October 8, 2018

Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature

The Saatva mattress and the Brooklyn Signature mattress are both hybrid models that give you a lot of firmness options to choose from. Both beds have a firmness level that will delight all types of sleepers, as well as, cater to sleepers who like softer and firmer levels of firmness. The beds also both keep you cool during the night making them the perfect pick for sleepers who can’t stand running hot. Additionally, both beds are great for sleepers who like to use the full sleeping surface of their mattresses. Below we compare the Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature to help you find the best fit for you.

saatva vs brooklyn signature
Saatva Overview:

saatva vs brooklyn signatureSaatva is a brand that has established itself over several years. As a pioneer in the online mattress marketplace they feature an array of mattresses that come with a unique approach. Unlike most of their competition Saatva prides itself on never compressing and roll packing their mattresses but instead delivering them via white glove delivery. For not only a superb experience but also allowing for more durable and dense materials to be used too.

Their signature mattress, the Saatva, is a traditional coiled mattress that offers premium support and solid comfort. Offered in three comfort levels and two height options keeps the options plentiful while the cost also stays very affordable. Making this premium mattress one that is tough to compete with.

Learn more about the Saatva Mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at Saatva.com.

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Brooklyn Signature Overview:

saatva vs brooklyn signatureBrooklyn Bedding is also a more established online brand. What makes this brand unique is their production process. Most online mattress companies work with a manufacturing partner to make their products. Brooklyn Bedding actually keeps the manufacturing in house at their own factory to cut out the middle man. This approach allows them to keep quality, costs and efficiency in check and pass the savings directly to the consumer.

Their Brooklyn Signature mattress is a hybrid bed that meets many sleepers needs for comfort, support and an amazing price point. Giving you a mattress that works ideally for anyone among their three comfort options. As well as an abundant array of benefits to be comfortable from the time you go to bed until you wake.

Check out the full review of the Brooklyn Signature HERE. Or get the latest pricing and shop at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature – Delivery & Unboxing:

saatva mattress reviewLike most mattresses, the Saatva comes delivered to your door with free shipping. Luckily, this company gives you a little bit of a bonus to help out with the setup of your new mattress. Every mattress you order will come to your door via a white glove delivery service.

This service will set up a time that is convenient for you to set up your mattress. You don’t even have to lift a finger as a skilled team will bring your mattress and set it up on your bed for you. Thanks to this your Saatva mattress will be ready to sleep on as soon as the team cleans up and leaves your home.

Order your new Saatva mattress with free white glove delivery at Saatva.com.

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThe Brooklyn Signature mattress will also be delivered to your door free from any charge. Brooklyn mattresses are made in the USA and shipped from a warehouse stateside. The mattress will ship out in a compact box that will be easy to fit inside of your home. Once the mattress arrives you just need to bring it inside and start the setup process.

The mattress will need to be removed from the cardboard and cut out of the plastic. Once this is done you just need to give your new bed time to expand. We recommend giving your mattress at least several hours before sleeping on it and a good 24 hours before expecting the truest feel.

Order your conveniently shipped Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress at BrooklynBedding.com.

Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature – Off Gassing:

The Saatva mattress doesn’t come with any off-gassing at all, at the most, it will just have that “new” mattress smell. The Brooklyn Signature may have a little bit of off-gassing or at least a more noticeable “new” mattress smell. This is largely in part to the shipping process of roll packing it in tight plastic.

Though neither bed uses any toxic or harmful materials if you are more sensitive to smell opening a window is always a good idea. Either way the off gassing process will be minimal with both of these USA made mattresses.

Materials And Layer Comparison:

mattress coilsBoth the Saatva and the Brooklyn Signature mattresses come in three different comfort levels to choose from. The Saatva also comes in two different height options, a 14.5-inch mattress, and a thinner profiled 11-inch mattress. This gives you even more options to look into if you decide to go the Saatva route.

Though both mattresses are hybrid styles their construction and materials do set them apart. While the Saatva features a dual coil system the Brooklyn Signature is more of a true hybrid with several layers of comfort foams over one coils system. Both beds will have solid and durable support with adaptable comfort. However, the dual coil system of the Saatva may make it a bit more firmer overall while the Brooklyn Signature is a bit more balanced when it comes to comfort and support.

Saatva Materials:

saatva mattress materialsThe Saatva mattress is available to purchase in two different height options that will slightly alter the layer depending on your choice. You can choose between a 14.5-inch bed or a smaller 11-inch model. The mattress will be made with 4 different layers no matter which option you choose to go with.

The first layer is the cover combined with an organic cotton pillow top. This dual layer protects your bed from spills while giving you a plush top to sink into. The second layer of the bed is the Lumbar Support Enhancement. This layer uses memory foam to give you additional support while providing plenty of pressure relief.

