October 1, 2018

Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove

If you think two mattresses instead of one is great, you wouldn’t be wrong. What if you can get two in one? Even better! That is what both of the mattresses in this comparison offer. Two sides of comfort, two sides of durable pressure relief and two sides of support that will outlast any one sided mattress. In our Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove mattress comparison we will go through the benefits and traits each of these unique flippable mattresses have. Allowing us to help you decide which one of these well made premium mattresses is best for you.

zenhaven vs crystal cove
Zenhaven Mattress Overview: 

zenhaven vs crystal coveIf you want natural and high quality the Zenhaven may be a great mattress option for you. The Zenhaven mattress is 10-inches thick and uses a variety of latex layers to create its two sided bed. The benefits of this premium all foam mattress are plentiful. The mattress is cool to sleep with the naturally aerated foam.

It even features a premium cover that uses moisture-wicking wool and breathable organic cotton. Making sleeping warm a thing of the past. The durable and consistent latex also makes for great motion isolation and a smooth and solid surface that is even strong around the perimeter. Ensuring full use of the sleeping surface.

The Zenhaven mattress is made by Saatva brands, a reputable and premium bedding company that offers great products at a great price. They also include free white glove delivery and removal with every purchase. Making setting up your new bed a breeze and with this heavy all latex mattress a much appreciated perk. Making the process from start to finish a truly “zen” one and your bedroom a perfect “haven” too.

Jump right to our full Zenhaven Review HERE. Or shop now at Saatva.com.

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Crystal Cove Mattress Overview:

zenhaven vs crystal coveThe Crystal Cove mattress is also a dual sided flippable bed that gives you a couple of options. Not only is it two sided but features a hybrid coil core with comfort layers featuring latex on one side and memory foam on the other. Creating a truly unique and one of a kind mattress. These options not only vary the feel and comfort but also give you benefits unique to each side. With motion transfer, sleeping cool and edge support all thoroughly thought through on both sides of the Crystal Cove mattress.

This bed is one of several from Brentwood Homes and like all of their mattresses comes with the best quality, highest grade materials and handcrafted construction. As well as free shipping or the option of upgrading to white glove delivery as well. Making the Crystal Cove a truly exception sleeping experience. With all these perks it gives the Zenhaven tough competition and leaves us highly recommending both of these mattresses. It really comes down to which one will be a better fit for you. See how the Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove vary in the benefits each has to offer below.

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Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove – Delivery & Unboxing:

saatva mattress reviewLike most online mattresses the Zenhaven mattress will be delivered to you free of charge. Instead of being in a cardboard box though this mattress will be delivered to your home by white glove delivery. Taking it a step further and setting it up right in your room and never compressing this mattress into a box. The team even removes all the garbage from the unpacking process and even take away your old mattress to make sure you won’t have to lift a finger during the whole process.

The mattress itself is rather heavy and hard to move on your own making this premium service a true addition to the value. All you need to do is schedule a time that works for you to have the team come in with your new Zenhaven.

cedar mattressThe Crystal Cove mattress is made to give you an easy delivery process. The mattress will be dropped shipped to you once your order has completed. This process compresses and rolls your mattress up. With this option, you will have your Crystal Cove mattress delivered in a compact cardboard box. Be sure to have another person available to help you if you plan to go with the drop ship option for the Crystal Cove mattress. The mattress is heavy to move and hard to maneuver around once it has expanded.

If you don’t want to deal with the setup process though you can opt-in for white glove delivery. The service will cost you an extra $199 but is the perfect option for the busy buyer. Like with the Zenhaven, all you need to do is set-up a delivery time and let the team of specialists set up your mattress and remove any trash in the process.

Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove – Off Gassing:

our rating guideBoth of the mattresses will have little to no off-gassing. The Zenhaven is not roll packed, making any scent noticed more or less the natural materials. There may be a bit of “new mattress” smell, but with this 100% natural mattress, nothing toxic or harmful. The Crystal Cove will, of course, have more a smell being roll packed. Only because of the fact that it is tightly wrapped in plastic for shipping purposes. The actually smell itself will be completely harmless and dissipate in a few short hours. But initially you again may notice a “new” and more natural mattress smell.

