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January 25, 2019

Top 9 Essential Oils for Bedtime – The Sleep Benefits of Essential Oils

top essential oils for sleepEssential oils are used for just about everything these days. To wake you up, fight a cold, help you heal from heartbreak, or even seduce a love interest. We are not so certain that essential oils alone will cure a heartbreak. However, we do think that essential oils can play a big part in helping you get to sleep.

The smells around us can effect the quality of our sleep. The environment we sleep in drastically changes how long it takes us to get to sleep and even how well we sleep once we drift off. Which is why every sensation around you should be considered as you get ready for bed, even your sense of smell.

One of the healthiest and safest ways to implement scent into your nightly routine is with the use of essential oils. If you feel like your sleep just isn’t perfect yet, a calming aroma could be what you’ve been missing.

The Sleep Benefits of Essential Oils?

best essential oils for sleepingEssential oils can be rather polarizing. Either you believe they work, or you don’t. We take a more balanced approach to the whole thing. While we suggest seeking medical help from traditional doctors for tumors instead of relying on essential oils alone. We also believe that if you are wanting to make sleep a little easier through aromatherapy, then we think essential oils are a perfect way to do that.

If you have ever encountered a truly foul scent, then you know how much of an impact scents can have on your state of mind and body. Soothing and pleasant scents can be just as impactful, accept in a positive way. Essential oils are a natural and powerful sleep aid.

We suggest for getting the maximum benefits, use a similar essential oil or blend of oils every night. By using them every night, your brain will connect the smell of the essential oils to relaxation and sleep. This will help trigger the subconscious to release natural sleep hormones faster. Allowing you to fall asleep sooner and stay asleep longer.

Essential oils are also preferred over other sleeping aids because they are all natural. This means they come without harmful side effects or serious health risks.

Essential Oils For Insomnia

get rid of insomnia with essential oilsWhen it comes to choosing essential oils for insomnia, you want to use the most soothing and relaxing scents you can get your hands on. Chamomile, Lavender, and Valerian are some of our top choices. When it comes to Insomnia, there can be a countless number of things causing your insomnia. First you really need to figure out what is causing your insomnia in order to better treat it.

Why do we need sleep anyway? We answer this questions and many more in The Importance Of Sleep, click the link to find out why we need sleep to survive.

Essential Oils For Snoring

best essential oils for snoringWhen you are searching for essential oils to help alleviate snoring. The key is to look for a plant that has sinus clearing properties. This is the way that any essential oil will help you with your snoring. Peppermint and Eucalyptus are both great options for this. They also tend to have a cooling effect, this may help decrease any pesky inflammation you may have in your sinuses.

Be mindful with how you use these invigorating essential oils. They can be rather intense and might be too much to handle if you also struggle to get to sleep. Using them in small doses and along with other more soothing essential oils might be a better, more relaxing option.

Are you a constant snorer and need relieve? Changing the position you sleep in might help. Check out our page Best Sleep Position to learn more.

How To Use Essential Oils For Sleep?

Essential Oil Diffusers:

how to sleep with essential oilsThere is much more to essential oils than meets the eye, and there are multiple ways to use them to get a good night’s rest. One of the most common and relaxing ways to use essential oils for sleep is to dilute essential oils in water using a diffuser.

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Topical Application:

how to use essential oils for sleepIt is also common to massage a few drops into the body such as on the hands, neck, wrists, or feet. This is an extremely effective method since oils can permeate the skin and even enter your bloodstream.

However, if you have sensitive skin, allergies, or for children, especially younger than 6 months of age, essential oils should not be used topically.

Topical application is one of our favorite methods for applying essential oils before bed. Having these lovely smelling oils on your pressure points warms up the oils and releases the scents even more because of this.

If you do not want your entire room smelling of the scent, this is a much more intimate way of experiencing the essential oils without filling your entire room with it.

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Air & Linen Sprays:

sprays with essential oil for sleepAnother option is to create a “home” or “sleepy time” spray. Using a blend of calming essential oils, you can create a homemade spray to spray over your pillow or on your pajamas as a grounding, calming fragrance to transition you from work to relaxation.

Or you can always purchase one that is already made too. We particularly like the Eunoia Naturals RELAX mist.

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Essential Oils Bath:
best soaps for sleep with essential oils

Lavender spa

You may also mix essential oils with Espom salt or baking soda in a warm bath, or add a few drops to boiling water and then place a towel over your head to create a tent; known as facial steaming.

Regardless of which method you use, essential oils are sure to ease you into the most restful night’s sleep.

