October 10, 2018

Oceano vs Brooklyn Aurora

The benefits of hybrid mattresses in general are plentiful. However, the Oceano and Brooklyn Aurora excel above many other options. With high-quality materials, ample benefits and an affordable price tag these two designs are sure to bring you blissful sleep. Both feature cooling elements along with precision support and pressure relief. Though both share similarities they also have several qualities that set them apart as well. Find out which one you should choose in our Oceano vs Brooklyn Aurora review below.

oceano vs brooklyn aurora
Oceano by Brentwood Home – Overview:

oceano vs brooklyn auroraBrentwood Home has been in the mattress industry for 30 years. With extensive experience along with a mindset of providing healthy and well made products. Currently their most popular mattress, the Oceano, combines traditional style and newer technologies to bring you one of the best hybrid mattresses. This 14-inch thick design has a medium-plush feel for luxurious comfort in pressure relief and support.

Made of gel-infused memory foam that contours to your body, as well as a micro coil set to give you responsive support. Along with a breathable foam that helps transition between the top layers and the main coil set which is reinforced around the perimeter and in the lumber zone. All wrapped in a TENCEL cover with wool batting, the Oceano leaves no need unaddressed. This bed is one of our personal favorites and even garnered the reign of our #1 spot in Best Hybrid Mattresses and Best Mattresses for Side Sleepers.

Learn more about the Oceano Mattress in our in-depth Mattress Review or at BrentwoodHome.com.

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Brooklyn Aurora – Overview:

oceano vs brooklyn auroraBrooklyn Bedding has become one of the few online mattress brands that is also a manufacturer. Keeping their process and production in house has allowed them to elevate their offerings. As well as be on the forefront of technology and the latest needs and desires of sleepers. Their most luxurious bedding option may be the Brooklyn Aurora.

The Brooklyn Aurora is a 13.5-nich thick mattress that is available in soft, medium or firm for a customized comfort experience. Titanflex foams and a strong coil set are enhanced with temperature-control technologies to give you flexible and cooled comfort. It sleeps so cool that it even earned itself the top spot in our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers. How does it stand up to other luxury brands, specifically the Oceano? Both with top rankings and amazing qualities means either way you go you’ll win!

Check out the full review of the Brooklyn Aurora HERE and shop this ultra cool bed HERE!

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Oceano vs Brooklyn Aurora – Delivery and Unboxing:

cedar mattressThere are two different options for shipping with the Oceano mattress. You can choose standard delivery, which will arrive to your doorstep in a compressed box method. Otherwise, you can opt for the upgraded white glove delivery service where a team does the hard work for you. You can even add the removal of your old mattress. A queen-sized Oceano mattress weighs around 135 pounds, so this service is a great back-saver. Either way the mattress will take a few minutes to initially expand after being taken out of the plastic. And the final feel will take a day or so to fully firm up.

The Brooklyn Aurora is shipped for free and will arrive compressed in a box in just a few days after delivery. The mattress in a queen size weighs around 100 pounds, so two sets of hands are better than one for this one too. Once it arrives all you need to do is bring it to your room, put it in place, simply unroll it and carefully remove the plastic. Initially the mattress will quickly come to life as it expands over a few minute’s. However, it will take about 24 hours for all the foams to fully firm up and have the truest feel.

Choose between delivery to your doorstep or white glove delivery at BrentwoodHome.com. Or order your new Brooklyn Aurora mattress at BrooklynBedding.com.

Oceano vs Brooklyn Aurora – Off Gassing:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridYour off-gassing experience with the Ocenao mattress should be minimal. It is made from CertiPUR-US foams and a TENCEL and wool cover. Brentwood Home stands by their efforts to use non-toxic, eco friendly materials. Therefore, you shouldn’t notice any harsh fumes during your setup process. Give your mattress a few hours to breath before putting on your bedding. This will help let any new mattress smell dissipate quicker.

The Brooklyn Aurora will be similar in the off gassing process. There should be very minimal odors but you may notice a few “new” mattress smells. This USA made mattress won’t have any noxious or harmful smells, but because of the packing process and plastic wrapping you may notice some lingering fragrances. Simply let the mattress air out after unpacking and for quicker dissipation opening a window will help.