The biggest difference may be the fact that the Zenhaven not being roll packed will be ready to sleep on as soon as it is delivery. Not having to expand allows for no down time before getting your mattress ready to sleep on. On the other hand, the Crystal Cove will initially expand quickly but take at least a good 12 to 24 hours to expand thoroughly. Like most compressed mattresses this process is totally normal and just takes a little extra time to let the mattress firm up.

Experience great customer service and minimal off gassing with either of these amazing mattress. Shop the Zenhaven at Saatva.com. And the Crystal Cove at BrentwoodHome.com.

Materials And Layer Comparison:

talalay latexThe Zenhaven and Crystal Cove mattresses are made to give you optimal comfort and leave you feeling well rested every morning. The Crystal Cove is the thicker of the two-mattresses and is a hybrid mattress with a coil system and sandwiched between two comfort foams. One side featuring a slightly firmer latex feel and the other a more conforming and slightly softer memory foam.

The Zenhaven is also two sided, but instead made of all Talalay latex layers that vary in density and feel to offer two firmness levels. Both beds use some of the best materials available and not only make for a very well constructed bed but a healthy, safe and natural option that will give you years and years of durable comfort and support.

Zenhaven Mattress Materials:

Zenhaven Mattress materialsThe Zenhaven mattress is a flippable mattress that is 10-inches thick. The mattress is structured a bit differently since it can be flipped. Depending on which size you use of the Zenhaven mattress you will have a different firmness level. The mattress also uses a unique ingredient of 100% natural Talalay Latex. The top layer on each side of the mattress is made of 1.5-inches of Comfort Talalay latex. This provides a majority of the bed’s softness and helps compliment the firmer middle layers to give you a great night’s rest.

The middle of the mattress is made up of two layers of Support Latex. These layers are 3-inches thick each. Each layer has a different firmness to it to help create the double-sided feeling of the bed. This provides the core support of the bed, as well as, keeping you from sinking into the material. These layers are all wrapped in an Organic Cotton Cover to help protect the bed from spills. The cover features a layer of Joma Wool inside of the lining, a natural moisture wicking material. This helps keep you cool at night and adds an additional bit of comfort to the mattress. As a bonus, this cover also makes the mattress fire-retardant.

Get the amazing feel of Talalay Latex delivered right to your bedroom, order now at Saatva.com!

Crystal Cove Mattress Materials:

The Crystal Cover is a 13-inch two-sided hybrid mattress that has 5 different layers to give you a deep comfort. The first layer is made of 2-inches of All Natural Latex This layer is made of natural materials and is created with the Dunlop process. The second layer of the Crystal Cove mattress is made of 1-inch of Flow Foam. The flow foam used in this layer is certified by CertiPur-US. This layer will conform to your bodies shape while helping to relieve pressure from the spots where you need it most. This will help you sleep longer and give you a more rested feeling in the morning.

The next layer of the Crystal Cove mattress is made up of 2-inches of Charcoal-infused Memory Foam. This innovative layer is naturally cooling to keep the bed at a neutral temperature during the night. This layer is only made with natural, environmentally friendly materials that won’t hurt the ozone. It also is flame retardant making it a safe material to use.

The support layer of the mattress is the coil layer. This layer is made up of 8-inches of Combi-Zone Coil Units. This gives the bed a wonderful amount of support while also giving the mattress plenty of bounce. This layer also gives the mattress plenty of edge support. All of this is wrapped in an attractive cover to help protect the inner mattress from spills. This mattress even has a modern design to it to make the mattress aesthetically pleasing.

crystal cove mattress review

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Zenhaven – Comfort and Firmness:

zenhaven mattress reviewThe Zenhaven mattress is made to have two different levels of comfort depending on which way you have the mattress flipped. This helps make the Zenhaven perfect with sleepers that like to change up the way they sleep. The mattress has a gentle firm and a luxury plush side to choose from. The luxury plush side is perfect for side and back sleepers who love to sink into the soft Talalay latex more. It may be a tad too soft for stomach sleepers though. The luxury plush side is considered a medium feel, bordering on medium-soft.

