October 9, 2018

Tulo vs Casper

The benefit of buying a mattress online is there are so many options, the downfall is, how do you choose? One smart move is to go with what you know. Recognizable brands such as the Casper and tulo by Mattress Firm won’t let you down. In fact, Casper is one of the most popular online mattresses with the Tulo increasing in popularity, daily. One claims to have the perfect mattress for everyone, while the other offers multiple comfort options. Below we feature our side by side Tulo vs Casper mattress review to help you see the benefits each has to offer. Keep reading to learn all you need to about these affordable and well-known brands.

tulo vs casper

Casper Mattress Overview:

Couple laying near a mattressThe Casper practically coined the term “bed in a box” and you’ve more than likely heard of it on the radio. It’s no surprise so many people trust the Casper mattress when it is designed for every shape, size, and sleeping position. The 12” foam mattress uses 4 layers for an overall medium-firm feel. The top layer is more responsive than most mattresses, designed to mimic latex.

However the mattress also uses a true, more conforming memory foam, and the and combination relates a surface that is pressure relieving, but still easy to move on. The Casper is also built with support and durability, and finally, a white top cover completes the design.

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Tulo Mattress Overview:

tulo mattress displayThe Tulo may not be the original “bed in a box”, but it is the new and innovative one. The most important feature is that although it may be purchased online and shipped directly to your door, it can also be tried in a Mattress Firm store. This is one of the few times you get to test your online mattress before purchasing.

However, even if this option wasn’t available, we are confident you’d still find your perfect fit. All three comfort options come in 10” and 4 layers of comfortable foam. Each option will be relieving and supportive, adaptable and engineered for the ideal feel, all wrapped in a soft, breathable cover. With the firm, medium, and soft option all being available to you starting at $750, what more could you ask for?

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Delivery & Unboxing:

casper unboxingThe goal behind purchasing a mattress online is to make delivery and setup even easier for you. Your Casper mattress will arrive at your door in a blue and white box, weighing approximately 85 lbs. This does make the mattress a little awkward to maneuver, so you may want to have extra help handy. The first thing to do with your new Casper mattress is to get it where it needs to be. You can trust us when we say that moving a box is way easier than moving an opened mattress. Once the mattress is in its desired location, then remove it from the box, cut the plastic away, and watch it come to life.

Unboxing your tulo mattress will be very similar. The orange and white compact box will arrive at your door, and weigh around 85 lbs. This makes it pretty awkward to maneuver so you will want an extra set of hands. Once you get the mattress where it needs to be, then you may remove it from the box and cut away the plastic. Just sit back and enjoy the magic of your mattress coming to life.

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Off Gassing:

baby on a mattressWhile you are unboxing your new Casper mattress, you may notice a slight smell. Rest assured that these are not noxious fumes. Like any other boxed mattress, the Casper will have some fumes, typically from the plastic. Most people hardly even notice, but if you are sensitive to the smells, you may allow 12-24 hours for the smell to dissipate. Opening a window helps the smell dissipate faster. Once the smell is reasonable for you, it’s time to rest easy!

With the tulo mattress, there is probably even less off gassing than the Casper. Since it is made in the US, this really cuts down on any noxious odors or fumes. Once it has unrolled and taken shape, if you are still sensitive to the “new mattress” smell, it is advised to let it breathe for 12 or so hours before use. Once that time is up you may sleep like a dream on your new tulo mattress. You’d be surprised at how easy unboxing really is!

Casper Mattress Materials:

You’ll love every one of the 4 layers of the 12” Casper mattress. The first layer is the comfort layer with the most breathability. This layer has good bounce and resiliency to return to its original form night after night. The elasticity in this layer gives it a softer feel without sinking in too much. It is also breathable and helps reduce overheating. Keep in mind that this top layer is different than the original Dunlop latex layer of earlier generation Casper’s. It was meant to reduce the price while still providing the same benefits but may affect the quality.

The next layer is made with memory foam. It conforms to the sleepers body while relieving pressure points, to keep you from tossing and turning. This makes the mattress slightly more comfortable for side sleeping. Beneath that is a layer of transitional poly foam. This layer provides deep comfort and distributes weight evenly. For these reasons, it is a great transition between the top and bottom layers.

The thickest layer is the base layer of dense poly foam. This layer creates the durability and foundation of the mattress. The base is solid enough to prevent bottoming out and supportive enough to allow the other layers to do their job. The entire mattress is wrapped in a premium, woven, polyester cover. This gray and white neutral cover is tight to the mattress and has a durable feel. The finishing touch on the great Casper mattress.

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Tulo Mattress Materials:

The tulo mattress also gives you 4 layers, and a total of 10” of quality foam. The first layer is 2” of 3.25 lb. proprietary memory foam. This layer uses titanium particles and cool flow ventilated memory foam. It provides pressure relief and distributes weight evenly. Beneath that is 1.5” of 2.5 lb. responsive poly foam. It uses the unique peak and valley design to create good airflow. This layer provides great comfort and responsiveness so it’s easy to move.

The following layer is 1.5” of 2.5 lb. high resiliency firm foam. This layer uses unique strut reinforcing technology. It creates a foam that maintains the mattresses durability and reduces surface compression. With this layer you get adaptable support and a great transition.