The third layer of the Saatva mattress is made of individually wrapped comfort coils. This layer is made to contour to every inch of your body while providing you with plenty of response. The last layer is the Steel Coil Base Support System. This provides the majority of the beds support to provide you with a supportive sleeping surface no matter where you lay in the Saatva mattress. The bed also features a Dual Perimeter Edge Support system to keep the edges of the bed from sagging and it also helps with edge sitting. These all help to create the different firmness options of the Saatva mattress.

Ready to feel the support of a dual coil system? Shop the Saatva and get the latest pricing at Saatva.com.

Brooklyn Signature Materials:

The Brooklyn signature mattress is 11-inches thick and made up of 3 different layers that will slightly differ depending on your choice of firmness. The first layer of the Brooklyn Signature mattress is 2 inches thick and made of 4 pounds of Density TitanFlex Foam. This layer is a combination of both foam and latex to give you the benefits both materials come with. It is both responsive while providing pressure relief where it’s needed.

The second layer of the bed is 2-inches thick and made of the same material as the first layer, but slightly denser. This layer gives the bed more support and even better pressure relief.

The last layer of the Brooklyn Signature is the support layer. This layer is 6-inches thick and made of Ascension Pocketed Coils. This layer provides the perfect amount of support all the way across the bed. It also helps to nullify motion transfer, making the Brooklyn a great choice for couples.

This is all wrapped in a cotton blend cover to protect the inner layers from spills. This cover is soft to the touch and made to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Extra foam is also added to this cover to add a pillow top to give you additional comfort.

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature

Choose your perfect feel of the very balanced Brooklyn Signature at BrooklynBedding.com.

Saatva Mattress Comfort and Firmness:

saatva mattressThe dual coil system of the Saatva is softened by the top layers of comfort foams to create a supported yet conforming feel. The mini coil system located closer to the top is flexible and moves with you will still providing lasting support that wears over time better than foam. The main coil system is dense and solid creating a feel that is more solid and substantial than much of its competition.

The Saatva mattress comes in three different firmness levels plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. The plush soft is perfect for back and side sleepers who love to have their mattress conform to them more. The luxury firm hits more in the middle and is great for most sleepers. With just a touch of a firmer feel than a true medium it is a great choice for couples or anyone who sleeps in a variety of positions. The firm option is best for back and stomach sleepers who want more support from their bed. The Saatva firm is a true firm feel and will have very little sink.

Any of these comfort levels are also perfect for heavier sleepers. The perimeter support along with overall construction and materials make this mattress great for anyone who is on the heavier side. The long term durability and quality support will hold up and the comfort is also very accommodating.

Though there are several options to choose from, overall the Saatva will be a slightly more rigid feel than most other hybrids that offer thicker layers of comfort foams. Leaving even the softest option feeling more sturdy than other hybrid mattresses considered “soft”. This is just something to consider when choosing which is best for you.

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Brooklyn Signature Comfort and Firmness:

brooklyn signatureThe 11 inch thick Brooklyn Signature is a true hybrid mattress using several layers of comfort foams over a solid coil system. The top comfort layers are meant to mimic the feel of latex. Using all the positive aspects without all the downfalls, as well as  more affordable price. These top layers provide a responsive bounce that are easy to move on, don’t hold too much heat and easily conform to your body. They are balanced by the supportive coil set beneath. This mattress also comes in three different firmness levels to customize your sleep. This makes comfort achievable for just about everyone.

You can find the Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress in a soft, medium, or firm option. Comfort levels are often based on a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest. The soft version is around a 4. This gives you a cocooned feel with adequate sinking at the hips and shoulders for side sleepers.

The medium option makes a nice compromise for couples with different sleeping preferences. It is soft enough for side sleepers to obtain pressure relief and firm enough for back and stomach sleepers. It has a firmness rating of around a 6.

The firm variation has a firmness rating at around an 8. This makes it the best fit for stomach sleepers or anyone who prefers a sturdy feel. You will sleep on top of the mattress rather than in it with this option. And it is also a great choice for anyone who is a little heavier as well.

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Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature – Motion Transfer:

saatva mattress reviewMotion transfer can be a huge deal breaker when you start sharing a bed with someone else. Many couples end up on different work schedules and tend to get out of bed at different times. This leaves the other partner awake way before they would like to be and after being woken up, they may even have trouble falling back asleep.

The Saatva and Brooklyn are both designed to stop motion transfer as it happens. This creates a more peaceful sleeping experience no matter how early your partner gets out of bed. This makes both of the beds a wonderful choice for partners who choose to sleep together.

Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature – Temperature Regulation:

brooklyn signatureThere is nothing worse than a bed that runs hot during the night. This can become an even bigger problem in warmer months of the year where you are already struggling to stay cool. When you feel warm it is harder to fall asleep and stay asleep. It also doesn’t help that foam is a naturally heat retaining material.