Oceano vs Brooklyn Aurora – Comfort:

When it comes to comfort both the Oceano and Brooklyn Aurora offer amazing feels. Though the Oceano may only come in one firmness option the premium feel with balanced support make it a great choice for a very broad range of sleepers. With the Brooklyn Aurora you will have the option of choosing a more specific comfort level among soft, medium and firm. Either way both mattresses are thick, very well made and use premium materials. Below are more specifics on what to expect from the comfort both beds should offer.

Oceano – Comfort:

oceano brentwood homeThe Oceano is the epitome of luxury. Pairing together materials that create balance, support and the right amount of contour and pressure relief. The thick layer of memory foam works in perfect harmony with the responsive yet flexible support of the mini coils underneath it. Together making for an almost perfect medium feel that is made just a bit more plush by the addition of the temperature neutralizing wool over top. These materials over the transition foam added for deep comfort make it great for almost any sized side sleeper. The solid and durable main coil system make for amazing support that will hold up for the long haul.

Side sleepers will be delighted with the pressure relief of the contouring memory foam. While the coil system helps keep you from feeling stuck and easily helps you move from side to side. This holds true for back sleepers too. Allowing you to sink in just enough for optimal support and cradle. The uniquely zoned main coil system focuses on perfect lumbar support and long term durability.

Dominate stomach sleepers may find this mattress a bit too plush for their liking, however, if you occasionally find yourself on your stomach the support of this mattress will still keep your back from bowing. Even larger sleepers will find this mattress offers the density and durability of high quality materials that will work with them as well.

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Brooklyn Aurora – Comfort:

The design of the Brooklyn Aurora mattress creates a balanced feel of both comfort and support. The patented top layers of TitanFlex foam are designed to replicate the benefits and feel of latex. Making for a lighter, more consistent contouring feel that is still resilient, easy to move on and very breathable. As well as ideal feel for anyone who likes contouring foams that respond faster and have a bit of bounce. These are paired with a deep comfort layer of memory foam that really aides in pressure relief without giving you any of the drawbacks of this more heat responsive foam. Along with the heavy duty base coils for optimal support you get a harmonious outcome that even comes in a variety of comfort options to accommodate any sleepers needs.

brooklyn aurora review
Firmness Options:

The Aurora comes in three comfort levels; soft, medium and firm. When looking at these options it is sometimes easier to see how they compare on a scale or spectrum of soft to firm. On a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest the soft option rates at 3. This makes it ideal for side sleepers with plenty of sing for your shoulders and hips to get the ultimate pressure relief. Back sleepers who like a softer feel will also enjoy this option for cradling at the neck and shoulders.

brooklyn auroraThe medium option is by far the most popular and rates at 5. This feel is ideal for providing the most universal appealing comfort that is not too soft and not too firm. It works well for most sized sleepers, sleeping positions and great for couples who may have slightly different preferences.

The firm option rates at 7, which is best for stomach sleepers or back sleepers who like a firmer feel. This comfort level doesn’t allow you to sink into the bed much at all. The firm option is most ideal for heavier or larger sleepers too. Since it offers a slightly firmer feel that may feel just a bit softer with added weight, especially over time.

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Oceano – Materials and Construction:

The Oceano by Brentwood Home features some of the industry’s most luxurious materials. Measuring 14 inches thick, there are 4 layers that bring you blissful comfort and durability. The topmost layer is a 2-inch thick, 4-pound density Gel Memory Foam. It has a plush feel that contours to your body for even weight distribution and pressure relief.

oceano brentwood homeThe next layer is made from a system of 2.5-inch thick mini coils. There are 1,353 individually wrapped springs in a queen size to give you targeted support. You can easily change positions with this responsive component. Next is a 2-inch thick, 1.8-pound density Airlux Foam. Breathability and transition to the base layer are achieved with this durable material.