Finally, the foundation comes from 5” of 1.8 lb. high-density base foam. This supportive, durable layer allows the other layers to do their jobs. You’ll be thankful for this layer that performs well and provides outlasting support. All mattresses are wrapped in a breathable polyester and Tencel blended fabric. This specific cover is also blended with polyester elastan material for maximum durability.

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Casper Comfort:

casper box woman and babyCasper has a universal “one size fits all” feel and with good reason. You will not be disappointed by this universal feel that will feel like a medium to medium-firm, ranging from a 6 to 6.5 on a 1-12 scale. Per a real life review, it was easy to see how the Casper would fit a vast majority of sleepers. It provides good lumbar support and contours to your shoulders and back.

If you are a stomach sleeper, it is firm enough to support you and not allow your back to bow. If you are a side sleeper, this mattress works well, unless you prefer a softer feel where your shoulders and hips can sink in. For a heavier person, if you are typically a stomach sleeper, you may adjust to your side for more support. Overall if you’re looking for classic comfort, the Casper will fit you, but it will not be perfect for everyone.

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Tulo Comfort:

With the Tulo’s three different comfort options, it will be perfect for everyone. Put simply, all firmness options will have a hugging and pressure relieving top layer and a bouncy and easy moving second layer. In addition it will have a smooth transition layer and strong, supportive base foam. Together these layers create a balanced and supportive feel with each comfort option, but let’s break it down.

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The soft option is a 3 on a 1-10 scale. This is ideal for side and back sleepers because the added softness allows your shoulders and hips to sink in for extra comfort.

The medium option is a true 5 on the scale. This is the perfect, “just right” mattress for any sleeper because it is soft enough for a little sink in the shoulders and hips, but supportive enough where you need it. The medium option will be the best for couples so you can truly meet in the middle.

Finally, the firm option is a 7.5 to 8 on the scale and would be best for stomach and back sleepers. The cushioned, yet more solid top will provide more support than sink. The firm option is also ideal for heavier persons since these options will feel even softer to you. Keep in mind that you may try out the firmness options in store, so you can’t go wrong!

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Motion Transfer:

dog and person on a tuloThe best part about foam mattresses is that they’re almost guaranteed to have no motion transfer. The Casper is no exception. By nature of its materials, the Casper will have minimal motion transfer. This mattress is great for couples, sleepers that get in and out of bed often, or tosses and turners.

The Tulo similarly performs very well in the motion transfer category. The tulo is great with motion isolation and movement. It uses a variety of foams, but especially memory foam which is great for absorbing vibrations and drastically cuts down Partner disturbance. Regardless of which comfort option you choose with the tulo, motion transfer will not be a problem.

Sleeping Cool:

baby sleeping on a casperAll foam mattresses strive to keep you cooler than their mattress competitors. The Casper has several, new innovative designs for keeping you cool. First, the woven stretch knit cover top is more breathable which keeps you from over heating. Also, the Casper mattress is overall more firm. This means the less you sink in, the less heat builds around your body, and the more circulation is promoted. Did you know the Casper was actually designed with an open-cell top layer? This makes a huge difference by pulling heat away from the sleepers body and acting as a barrier from the memory foam.

Once again, although foam by nature traps heat, the tulo ensures that it releases heat. First, there is a layer of the tulo that is more breathable and dissipates heat well. Keep in mind that not having a coil system or convoluted layer of foam, means you will still sleep warmer than with theses options.

Edge Support:

dog on a tulo mediumNever overlook edge support. If you ever sit on the side of your mattress, folding the clothes, or putting your shoes on, then you want strong edge support. The Casper performs like most foam mattresses. Unfortunately, the edge support is okay but still doesn’t compare to an innerspring mattress. For sleeping purposes, you may sleep on the Casper from edge to edge, however, if you expect to sit on it, it will not seem the most supportive.

The Tulo firm option, will take the gold when it comes to edge support. The firmer the option, the more supported you will feel when sitting. Although the edge support on the tulo is typical, you will not feel any difference whether you sleep on the edge or in the middle. If you feel that you need to sit on the mattress more often, you may want to seek a mattress with more support.


The value of the mattresses come close, but we give the best value to the tulo. The Casper comes in at $995 for a queen size. This also includes a 100-night Sleep trial, 10-year warranty and free shipping. That’s a whole lot of perks for one mattress.

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Regardless of which comfort option, the tulo is $750 for a queen size. This includes free shipping, 120-night sleep trial, and 10-year warranty, which is similar to the Casper, but you can’t beat $750. And you can’t beat options. The tulo has the best price, options, and overall best quality materials.

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Trial Period & Warranty:

120 moon graphicThe Trial Period and Warranty of the Casper and tulo mattresses are standard. 100-night Sleep trial vs 120-night; both industry standards. The 10-year warranty is also standard for a mattress, and free shipping is usually included with bed in a box mattresses. You will be pleased that the tulo warrsnty is prorated to coincide with the natural wear and tear of the mattress. This makes it clear that these companies are giving you a product that they confidently stand behind.


The Casper is the first well-known one size fits all, bed in a box mattress. But the fact is that one size does not fit all. When it comes to sleep we all want options and the tulo mattress gives you that and more. At a lower price point and higher quality materials, the choice is clear. Clearl,y the Casper mattress has been popular enough to make a name for itself, but if you want better than average sleep, we’d go with the tulo.

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