The gentle firm side of the mattress will be better for back and stomach sleepers. The firmer feel may not appeal to side sleepers or those who like to sink more into the mattress while sleeping. The gentle firm side is considered more of a medium-firm feel. This side is also great for heavier sleepers that are looking for more support out of their mattress. The Zenhaven designed to sleep cool as well, making it a perfect mattress for those who hate to run hot during the night. The mattress also features pressure relief, as well as, a wonderful level of responsiveness that will let you toss and turn comfortably at night.

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Crystal Cove – Comfort and Firmness:

crystal cove mattress brentwood homeLike the Zenhaven, the Crystal Cove is also a two-sided mattress to help meet the needs of a more wide range of sleepers. The interesting things about the Crystal Cove mattress is that one side is latex based while the other is memory foam based. This gives each side of the mattress both a unique feel and firmness level for you to explore.

The latex side, also called the gentle firm side, has a medium-firm feel. It will perfectly meet the needs of a large range of sleepers but has a slightly firmer, yet responsive comfort to it. This side also gives you plenty of bounce, so that changing sleeping positions during the night is as easy as it should be. This side is also aerated making it slightly cooler than the memory foam side and preferred by sleepers who hate to be hot during the night.

The other side of the Crystal Cove mattress is the luxury-plush memory foam side. This side has a medium to medium-soft feel out of the two, making it perfect for sleepers who want to sink a little deeper into the mattress, especially side sleepers. It is infused with graphite cooling gel to help fight off the heat-retaining effects of memory foam. This side does a wonderful job at perfectly contouring to your body and cradling you in soft foam. It also is going to be preferred by anyone who likes to feel more cocooned or a slower responding foam. No matter which side you choose the inner coil layer will give you the perfect amount of support you need.

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Zenhavenvs Crystal Cove – Motion Transfer:

glass of wine sitting on a bedMotion transfer can be the biggest deal breaker couples face when they start sharing a bed. Most couples tend to end up having different sleep patterns or being on a different work schedule. This makes it frustrating to share a bed when you have to get up and in turn, it wakes your partner up as well. Thankfully, most mattresses are now designed with motion transfer in mind.

Both the Zenhaven mattress and the Crystal Cove mattress naturally absorb motion vibrations. The Zenhaven is an all foam mattress, however it is a 100% Talaly latex foam that is more responsive. It does not contribute to excess vibrations but will have a more responsive feel. While the Crystal Cove is a hybrid mattress with a coil system core. This does add a bit of gentle movement, but again doesn’t contribute substantial vibrations. However, the memory foam side of the Crystal Cove will be the best of when it comes to motion isolation. The memory foam as well as slightly softer feel will help deaden any movements, making it ideal for more sensitive or lighter sleepers.

Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove – Temperature Regulation:

zenhaven mattress reviewThe great thing with both the Zenhaven and Crystal Cove is the use of natural materials to combat over heating. Luckily, the Zenhaven uses 100% natural materials that all have elements of temperature regulation. Starting with the main material, latex. This naturally aerated material not only helps dissipate heat but also is less likely to retain it.

As well as provides a more buoyant surface that helps you change sleeping positions and never feel stuck in the mattress. This combine with the natural temperature regulating wool and breathable organic cotton makes this mattress a delight for anyone who sleeps on the warmer side. Regardless of which side you choose these benefits will help you sleep easier.

Learn more about the Zenhaven mattress with our in-depth Mattress Review or at Saatva.com.

crystal cove mattress reviewSimilarly the Crystal Cove also features many naturally heat regulating materials. This two sided hybrid mattress offers a core of coils that not only work great for superior durable support, but also help dissipate any heat that may be absorbed in the comfort layers. One side offers a layer of latex with again is naturally aerated and absorbs minimal heat, making it ideal for anyone who sleeps warmer.

The other side uses memory foam that does tend to hold heat. However, the coil system offers a place for that heat to escape. And the added charcoal-infusion helps neutralize heat, making it more adaptable to warmer sleepers. Making both of these beds a great option for warmer sleepers or anyone who likes to feel a cooler surface throughout the night.

