October 3, 2018

Brooklyn Bowery vs tulo liv

Online mattress purchases are even more convenient in a pinch, when the mattress isn’t for you, when it’s temporary, or any number of reasons that you just need a mattress fast. The Brooklyn Bowery and tulo liv are two great examples of affordable mattresses that can be easily purchased when you’re short on any of these things. They are comfortable, but ideal for temporary situations, guest rooms, or smaller sleepers. Continue reading for a detailed review of the reasonably priced Brooklyn Bowery vs tulo liv.

brooklyn bowery vs tulo liv
Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Overview:

brooklyn bowery vs tulo livThe Brooklyn Bowery is brought to you by Brooklyn Bedding, one of the longest standing, most well known mattress companies. Originally Brooklyn Bedding advertised their “best mattress ever” and have since expanded, so you know you’re buying from a company that knows comfort.

The Brooklyn Bowery uses three layers of foam that harmoniously work together creating ideal comfort. It uses a patented layer of Energex foam which is contouring, responsive, and adaptable. The Brooklyn Bowery includes a dense, base layer for deep comfort. Overall this mattress hugs in all the right places. As if comfort isn’t enough, the Brooklyn Bowery is affordable and includes free shipping.

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tulo liv Mattress Overview:

brooklyn bowery vs tulo livFor novice or expert, the tulo liv does not disappoint, giving you everything you intend for a mattress with this price point. It’s hard to believe that a mattress is this comfortable and affordable. And  includes free delivery, choice of red carpet delivery, and 120-night Sleep trial. That just means the tulo liv is committed to your all around satisfaction. This mattress is ideal for small apartments, college grads, guest rooms, kids/ teens rooms, saving money, and for anyone who loves a guiltless, good night’s rest. 

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Brooklyn Bowery – Delivery & Unboxing:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThe online world has transformed into a world of instant gratification and right now. That means just because you purchase your mattress online, does not mean you want the delivery and setup to be any slower. That’s why the Brooklyn Bowery promises fast and free shipping, and delivery right to your door. Your mattress will arrive weighing approximately 70 lbs., but still awkward to maneuver, so you may want an extra set of hands free.

The first step is to get the mattress where it needs to be. After that simply take it out of the bow, cut away the plastic and watch your mattress come to life. You can rest easy knowing this US made mattress will have very little off-gassing. All boxed mattresses will have some smell, but being made in the US ensures there are no harmful odors or noxious fumes. Even so, if you notice that you are sensitive to the smell, it is advised to let the mattress breath for 12 hours or so. The Brooklyn Bowery works just as well for any sleeper as it does with any frame, with or without a box spring.

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tulo liv – Delivery & Unboxing:

tulo liv mattress reviewThe tulo liv is also a people pleaser; after your purchase, it will arrive at your door within 3-5 days. That’s all you have to wait to receive your new dreamy mattress. Just be prepared to have a little extra help when it arrives. Your tulo liv will arrive in a fairly compact box, still weighing approximately 65 lbs., so you’ll want the help getting it to where it needs to be.

If you can’t find the help, the tulo liv also offers red carpet delivery, where the tulo employees really treat your mattress like a superstar. They will wear blue plastic booties and unroll their red carpet, keeping your floors and your house as clean as it was! They’ll even remove your old mattress for you; talk about online shopping with ease.

If you do not choose the red carpet delivery, simply take your new mattress out of the box, cut away the plastic, and record your mattress coming to life! This is the kind of magic the world deserves to see. Once your tulo liv has fully taken shape it is ready for use. Most tulo liv users say this 100% USA made mattress has absolutely no smell,  but if you’re more sensitive to odors, simply let the mattress breath up to 12 hours.

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Brooklyn Bowery Mattress Materials:

The Brooklyn Bowery gives you 10” of all foam, made up of 3 layers of pure comfort. From the top down, the first layer is 3” of 3.5 lb. density patented Energex foam. This foam is the most contouring and hugs every inch of your body. It is also very responsive, allowing you to move easily without ever feeling stuck. This layer is ideal for relieving pressure and providing adaptable support.

Beneath that is a 2” layer of transitional foam. This layer gives you deep comfort while providing a smooth transition between the comfort and base layers. The third layer is the foundation. It is 5” of 1.8 lb density base foam. This layer provides a dense, firm, supportive base for the mattress to sit on. You’ll get great durability and longevity from the Brooklyn Bowery thanks to this layer.

Finally the entire mattress is wrapped in Brooklyn Bedding’s Signature stretch knit cotton fabric. This material is tight to the mattress and creates a smooth, soft, breathable cover. The sides are also covered with blue panels which gives the mattress a nice feel and finish.

brooklyn bowery

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tulo liv Mattress Materials: 

Although it may only have 9”, the tulo liv still gives you 3 layers of maximum comfort. From the top down, the first layer is made of LumaGel. This layer is 1.5” of highly breathable, open cell, gel infused foam. It’s purpose is to provide you the coolest night’s sleep you’ve ever had, so you never have to sleep hot again.

The second layer is a 2.5” thick support layer. This layer lifts you up and supports your body to put an end to tossing and turning. This third and final layer is 5” of dense, durable foam that provides the perfect support. Wrap all of that comfort in a cool, knit cover, and you have the best night’s sleep for a great price you could ever have.

tulo liv mattress review

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Brooklyn Bowery Comfort:

brooklyn boweryWhen it comes to comfort, there’s no doubt that Brooklyn Bowery’s universal comfort approach works! This means that it will appeal to most sleepers, and more importantly appeal to your wallet. The best part is, for a great price, Brooklyn Bowery still provides you quality materials. The top layer of patented Energex foam is hyper responsive, but very contouring. It allows you to move easily and change sleeping positions while still maintaining pressure relief.