An 8-inch thick coil set makes up the next portion of the Oceano mattress. There are 1,130 coils in a queen size and 1,722 in a king size. These individually wrapped and pocketed springs give you long-lasting durability and strength for optimal support. They enhance the contouring in the comfort layers. Around the perimeter, you will find edge retention coils for added support. The lumbar zone uses the same coils providing additional strength for proper spinal alignment.

A base foam finishes off this mattress with a consistent surface for optimum usage. A soft to the touch breathable TENCEL stretch knit cover wraps around the Oceano. It uses a luxurious layer of wool batting over the top layer of foam to further the cooling benefits. It wicks away moisture and regulates temperature while adding more plushness to the overall feel.

Shop the Oceano and save 15% with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 at BrentwoodHome.com.

Brooklyn Aurora – Materials and Construction:

It takes 5 layers of foams and coils to make up the 13-inch thick Brooklyn Aurora mattress. The top material for this mattress consists of a smooth weave that has TitanCool technology to keep your mattress a comfortable sleeping temperature.

The top layer is a 1.5″ Copperflex foam with TitanCool technology. This is specifically designed to draw heat away from the body and remain cool to the touch.

The next layer is made up of a 2″ dense TitanFlex foam. This is a hyper elastic foam that is responsive to make it easy and comfortable to adjust and move throughout the night. Choose between soft, medium, or firm.

The final layer of comfort foam is a 1-inch thick breathable Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This material is also created based upon your comfort selection. It deepens comfort and increases support. It provides a transitional layer between foam and coils while contouring perfectly to your body in any position.

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature mattres

The 8-inch thick Quantum Edge Encased Coil System makes up the first support layer. Not only is it amazing at providing air circulation, but it also gives you a strong durable core. This flexible support system minimized motion transfer and encourages healthy spinal alignment.

Setting up this mattress for success is a 1-inch thick support foam. It gives the Brooklyn Aurora a consistent surface and a solid foundation. The stretch knit cover for this mattress also uses 50% phase changing materials. Moisture gets wicked away with this soft, cooling fabric. Velvet fabric panels surround the edges and include handles for simple maneuvering.

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Oceano Vs Brooklyn Aurora – Motion Transfer:

oceano brentwood homeWhile hybrid mattresses are usually not the best in isolating motion transfer, the Oceano stands out from the rest. The foam utilized in the top layer has a high-density rate, which works to absorb motion. The micro coil set and the main coil set are individually pocketed and covered in fabric. This reduces and motion transfer that might reach them while continuing to give you a responsive support.

Between these two layers is the sheet of Airlux Foam that further absorbs vibrations. The Oceano is great for light sleepers. It has ability to reduce the effects of movement from getting in and out of the bed. Those with a partner who moves around a lot can rejoice in uninterrupted sleep.

brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Aurora mattress features several components to reduce motion transfer. The materials are responsive enough to allow for easy movement with designs to keep you sleeping undisturbed. TitanFlex foams are fast to respond, allowing you to find a comfortable position quickly. They also provide pain relief to keep you from tossing and turning all night.

A layer of memory foam is used as a transitional material between the comfort and support layers. It will absorb most of the vibrations caused from movement. The Quantum Edge Pocketed Coil System features individually wrapped and pocketed coils to isolate motion and give flexible support. You should rest peacefully on this mattress even if you are a light sleeper.

Oceano Vs Brooklyn Aurora – Sleeping Cool:

brentwood oceano mattressYou’ll get several great materials for regulating temperature with both of these mattresses. The Oceano hybrid has not one but two coil systems for some of the highest air circulation qualities on the market. The top layer of memory foam features open-cell technology that pulls warmth away from the body for increased airflow. It is also infused with gel to evenly redistribute heat.

The foam layer that sits between the two coil sets is the Airlux foam. This material is a breathable layer to encourage healthy airflow. The cover of the Oceano is TENCEL material that is soft and breathable. Underneath of it is a breathable, lightweight New Zealand wool that wicks away moisture. Overall, the Oceano provides a temperature neutral night of sleep.

brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Aurora made our list of top mattresses for hot sleepers because of its focus on cooling materials. The top layers of TitanFlex foam are a latex alternative that is naturally aerated and won’t retain heat. TitanCool technology is used in the top layer to enhance these effects. It is water-based to incorporate high conductivity that redistributes heat. CopperFlex™ is infused in this layer as well to increase airflow.

