Accessory Review HoMedics Sound Machine Review

A sound machine for your baby’s room could help lull them to sleep or help them self sooth in the middle of the night and really can aide in helping them develop a healthy sleep pattern. I was a little unsure just how much we would use this so I didn’t want to make a huge investment for a sound machine. The HoMedics sound machine doesn’t break the bank, but it does do the trick. Below find out more about this helpful nursery must have.



The Homedics sound machine is only about $20, so for the use we did get out of it for the few months it worked I couldn’t complain. However, if I knew we were going to be using something like this as much as we did I would have invested into something that was higher quality. We also kept ours on the entire night, so that may have put more wear and tear on it. Utilizing the timer to turn off after a certain period of time would probably significantly increase the life span. Regardless, the price is reasonable and it is a nice portable option.



This relaxation sound machine we ended up putting in our master bedroom for a few months before Lily arrived, so we slept to the sound of relaxing ocean waves even before the little one arrived. Besides the ocean waves there are five other sounds and as well as a timer if you would prefer to set the machine for only 15, 30 or 60 minutes. The easy to adjust volume dial can be set to a very quiet whisper of a volume or turned up to be quite loud. It also has the option to either plug it in or battery operated which is a nice feature if you frequently move it from room to room or travel. This machine is good for the price, is easy to use and works just fine. I wouldn’t say that the life of this product is the best, this is where I say that you get what you pay for. After about 5-6 months of use it did start to have issues turning on and off and eventually stopped working.



The HoMedics sound machine does the job, but isn’t anything fancy or going to be the longest lasting item; for the price, it works just fine. Having a few different options for sound is nice and having the ability to either plug in or use on batteries is great for travel or even moving around from room to room. Also, having a timer option is great if you don’t want it on all night. If you plan on diligently using a sound machine, or want a more permanent one, I would look into investing into something that is more durable.

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