Learn more about the Crystal Cove mattress with our in-depth Mattress Review or at BrentwoodHome.com.

Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove – Edge Support:

zenhaven mattress reviewEdge support ensures that a mattress is fully usable from edge to edge. Giving you a sleeping surface that remains consistent regardless of sleeping in the middle or all the way up to the edge. It also helps if you need to minimally utilize your bed for sitting from time to time too. Thankfully, both the Zenhaven and Crystal Cove provide plenty of perimeter support. Ensuring a solid and sleeping surface that doesn’t leave any part unusable.

The incredible durability and consistency associated with latex aids both of these beds in this category. The Zenhaven using all latex will feel very consistent and the feel from the center to the edges will vary little. Making this mattress great for edge support, especially while sleeping.

The Crystal Cove uses not only latex, but also a coil system that helps create a more rigid feel around the edges. Giving the foams a solid core to sit on and provide not only durable edges but solid support overall. The consistency and quality of both the memory foam and latex work great with the coiled core to create a mattress that can be used from every angle and hold up even through sitting on the edges.

Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove Value:

The Zenhaven mattress by Saatva is available in a queen size for $1,899. This includes FREE white glove delivery service. Considering this mattress weighs a lot, this is an exceptional upgrade to the standard bed-in-a-box shipping method. They’ll even remove your old mattress and box spring for you. You also get a 120-night sleep trial to make sure the Zenhaven is the right mattress for you. This will give you ample time to try out both sides of the mattress if needed. You also get a 20-year warranty to cover repairs or replacements due to manufacturing defects.

Interested in the two-sided all Talalay latex Zenhaven? Learn more and shop at Saatva.com.

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This Brentwood Home mattress is also and exceptional value. Coming in at just $1295 for a queen size. This doesn’t even include our exclusive 15% OFF coupon, making it a steal at only $1100! Just use the code: OURSLEEPGUDIE15 at checkout to save BIG! Included with this great price point is free delivery, 365 night sleep trial period and a whopping 25 year warranty.

The appeal of not only having two sides with different firmness options, but completely different materials makes this mattress like no other. The Crystal Cove is in a league of its own when it comes to providing options. Giving you the support of coils with the comfort and benefits of latex and memory foam in one bed.

Looking to purchase the one of a kind flippable Crystal Cove mattress? Learn more and shop at BrentwoodHome.com.

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Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove – Additional Information:

mattress warranty & sleep trialBoth the Zenhaven and Crystal Cove mattresses come with a wonderful customer support team behind them. If you have any issues you are always one message away from getting the help you need. The mattresses also both come with a sleep trial period to let you try out the beds before you fully commit to them. The Zenhaven comes with a 120 nights to try the mattress. While the Crystal Cove has a full year at 365 nights to try. Both offering several months to allow your body to fully adjust. If things don’t work out with either brand then returns are free making the whole process truly hassle-free.

They also both have a very respectable warranty period that completely coincides with what you would expect from the materials of these mattresses. The durable all latex Zenhaven comes with a 20 year warranty. While the Thicker hybrid Crystal Cove has a 25 year warranty. Making both of these beds that will ensure years of premium and quality sleep.

Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove- Summary:

Both the Zenhaven and Crystal Cove mattresses are wonderful products that suit different types of sleepers. If you prefer all latex beds than the Zenhavens double sided Talalay feel will be perfect for you. If you can’t decide between latex or memory foam then the Crystal Cove mattress is what you are looking for. Both beds will sleep cooler, especially depending on which side you choose. Motion transfer will not be an issue either. And the consistency of materials will allow for fully usable mattresses that even have a more solid edge than most mattresses available.

The Crystal Cove does have a longer warranty out of the two and is a bit less expensive, especially with our coupon, making it appeal more to budget shoppers. Overall, no matter which option you choose to go with you will have a choice of firmness levels that you can even change years later. As well as a reliable mattress that will provide superior support and comfort for the long haul. Making the Zenhaven vs Crystal Cove a comparison review that leaves us giving both of these beds two enthusiastic thumbs up.

zenhaven vs crystal cove

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