The memory foam is even infused with gel to neutralize any possible heat retention. As well as lies under the TitanFlex to reduce heat retention. The coil system provides maximum air circulation and dissipation. Even the cover includes 50% phase changing material that wicks away moisture and remains cool to the touch. This is just a brief outline of the amazing benefits the Aurora offers for keeping you cool all night.

Oceano Vs Brooklyn Aurora – Edge Support:

oceano brentwood homeHybrid mattresses generally give you a better quality in edge support than their all-foam counterparts. The Oceano gives you even better than the standard hybrid by reinforcing the coils around the perimeter. They made the retention coils from a thicker gauge steel which gives you a solid foundation. You will experience more usability at the edges for sleeping. With this consistency you do not get any “rolling out” sensation.

You’ll also be able to sit at the sides for a bit longer with the comfort of a sturdy edge. This makes the Oceano a better choice for couples that need more room to spread out. Those who like to sit at the sides of their mattress when getting ready will also enjoy this design.

brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Aurora has increased edge support to create a fully usable sleeping surface. You can stretch out and sleep right up to the edge without feeling like you’ll roll out. The flexible support system creates pressure relief and proper alignment, no matter where you lie.

You can even sit at the sides of this mattress with a sense of more durability. The Quantum Edge Pocketed Coil System gives you strength for comfortable relaxing without bottoming out in any spot. You’ll get more overall usability in this thoughtful design.

Oceano vs Brooklyn Aurora – Value:

The Oceano mattress is an affordable price, considering the luxurious materials that go into its design. You can purchase a queen size for $1,495. The exclusive coupon code, OURSLEEPGUIDE15, will get you 15% off. This brings your price down to just $1,270.

You’ll also get free shipping with your order, or you can upgrade to a white glove delivery service. For only $199, a team will hand-deliver your new Oceano and complete the setup process for you. For another $76 you can have your old mattress removed. You will have 365 nights to make sure that the Oceano is perfect for you with their sleep trial period. This mattress comes with a 25-year limited warranty.

Interested in the Oceano? Learn more and shop at BrentwoodHome.com.

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The price for a queen-sized Brooklyn Aurora mattress is $1,699. You can save 20% with our coupon, OURSLEEPGUIDE20, to bring this payment down to just $1,359. Your purchase includes free shipping and returns. The 120-night sleep trial gives you plenty of time to make sure it’s the best choice for you. This quality product comes with a 10-year warranty. Considering the durable and innovative materials that go into this quality design, the Brooklyn Aurora is a great value. It is also in our list of mattresses for warm sleepers.

Interested in the Brooklyn Aurora? Learn more and shop at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Oceano vs Brooklyn Aurora – Our Pick!

oceano vs brooklyn auroraWhen it comes to these two mattresses it really comes down to which style of luxury suites you best. The Oceano  offers top layers that really conform to your body with ample support too. The flexible support of the mini coils compliments the combination of memory foam and wool. Making for complete balance and natural benefits that work with your bodies needs.

Shop the Oceano and save 15% with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE15 at BrentwoodHome.com.

The Brooklyn Auora offers a smooth surface that uses a more responsive comfort layer. Paired with a solid base coil to make a mix of support and comfort that adjusts to your body. Offered in three comfort options you’ll certainly have an option that works for you.

Shop the Aurora and save 20% with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20 at BrooklynBedding.com.

Both check all the boxes for benefits you will get too. Motion transfer will be minimal in either of these hybrids. And sleeping cool won’t be a problem. Even the edges will stay solid and sturdy for the long haul. The price pints, especially after our coupons, makes both of these thick and premium beds a great value and affordable too. Even the customer service provided by both of these companies really exceeds expectations.

When it comes down to it the Oceano may offer a more luxury feel that is slightly slower responding and a bit more contouring in comfort. While the Aurora is going to set itself apart for anyone who sleeps hot and needs a cool surface all night long. It is really hard to go wrong with either of these amazing beds!

oceano vs brooklyn aurora

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