano is also made in the US with certi-PUR foams, and a TENCEL and wool cover. If there are any fumes, they will not be harmful, guaranteed. The Oceano is as green as they come.

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LuuF Materials

luft mattress lifestyle comparisonThe LuuF mattress is 14” thick and has 4 layers plus a cover. With the LuuF mattress, comfort goes from the cover down. The cover is made with a gel infused quilting foam and Dacron high loft fibers. This creates several inches of cool, breathable, plush comfort.

The first layer gives you 1” of graphite infused open cell memory foam. This layer keeps you extra cool while relieving pressure points and evenly distributing body weight. Next is the 2” layer of transition foam for extra deep comfort and support.

The 8” core of the LuuF is the coil system. It is made up of 1074 (queen) inner springs. This layer is perfect for dissipating heart and providing ultimate support. The coils are individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer and provide support exactly where it is needed. Finally, you get durability and longevity with the 1” layer of dense support foam. Are you ready to sleep now?

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Oceano Mattress Materials

oceano brentwood homeThis 14”+ Oceano mattress comes with 4 layers. The top layer is 2” of 4lb. density, gel infused memory foam to evenly distribute your weight and relieve pressure points. This layer is plush and comforting, and contours to every inch of your body. Not to mention it is ideal for isolating motion and limiting sleep disturbances.

The next layer has 1353 individually pocketed micro coils (in a queen). This creates flexible support that means the mattress moves with you as you change sleeping positions. The third layer uses 1.8lb. density Airflux Foam. This is a breathable layer that creates the perfect transition between comfort layers and support system beneath.

The base of this thick mattress is created using 1130, 8” long, individually wrapped coils. This creates the foundation and provides long term support and durability. The coils still give you precision contouring, while the edges use retention coils for extra support. These same reinforced coils will be in the lumbar area for proper spinal alignment, but you will still have an overall even sleeping surface.

Finally, the entire Oceano mattress is wrapped with a soft and smooth TENCEL knit stretch cover. This gives it an immediate luxurious feel, plus the wool batting beneath for extra plushness, breathability, moisture wicking, and temperature control. The Oceano is all about attention to detail and this hybrid mattress is the mattress of anyone’s sleeping dreams.

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LuuF Comfort

luft hybrid mattress comfort comparison oceanoEach one of the 14” in the LuuF mattress will give you unparalleled comfort. The mattress has a solid innerspring core with layers of premium foam on top, and is perfect for anyone. With three comfort options everyone will find a LuuF mattress that is perfect for them.

The Plush Multi Sleeper LuuF mattress is ideal for side sleepers. Giving you a slightly softer feel for ideal sink and support. Making your shoulder and hip alleviated from any and all pressure. For better sleep all night long.

The most popular option is the Luxury Firm Multi Sleeper. This ideal feel is just enough sink and enough denseness for a great balance. Making this appealing to most sleepers, especially couples and combo sleepers who need the best of everything.

Even offering a Firm Sleeper LuuF Mattress for anyone wanting a more solid feeling hybrid mattress. This one will surely please both back and stomach sleepers who don’t like to sink into the bed.

This mattress is really ideal for heavier and larger sleepers too. Offering a solid and dense build that won’t waiver in support of comfort.

The LuuF is 120 lbs of mattress and 14” thick. This makes it ideal for heavier persons too. The sturdy, durable mattress has ample support and plenty of comfort. Per a real-life review, the thick hybrid mattress had a true medium-firm feel.

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Oceano Comfort

oceano vs luftThe Oceano has a true medium, to medium plush feel and is true to its feel with a firmness of 5. Being right in the middle means this mattress is good for any sleeping position, size, and shape. Nothing beats flexible support and pressure relieving comfort, so this luxurious mattress will fit many sleepers and last for years to come.

The plushness of this mattress makes it ideal for side and back sleepers most. The unwavering support and added foam densities will work for occasional stomach sleepers, but if you are predominantly a stomach sleeper, you will want a firmer mattress.

Again, side and back sleepers know this mattress is a Dream because it is the perfect balance with the support of coils, plus the comfort of memory foam. This means you’re getting just enough sink to fall asleep, but enough lumbar support throughout your body as well.

The top TENCEL cover is never too hot or too cold, which means neither are you. Plus, the durable zones coil system will improve your posture. Even if you are a heavier sleeper, coils mean support for everyone and every sleeper. If you want co fort, durability, or luxury, the Oceano is the way to go.

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LuuF vs Oceano- Motion Transfer

oceano brentwood homeThe LuuF and Oceano are both ideal when it comes to motion transfer. The coils in the LuuF are individually wrapped and covered with a 1” foam, plus 3” quilted cover. Lastly there is a dense foam between the top and coil system. And the more dense, the less vibrations travel through the mattress. All of these characteristics greatly reduce motion transfer. If you feel any vibrations, it certainly won’t be enough to disturb you or your partner.