Luckily, most mattress companies have taken note of this and strive to make their foam layers have cooling properties. Both the Saatva and Brooklyn are hybrid beds that use a variety of layers. This greatly cuts down on overheating by simply using materials other than foam in the beds.

The Saatva and Brooklyn mattresses are built with coil layers. Coils aren’t heat retaining and have space in between them that lets air flow naturally. By simply letting air flow in and out of this layer the temperature of the bed is easily controlled. The Saatva even features a cover that acts as a barrier between you and the memory foam.

The Brooklyn uses a foam and latex combination in its layers that helps cut down on heat absorption. The beds also have a wonderful amount of support that keeps you from sinking too far into the layers where you would become overheated by the materials hugging your whole body.

Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature – Edge Support:

saatva mattress reviewWhile edge support may not sound like a huge deal when it’s first mentioned, it is one of the most vital parts of picking out a mattress. Without good edge support, you will find yourself sinking into the floor if you like to sleep more towards the edge of the bed. Good edge support will allow every inch of your mattress to have the same great feeling. It also allows you to comfortably use the whole surface of the bed for sleeping.

The Saatva and Brooklyn mattresses both provide plenty of solid edge support. The Brooklyn Signature uses a solid and rigid coil system that evenly and consistently distributes weight. Allowing for a fully useable sleeping surface that can be slept on right up to the edge. Though sitting may be less supported, especially for long periods of time, the Brooklyn Signature is still going to give you a solid feel.

The Saatva even takes it a step further by having additional perimeter support. This not only allows for a solid feel while sleeping but even a very durable edge for sitting. Making this mattress one that works very well for anyone needing to use the edge of the bed more for sitting or aiding them in getting up. It also is great for larger sleepers and anyone who needs to use every inch of the mattress. Making the edge support of the Saatva one that is hard to beat.

Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature – Value:

Both the Saatva and Brooklyn Signature are great valued mattresses. When it comes to price both of these really give you a lot of bang for your buck. And with the added coupon of the Brooklyn Signature even an option that comes in well under $1000.

The Saatva is going to provide you with a great option at a very affordable price. If you want a solid and sturdy mattress that will hold up for the long haul the Saatva at only $1099 is a the way to go. Plus you get the added bonus of FREE white glove delivery and removal. This mattress is a seriously well constructed mattress with the best materials. Giving you years of great sleep. It also comes with a 120 night sleep trial and a more robust 15 year warranty.

Think the Saatva is the bed for you? Learn more and shop at Saatva.com.

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The original price for a queen-sized Brooklyn Bedding Signature mattress is $949. By utilizing our exclusive 20% OFF coupon, OURSLEEPGUIDE20, your new bed will cost only $759. Convenient shipping is included in this purchase price. You’ll have 120 nights of sleep trial to decided if this mattress is the best fit for you. A 10-year warranty is also included in the pricing. For a mattress with many amazing attributes as well as outstanding quality and years of great sleep, this is a steal of a price.

Interested in the Brooklyn Bedding Signature? Learn more and shop at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature – Additional Information:

brooklyn signatureBoth the Saatva and Brooklyn Signature come with a wonderful team of customer service representatives behind them. These teams are ready to answer any questions you might have about the products. The beds also come with a sleep trial to help you get a feel for them before completely committing. Both companies give you 120-nights to try out the products and decide whether you want to keep them or not. Both companies also offer free no hassle returns in case things just don’t work out.

When it comes to customer service the things that may differentiate your experience are the delivery options as well as warranties. Brooklyn Bedding provides a 10 year warranty on their mattresses, including the Signature. While the Saatva mattress comes with a 15 year warranty. This maybe showing a bit of a testament to the durability of the dual coil system and overall construction of the Saatva. Regardless of which bed you choose, the process from start to finish should be a smooth one.

Saatva vs Brooklyn Signature – Summary:

When it comes to choosing between these two brands it can be somewhat of a hard choice. Both the Saatva mattress and the Brooklyn Signature mattress are made of premium materials that will leave you feeling well rested. They both have a wonderful amount of support and the various choices in firmness make it so any sleeper can have their perfect fit. Both the brands have a soft, medium, and firm option to choose from. Additionally, they both keep you sleeping cool during the night thanks to their innovative coil layers that naturally let air flow through them during the night.

saatva vs brooklyn signature

There are a few key differences between the two. For starters, the Brooklyn Signature is the cheaper of the two and if you don’t mind a short setup process, it can be more appealing to budget shoppers. The Saatva is set up for you, but it’s a little bit more expensive than the Brooklyn and has a longer warranty. Still, these mattresses are highly regarded and made to be durable. Overall, the Saatva has a more traditional feeling to it while the Brooklyn uses latex to make a unique feel with just the right amount of bounce to it.

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