May 29, 2019

Cedar vs Avocado

If you are looking for a new hybrid mattress that is more responsive and has plenty of cooling materials, you should consider one of these great options. The Brentwood Home Cedar and the Avocado Mattress combine quantum coils and layers of premium natural latex. This gives you optimum balance between comfort and support. These natural and durable beds won’t disappoint any sleeper. In our Cedar vs Avocado comparison we want you to see which one will provide you the most value for money.

The best part of both companies aims to use eco-friendly and organic materials. Both companies also make their mattresses using natural latex in the USA. You will notice an improved delivery and off-gassing experience with either of these choices. Having trouble selecting between these two outstanding natural mattresses? We will compare areas of delivery and off-gassing, comfort, materials, value, sleeping cool, motion transfer to help you decide between these excellent natural latex options.

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Cedar by Brentwood Home– Overview:

cedar vs avocadoThe Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress provides a luxurious sleeping experience in all areas of review. From delivery to years of restful sleep, the Cedar will not disappoint for those looking for improved latex mattresses. They also make them in the USA using exclusively eco-friendly materials. Due to this your encounter in delivery and off-gassing with the Cedar will be amazing.

The coil system provides for a cool sleep while it supports your body with its comfort layers. Two layers of latex work together to relieve pressure points and circulate air. They quilted soft, breathable organic cotton cover with wool to aid in moisture wicking. The Cedar stands out in every area of review of natural mattresses. It is the top of the line mattress from the Brentwood Home company.  They even give you a 365-night sleep study and a 25-year warranty to seal the deal for tons of value for money.

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Avocado – Overview:

cedar vs avocadoThe Avocado Mattress is not unlike the styling of the Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress. Its main support comes from a strong coil system. This system is topped off with two years of Dunlop latex foams. They then wrap it in an organic cover with wool backing. Together these materials make for a supported sleep in any position with cushioned pressure point relief. You can also add an extra layer of latex pillow top for a softer and more luxurious feel.

The Avocado Green Mattress company focuses on utilizing eco-friendly products that are non-hazardous or toxic to users. The Avocado has even been GREENGUARD Gold certified. They hand make each Avocado Mattress in the United States to provide superior craftsmanship and choice materials for firm mattresses.

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Cedar vs Avocado – Delivery:

Since the Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress is made in the USA, you can enjoy your new bed sooner. There are two different options for delivery to fit your needs when shopping for the best natural latex mattresses online. You can have your Cedar Mattress compressed and shipped to you in a roll-packed box. With this option, you will need two people to unwrap and set up the 135-pound mattress. It is unbelievable that such a heavy-duty bed can fit into such small packaging.

unboxing the avocado mattress

It will need a few hours to expand and a full 24 hours to firm up. You can also select to have White Glove Delivery service for an extra charge of $199. This includes delivery and setting up your new cedar mattress, even disposing of the packaging. At an additional $76, they will even remove your old mattress. The Brentwood Home company has thought of everything when it comes to providing stellar customer service during shipping for their brand of cedar mattresses made from quality materials.

The Avocado Mattress has two options for delivery. You can have your new avocado bed compressed and roll-packed in a box for free shipping. The other method involves a small upcharge of $99 for a White Glove Delivery service. This includes your entire set up process, so you don’t have to lift a finger when ordering your new avocado bed. This is a very convenient service since the Avocado weighs almost 100 pounds. You will need two people to unbox this bedding mattress on your own as maneuvering can be a challenge.


Ready to sleep on the top of the line mattress from Brentwood Home? Learn more at brentwoodhome.com. Or discover the green qualities of the Avocado Mattress at avocadogreenmattress.com.

Cedar vs Avocado – Delivery:

cedar mattressOff-gassing with the Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress proves almost unnoticeable. Whether your boxed mattress is shipped to you or you opt for the White Glove Delivery, your experience is minimal. You will not have to worry about foul odors from noxious chemicals. The Cedar Mattress uses the least toxic natural materials possible. This is a large focus of the company: manufacturing natural latex mattresses that are reliable and meant to last for many years.

You may experience some natural smells from the organic materials used. The Cedar is made from Dunlop latex and organic cotton and wools. If you are more sensitive to smells, consider opening a window to enhance ventilation while setting up. Within a few hours, any smells should fade as they dissipate. This shouldn’t take long, as there is almost no odor to begin with.

The Avocado Mattress is made in the USA, so any smells won’t be trapped in the packaging for long. Even if you do notice some scents during unboxing, they will be a natural smell rather than a chemical one. Since the Avocado is GREENGUARD Gold certified, you can rest assured that there will be no toxins during off-gassing. This experience will be minimal, but those that are sensitive to smells should open a window or avoid the area. Your Avocado Mattress will take a few hours to expand and up to a full 24 hours to firm up.