The top comfort layer combined with the second transition layer creates ultimate support that keeps you from sinking in. Overall the Brooklyn Bowery is meant for most sleepers, being a medium and a 5 on the firmness chart. Simply put: back and side sleepers will sleep the best.

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tulo liv Comfort:

tulo liv mattress reviewThe tulo liv provides a universal comfort that should feel great for most sleepers. It is considered a medium feel that is a bit on the firmer side. The gel-infused top layer gives you cooling benefits and a balanced pressure relief. You get a balanced feel of softness and firmness for almost any position. Some side sleepers may need a bit more softness than what the tulo liv has to offer. You will get a bit of sinking at the hips and shoulders for pressure relief in this position.

On the other hand, stomach sleepers and heavier persons will enjoy the extra support. Stomach sleepers won’t have to worry about back bowing with this mattress. Back sleepers will also like the firm lumbar support. These notions make this mattress great for couples with different preferences.

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Brooklyn Bowery vs tulo liv – Motion Transfer:

brooklyn boweryWhen it comes to sleep, no one wants a mattress or a partner that keeps them up at night. That’s why the Brooklyn Bowery and tulo liv put an end to sleepless nights by reducing motion transfer. Since both mattresses are all foam, motion transfer will already be minimal. With the Brooklyn Bowery, although the top Energex layer does have a bit more spring, the dense second and base layers deaden movement and soften vibrations.

The Brooklyn Bowery has great motion isolation which makes it an ideal fit for couples too. The tulo liv is hardly any different. The dense base layer of the tulo liv also absorbs excess movement, while the top gel infused layer eliminates vibrations quickly. The tulo liv would work well for couples even if your partner is a restless sleeper or has different sleep schedules.

Brooklyn Bowery vs tulo liv – Sleeping Cool:

brooklyn bedding boweryThe Brooklyn Bowery and tulo liv are mostly evenly matched when it comes to sleeping cool since they are both all foam mattresses, however the tulo liv takes the edge with its gel infused top layer. The Brooklyn Bowery tries to alleviate its naturally war, properties with its variety of materials. The first is the Energex foam. This layer is more responsive making it easier to move and therefore making you feel less stuck. It is also slightly infused with gel allowing additional cooling where it counts. All of the foams in the Brooklyn Bowery are open cell which create better heat dissipation and less heat retention.

tulo vs tulo livThe tulo liv uses a unique LumaGel top layer which helps control the temperature while you sleep all night long. The LumaGel is also paired with the open cell structure of the overall mattress, making the tulo liv cool and comfortable all around. The tulo liv is aerated, keeping the temperature more neutral and you more comfortable. Finally, even the top knit cover is cool, giving you the best cool sleeping experience out of this mattress.

Brooklyn Bowery vs tulo liv – Edge Support:

tulo liv mattress reviewEveryone wants the whole mattress to themselves and more importantly a mattress that they can use from edge to edge. The Brooklyn Bowery gives you a consistent and fully usable sleeping surface from edge to edge. This means that you can use every inch of this mattress for sleep. However, if you plan on sitting on the edge of your Brooklyn Bowery, you may experience a noticeable difference. Like most foam mattresses it will not be as supportive and we do not recommend sitting for long periods of time.

The tulo liv is exactly what you expect when it comes to edge support. It will have a fully consistent sleeping surface, however it will not have as solid feel as mattresses with denser and thicker materials. This goes without saying that the tulo liv is great for its price point, but nothing superior. Sleeping alone would be ideal for this mattress, or for younger kids or lighter sleepers. You will feel the least support when sitting on the edge and it is not recommended.

Brooklyn Bowery vs tulo liv – Value:

The Brooklyn Bowery and tulo liv are both “you get what you pay for” mattresses. The Brooklyn Bowery comes in at $699 for a queen making this mattress super affordable for anyone in a pinch. That doesn’t even include our exclusive 20% OFF coupon, with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20. Making this mattress ONLY $559. This also includes free shipping, 120-night Sleep trial and 10-year warranty.

Overall with the Brooklyn Bowery you’re getting a 10” mattress that is comfortable, durable, and supportive, from a brand you can trust, making its value unbeatable. The icing on the cake is the Brooklyn Bowery’s trusted brand, materials, and manufacturing. Get your Brooklyn Bowery at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Since the quality of the Brooklyn Bowery and tulo liv are similar, it all comes down to price. The tulo liv is even more affordable at only $490 for a queen. This also includes 120-night sleep trial, 10-year warranty, and free shipping. The tulo liv was created with your wallet in mind, so there’s no doubt that you’re getting the most for your money. Get this well priced bed now at tulo.com.

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Brooklyn Bowery vs tulo liv – Trial Period & Warranty:

There’s no competition with trial period and warranty between the Brooklyn Bowery and tulo liv because they are the exact same. Both brands give you 120-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty. It is always recommended that you wait at least 30 days before returning your mattress. This allows the proper amount of time for your mattress to fully expand and get into its true comfort.

Brooklyn Bowery vs tulo liv – Summary:

Between the Brooklyn Bowery and tulo liv you cant go wrong. Both mattresses are affordable, made of quality materials, and are designed to give you exactly what you paid for. With the same free shipping, same trial period and warranty, there’s also no comparison there. The tulo liv does offer red carpet delivery for an additional price. It also sleeps slightly cooler and is cheaper. Regardless, you’re purchasing a mattress meant to do its job and from brands that you can trust.

brooklyn bowery vs tulo liv

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