What to Look For When Buying Essential Oils?

types of essential oils that are good for restingEssential oils are not hard to find, but with so many different options and price ranges it can be difficult to know what you’re looking at.

Pure 100%: Only buy oils that are advertised as “pure” or 100%, and that have their Latin name on the label. If the label says “fragrance oil” or similar, they most likely use other synthetic ingredients. Although they may smell nice, these are not the oils you want. These ‘knock-offs’ will not provide the same sleeping benefits you are looking for, and will most likely irritate your skin.

Organic & Therapeutic Grade: The top of the line oils will say “organic” or “therapeutic grade” directly on the label. These will provide you with the benefits described above, and leave out any harmful toxins or chemicals. If you want to do good for your sleep, make sure you’re buying the real stuff.

Where I bought my essential oils:

our favorite types of essential oilsWhen I started my essential oil journey I decided to start by getting a kit of oils that offered 18 various 100% pure therapeutic grade oils. This gave a great variety and really allowed me to explore making my a variety of combinations.

It was fun discovering which ones worked the best. The only drawback is that this kit doesn’t have all the oils that are best for sleep, but you can easily fill in the gaps buying other ones individually. I have some of my favorites below!

I also found a diffuser that was affordable, compact and subtle too. And was easy to move to any room I wanted to diffuse in. Easily enough, I found both through Amazon too. For the essential oils I would recommend the Radha Beauty Top 18 Oils and for the diffuser the URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser is awesome!

Top 9 Essential Oils for Bedtime

Once you’ve purchased the best essential oils, it’s time for your best night’s sleep. Especially if you are using them on children, it is strongly urged to buy the best quality essential oils, other than that, the list of essential oils used for sleep is endless. From individual oils to blends, since essential oils are based on chemistry, the possibilities are endless.

You may also find aromatherapy products that use a combination of these oils to help induce sleepiness. These products are useful and highly recommended. Or you may choose to create your own blend making it completely what you decide and individualized. One thing to remember is to change-up your ‘sleepytime’ oils every so often, to avoid desensitization. Any and all sleepytime essential oils reduce insomnia and increase sleep. Some of the most common essential oils for sleep are: Lavender, Valerian, Clary Sage, Sweet Marjoram, Roman Chamomile, Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, and Cedarwood. Keep reading below to get more details on the specific benefits to each one.

1) Lavender:

what to look for when buying essential oilsThe mother of all essential oils, known and loved by just about everyone, Lavender.

Lavender is hands down, the #1 oil used for sleep and the #1 oil backed by research.

Lavender essential oil is used to calm everything, including the nervous system by lowering blood pressure, decreasing your heart rate, and lowering your skin temperature.

It even has the power to affect your brain waves so that you are no longer bothered by insomnia or thoughts that keep you awake.

Finally, as if that’s not enough, lavender is even recommended as an alternative treatment for women with postpartum depression. Good enough reasons to use lavender? We think so.

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2) Valerian:

valerian essential oils benefitsValerian is also sometimes known as the “strength” or “bravery” oil, since it literally takes away all your troubles. For this reason, valerian is often taken as a sleep aid supplement, and is a typical ingredient in sleepytime teas and herbal remedies.

Valerian is yet another essential oil that is frequently cited in research, so you know you’re using a product that is supported by science and not just hype. It is so effective because it contains valerenic acid, extracted from the root, that produces a sedative effect.

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Valerian is a popular sleep aid in teas, read our Best Tea For Sleep – Top 8 Bedtime Teas to learn more. 

3) Clary Sage:

benefits to using essential oils at nightClary sage just sounds dreamy doesn’t it? Keep in mind that clary sage is different than the sage herb you cook with, and you’ll be thankful for it. Clary sage has great sleep benefits, that regular sage does not.

For women during menopause and with menopausal symptoms, clary sage has demonstrated antidepressant effects. Which is beneficial for those struggling with insomnia due to depression.

If you’ve never tried essential oils for sleep, clary sage may just be the oil that puts you over the edge. It is strong, yet soothing, and the sleep benefits will instantly make you a believer.

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4) Sweet Marjoram:

marjoram is best essential oilsSweet marjoram may be the least common out of these essential oils, however many claim that it packs the biggest punch. Marjoram essential oils help with muscle and joint pain, as well as relax breathing and has a slight sedative effect.

One of the most common ways to use sweet marjoram is by placing a few drops on your pillow before bed and inhaling slowly. Your breathing will slow, your thoughts will become quiet, you will become drowsy. Before you know it, it will be morning.