Cedar by Brentwood Home– Comfort:

brentwood home cedarThe Cedar Mattress provides an ideal feel for almost anyone. You can comfortably sleep on your side with a perfect level of sinking at the shoulder and hip. You will also have a full range of support for back and stomach sleeping. The Cedar has two layers of latex foam that provide buoyancy and support for ultimate comfort. Targeted zones are also reinforced with specially cut latex for superior pain relief and lumbar support.

The coil system makes a solid foundation that gives extra support and response. Furthermore, these components work together to provide cooling qualities and motion isolation. The wool and cotton quilted cover add a final touch of softness and cooling properties. The materials are also dense and durable, lasting for much longer than typical mattresses. Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress is one of the top hybrids for ergonomic support and maximum comfort.

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Avocado – Comfort:

avocado mattress reviewThere are two choices to make the Avocado Mattress a comfortable feel for your specific needs. The standard option in an 11-inch thick mattress made from two layers of Dunlop latex and a coil system. This selection provides a gentle firm feel that is great for back and stomach sleepers. Your lumbar will be supported while back sleeping, and your back won’t bow out if you’re sleeping on your stomach.

If you are a side sleeper, you may want to go with the upgraded version of the Avocado. This upgrade adds an extra 2-inch thick layer of Dunlop latex pillow to the top of your bed. This provides extra cushioning and creates an overall plusher feel. Either option will be a lasting mattress that delivers a dense support system.

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Cedar by Brentwood Home– Materials:

The Cedar Mattress measures at over 13 inches high with four layers of premium latex foams and quantum coils. The top portion is comprised of a 2-inch thick layer of Natural Dunlop Latex with a density of 4 pounds. This section provides a medium feel that contours to your body to relieve pressure points.

brentwood home cedarThe next segment of the Cedar is made from a 2-inch thick Groove Natural Dunlop Latex. This 4-pound density material is cut in a way that creates targeted zones to comfortably support your hips and shoulders. This precision cut method allows for further lumbar support and additional cooling aspects. These latex foams were chosen for their amazing properties to make the Cedar Mattress a must have hybrid.

An 8-inch thick coil system makes up the third layer of the Cedar Mattress. In a queen size mattress, there are 1130 individually wrapped Pocketed Coils. The main function of the coil set is to provide the main sleeping support and durability. The last layer of the Cedar is a 1-inch thick foundational layer of Coconut Husk Support. This material is naturally antimicrobial, so your bed will be even healthier making for a longer lifespan.

The mattress is wrapped in an organic cotton cover that is quilted with a layer of wool across the top. This gives you an extra layer of plush comfort that wicks away moisture to promote a cooler sleep. The cover is breathable and is hand tufted for a luxurious touch. The Brentwood Home company didn’t skimp on any of the details when they designed this truly deluxe mattress.

brentwoodhome essentials
Avocado – Materials:

The main support in the Avocado Mattress comes from a solid coil system. These ergonomic support coils are pocketed to absorb vibrations and provide targeted comfort. The coils will push back against the cushioning of the foams. On top of the coil system is a layer of Dunlop latex. This natural latex rubber is aerated to promote healthy air flow and buoyant to respond to motion. You will feel cradled in all the right places without getting stuck in one spot. This reduces pain in pressure points and supports the lumbar. You will also have a comfortable sinking at the hip and shoulder for side sleeping.

avocado mattress review

For an additional charge, your Avocado can come with an extra layer of Dunlop latex pillow top. This will aid in better side sleeping and give you a more luxurious quality. The Avocado Mattress is wrapped in a certified all organic cotton cover. This has a Joma New Zealand wool batting. Both materials are breathable and soft to the touch. They will encourage cooler sleeping by wicking away moisture and draw heat away from the body. The Avocado’s quality materials will give you an amazing night’s sleep.

Avocado Green Mattress
Cedar vs Avocado – Motion Transfer:

With any mattress that contains a coil set, there will likely be more noticeable motion transfer. However, this factor can be reduced using certain construction methods and dense surface materials. The different sections of the Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress are naturally more buoyant and springy.

brentwood home cedarThe Dunlop latex foams do a good job at absorbing much of the vibrations. Since they individually wrap each coil, there is less motion transfer than with a standard mattress. Typical people could easily get a good night’s sleep without being disrupted by their partner on this high-quality bed.