These high quality mattresses won’t skimp you on motion transfer. As a hybrid of coils and foams, although many believe that you can feel more motion with a coil system, the Oceano ensures you do not. The top layer of dense memory foam is the initial combatant against motion. It quickly absorbs the majority of the movement.

Following, since every coil beneath is individually wrapped in fabric, this also helps reduce motion significantly. The Airflux layer in between each coil layer is also key for isolating motion. If any vibrations at felt this deep within the mattress, the Airflux layer deadens them before they reach the main coil system. A mattress like this is great for anyone who shares a bed because with all the processes described above, we’re sure you won’t be disturbed.

LuuF vs Oceano- Sleeping Cool

luft mattress vs oceano bed The hybrid LuuF and Oceano mattresses  are guaranteed to keep you sleeping cool. The individually wrapped coils give breathability and plenty of air circulation. This makes the LuuF mattress ideal if you’re a naturally warm sleeper. Any coil mattress will eliminate heat much better than an all foam one.

The LuuF engineered its memory foam to be infused with graphite to keep the foam from being naturally warm. In addition, the 3” quilted cover is infused with gel and high quality Dacron fibers to wick away moisture. With all of these ingenious characteristics, your temperature will be maintained and coolness is no question.

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oceano brentwood homeFortunately with the coil system of a hybrid, you also get the added coolness guarantee. Coils allow for plenty of airflow and breathability in between the coils. They allow for heat dissipation and hardly any heat retention. The Oceano includes all of these features and since it has two coil systems, is practically maximized for breathability.

The coils aren’t the only ones doing the job though. The memory foam has an open cell structure, which draws heat away from the body and keeps an even sleeping surface. The other Airflux foam layer has cool in its name and doesn’t hold much heat and helps regulate temperature.

Finally right on top, where you lay, against your body, the TENCEL cover is breathable and moisture wicking. We can ensure you that sleeping cool will never be a problem with the Oceano.

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LuuF vs Oceano- Edge Support

luft mattress review Once again, the LuuF and Oceano will not disappoint. The LuuF has a very stable sleeping surface from edge to edge. The LuuF uses a higher gauge still coil around the perimeter of the mattress than in the center, to give you that added support.

This means sitting on the edge will be firm, unlike most boxed mattresses. You want to use every inch of sleeping surface when you have a mattress like the LuuF. Sleep anywhere you’d like without that “rolling out of bed” feel.

As mentioned above, the Oceano also uses thicker gauge steel coils around the edges for extra support. It also uses mini coils in addition to the base coils throughout the entire mattress for a solid, consistent surface throughout.

This means the mattress can be used fully no matter where you sleep. The surface is also durable for sitting on the edge too. You’ll find that the Oceano is one of the most solid choices, literally from edge to edge.

LuuF vs Oceano- Value

luft mattress vs oceanoIf you’re still having a tough time deciding between LuuF and Oceano, value may be your answer. The LuuF is $1099 for a queen and the Oceano is $1495 for the same size. The LuuF includes a 100 night sleep trial, but the Oceano includes 365 night’s. This means that the LuuF is slightly less expensive than the Oceano, but either way both have high quality worth every penny.

Both of these mattresses are amazing values. These are two of our top rated beds and neither will disappoint. We 100% stand behind both of these beds for so many reasons. To make sure you get the best value we also offer access to amazing savings too! Check out our mattress coupons for both of these brands below!

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We also are able to offer you an amazing Oceano mattress promo code too. We have an exclusive Brentwood Home mattress coupon that will save you 15% off ANY of their mattresses. Making the savings on their Oceano a great value and some of the best mattress prices you’ll find.

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LuuF vs Oceano- Trial period & Warranty

The LuuF is a quality mattress, but value, trial period, and warranty make the difference. With the LuuF you get the standard 100 night sleep trial plus 10 year warranty. With the Oceano by Brentwood Home, you get 365 night sleep trial and 25 year warranty. Giving the edge to the Brentwood Home Oceano when it comes to long term expectations.

LuuF vs. Oceano- Summary

The best part about choosing between two great mattresses, is you can’t go wrong with either. Both the LuuF and Oceano mattresses will give you the sleep of your dreams. If you want a slightly more durable, thick, and long lasting mattress, the Oceano is your choice. It may be slightly more expensive, but makes up for it with free shipping and a longer trial period and warranty.

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If you want to save a few dollars however, the LuuF is an ideal mattress for that. The choice is yours and easy to make!

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luft vs oceano mattresses hybrid comparison

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