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5) Chamomile: 

top essential oils for sleepingIf there ever was a poster-child for sleepytime essential oils, most people would assume it would be chamomile. This light and floral fragrance has been used for relaxation and aromatherapy for thousands of years. Chamomile reduces insomnia, anxiety, and may even decrease the occurrence of nightmares.

Chamomile is effective and yet gentle enough to use with babies and young children. You will also find many bathing products and bedtime teas using chamomile as a main ingredient. This is a staple essential oil for sleep.

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6) Bergamot:

bergamot essential oils for sleepOnce you use bergamot, you’re definitely a part of the essential oil fan club. Bergamot is a citrus oil and a key ingredient in Earl Grey tea, which is no surprise why it lifts the mood and creates a worry-free attitude. This oil got its start in Italian folk medicine. And unlike other citrus oils, it calms instead of energizes. Bergamot has physiological effects to induce sleeping such as reduced heart rate and blood pressure.

It also has psychological effects by reducing the thoughts and feelings of stress, anxiety, and self-doubt that would typically keep you up at night. The only thing bergamot can’t do is be used topically on you skin. This is because bergamot is photosensitive and makes your skin more sensitive to the sun, thus it should not be used when going outside. Bergamot is a unique essential oil, and it’s endless benefits are sure to give you your best night’s sleep.

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7) Ylang Ylang:

favorite scents for sleepingYlang Ylang is the silent wonder of essential oils. It is a fruity oil that comes from a tree native to Southeast Asia. Like many of the oils listed above, ylang ylang has calming effects on the nervous system. Ylang ylang oil slows the heart rate and reduces blood pressure. Slowing these processes is the key to falling asleep faster and staying asleep longer. This is helpful for individuals with sleep problems and depression.

Studies show that while less common, ylang ylang is right up there with lavender and bergamot essential oils with individuals looking to lower less stress and anxiety. Ylang ylang is fairly inexpensive compared to other essential oils, we suggest getting it in a variety pack of different essential oils or in a blend to get the most for your money.

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8) Sandalwood:

scented oils for sleepSandalwood is an essential oil lover’s go-to. You can tell even just by the name that sandalwood is a dreamy, woody, fragrance that makes the user feel calm and grounded. This allows them to calm the mind and easily fall asleep. Sandalwood is also considered a great mood balancer.

The only downside to sandalwood is that it is one of the most expensive essential oils. Sandalwood is so expensive due to its high demand, but very low supply.

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9) Cedarwood:

favorite scented oils for sleepCedarwood is similar to sandalwood in that the woody fragrance gives the user a sense of feeling grounded and calm. Making Cedarwood a great alternative to sandalwood because it is less expensive with the same benefits. For every sleepytime blend you make, you definitely want to include cedarwood; it pairs well with everything, especially bergamot and is the ultimate relaxation oil. Cedarwood works by increasing the production of seratonin in the body which elevates your mood.

The essential oil also has natural sedative properties. This helps relieve stress and anxiety, and is useful for calming your emotions; hence making you feel grounded.

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Just looking to make your room smell amazing? Then visit our page Best Bedroom Fragrance & Safe Scents for Bedrooms. You don’t have to use essential oils to make your room smell heavenly.

essential oils to avoid for getting to sleepEssential Oils To Avoid Before Bed:

Not all essential oils effect everyone in the same way. One example is vertiver oil, which is known to relieve insomnia in some people, while making others feel refreshed and alert. Although some oils may be adaptable, it is important to note that not all oils are intended for sleep aids.

Some such as lemongrass, citrus fresh, or tangerine are meant to energize, and will consistently do so. Do not use these for sleep, they are far too stimulating and will be more likely to keep you awake then sooth your to sleep.

The Sleep Benefits of Essential Oils Summary: 

 We bet you never knew how essential essential oils could be to your sleep, but now you know. As a natural, risk-free, harmless solution to getting your best night’s sleep- why wouldn’t you try them? Essential oils are the individual remedy that works for everyone. Whether you diffuse, use topically, or drop a little in your tea, these little oils have grand effects.

Whether you prefer lavender, bergamot, cedarwood, or ylang ylang, make a blend that works best for you. Since the drops of oil are so small, and a little goes a long way, with essential oils, you have the tools needed to create restful sleep night after night. Even if you’re just now hearing of essential oils, these herbs and plants have been used for centuries; so you know they work. If you’ve been dreaming of a great night’s sleep, essential oils can be your dream come true.

favorite essential oils

Still have questions about how essential oils for sleep will work for you? We’d be happy to help answer any questions, just Contact Us!

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