Since the Avocado has comparable materials to the Cedar, motion transfer is almost the same for this bed. The layer of dense Dunlop latex and individually wrapped ergonomic support coils work in tandem to isolate motion. The foam absorbs the vibrations easily as you change positions on this bed. While the Avocado is commendable at preventing motion transfer, it would need another layer of foam to beat the Cedar.

Cedar vs Avocado – Sleeping Cool:

brentwood home cedarThe Cedar Mattress by Brentwood Home is one of the best mattresses you can buy for cooling qualities. It holds a top spot on our list of Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers. Every layer of this bed provides some level of heat reduction. Starting on top, the organic cotton cover quilted with wool backing wicks away moisture and stays cool to the touch.

The Dunlop latex layers naturally aerate to reduce heat retention. They are more responsive to movement, so you won’t feel stuck in a warm spot. They cute the second layer of foam specifically to provide targeted support. It also helps to channel heat away from the body. As with all inner-spring mattresses, the coil set draws warm air down from the top layers of the bed.

Learn more about the Cedar Mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at brentwoodhome.com.

best natural mattressesThe Avocado mattress also provides qualities that encourage sleeping cool. The breathable organic cotton cover with wool batting wicks away moisture and won’t trap hot air. The layer of Dunlop latex naturally aerates to promote proper air flow. It is also responsive to movement, so you can change positions easily when you feel too warm.

The coil system channels warm air evenly away from the body as you soundly sleep throughout the night. The only thing that the Avocado is missing is the Cedar’s second set of cut latex. It is this latex that promotes heat dissipation.

Learn more about the Avocado Mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at avocadogreenmattress.com.

Cedar vs Avocado – Edge Support:

brentwood home cedarCedar uses a coil system that allows for a solid build. You can comfortably use this mattress from side to side and end to end. This is due to how they supplemented the perimeter of the bed with reinforced coils. They make these coils from a thicker gauged steel to strengthen the edge support. Not to forget the importance that the latex layers provide too. These foam layers are more durable than standard foams and also provide a solid feel that is very consistent. This makes for a sturdy place to sit while getting ready in the mornings and a fully usable sleeping surface. Giving the overall durability and quality a superior feel.

The Avocado mattress will have similar durable edges that offer ample support too. It also has a reinforced perimeter provided by the thicker gauge steel coils used around the edges. Not to mention the consistent and durable addition of latex layers too. You can sit comfortably on the edge of the Avocado and use the entire sleeping surface. Giving these two fairly similar performances when it comes to edge support.

Cedar by Brentwood Home– Value:

Thet made the durable Brentwood Home Cedar Mattress with top-notch materials. The company focuses on using the best eco-friendly components to create every inch of this bed. This mattress is not only a very comfortable bed, but ideally supportive and sleeps very cool. The design and materials combine to make a one of a kind mattress to make one of the best hybrid latex mattresses out there.

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You can purchase a queen size for $1499 without topper and $1898 with topper, which includes free shipping. You can upgrade to a White Glove Delivery service for an extra $199. The 25-year limited warranty and the 365-day sleep trial increases the value of your Cedar Mattress.

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Interested in the Cedar Mattress? Learn more and shop at brentwoodhome.com.

brentwoodhome essentials
Avocado – Value:

This high-quality hybrid provides two options to customize the Avocado Mattress to your sleeping position preferences. It is also GREENGUARD Gold certified to give you an outstanding experience with non-toxic, eco-friendly materials. You can purchase the standard option in a queen size for $1399. Upgrade to the 13-inch size mattress for an additional $300.

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Your order will come compressed in a roll-packed box with free shipping through Fed-Ex. Upgrade to the White Glove Delivery service for a charge of $99. Your Avocado Mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial and a 25-year warranty. Use the latest coupon at checkout to save even more too.

Interested in the Avocado Mattress? Learn more and shop at avocadogreenmattress.com.

Avocado Green Mattress
Cedar vs Avocado – Our Pick:

avocado mattress reviewWhen all is said and done, these two hybrid mattresses have a lot in common. The Cedar Mattress and the Avocado Mattress both use a coil system for support and response that provide cooling properties. Both use Dunlop latex foams for pressure point relief and soft comfort that draws heat away from the body. They also use the same materials for the breathable covers that provide additional benefits and comfort and cooling properties. As well as also offer similar warranties, sleep trial periods, and price points.

The main factor that sets these two hybrids apart is the extra layer that comes standard in the Cedar Mattress. The coconut husk support layer also provides antimicrobial qualities and sets up the coil system for success. The extra layer of Dunlop latex is a 4-pound density material that also adds more supportive comfort. The specifically cut pattern grooves to the body and channels warm air down towards the coil system. This makes the Cedar more suitable to all sleeping positions and one of the best mattresses for warm sleepers.

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