February 10, 2022

17 Pregnancy Sleep Tips

Getting the sleep you need during a pregnancy is not always easy. Being pregnant often comes along with many complications and discomforts. Which can make it remarkably difficult to get enough sleep. Which is why we are here to share with you our 17 Pregnancy Sleep Tips so that you can get back to sleeping great. Keep reading for some tips on what to expect during each trimester, as well as our top tips to help you get great sleep while pregnant.

Pregnancy Sleep Tips – Sleeping Each Trimester

what to expect for energy and sleep during your pregnancyThroughout your pregnancy your body is changing and so will some of your sleeping patterns and needs. During the first trimester you will be very tired and will not only be craving certain foods but also more sleep. Luckily during this time your body hasn’t changed much yet and regular sleeping positions and patterns shouldn’t be affected.

Your second trimester you will have more energy and not feel the need to sleep as much. You also will still feel comfortable in your changing body for the most part. This will allow you to still change your sleeping positions a little. And being more comfortable overall should allow for plenty of good sleep overall.

By the third trimester you may be a bit more uncomfortable. This is when you may need to alternate a few pillows and support options to get you comfortable. You may also be more anxious with your due date approaching. As well as be extra tired, especially getting all the odds and ends tied up before your little one comes home.

17 pregnancy sleep tips to help pregnant moms get great sleep

Below we have a comprehensive list of very useful and helpful pregnancy sleep tips. This list includes things that can be done throughout your day to ensure that by the time you are going to sleep you will be physically and mentally ready. As well as tips on what you can do right before bed to help you fully relax and prepare for sleep. There are even a few tips on how to make yourself more comfortable while sleeping to make sure that you wake up as little as possible too.

#1 – Create A Morning Routine

create a morning routine during your pregnancyFirst thing in the morning, right when you open your eyes. You should have a set morning routine. This is a great time to fit in some self-care. Make sure you are drinking enough water, getting something to eat, perhaps taking a shower, or getting in some stretching or physical activity.

We also recommend always trying to wake up around the same time every morning. This will help to keep your circadian rhythm on track. If you start to sleep in it could cause you to stay up late at night and have trouble falling asleep on time. By having a set morning routine it can help you to feel awake in the morning as well as get to sleep on time in the evening.

#2 – Stretch Every Morning and Night

stretch every morning and nightBefore you go to bed and first thing in the morning, we highly recommend getting in a good stretch. Your body is growing and working hard to keep you and baby healthy and strong. It can be hard on your body when you are going through such big changes.

Getting in a good stretch before bed can help prevent any tight muscles, cramps, or aches and pains throughout the night. You often do not shift positions as much throughout the night while pregnant either.

Which is why you should also ease into your mornings with an easy stretch. You can even begin by stretching in bed before you even get out of bed. It is a great way to slowly and gently wake up your body.

Pregnancy Yoga Stretches for Back, Hips & Legs

#3 – Take Your Prenatal Vitamins

take your prenatal vitamins dailyDuring a pregnancy your body needs extra nutrients than usual. When you are lacking in vitamins and minerals it can really impact in your ability to get great sleep. Which is why it is very important to stay on top of your vitamins while pregnant.

A lot of pregnant women experience some form of vitamin deficiency during pregnancy. Which is why it is important to eat healthy and take your prenatal vitamins. Not only is it of course important for you and baby to stay strong and healthy. It will also make sure your body has everything it needs in order to induce sleep properly.

#4 – Eat Smaller, More Frequent Meals

eat small snacksHeartburn is a common pregnancy nightmare. It can quite literally keep you up at night. Which is why one of our sleep tips is to eat smaller meals more frequently. This will make it much easier for you to digest your food without becoming overly stuffed.

Often the reason behind heartburn is that there is less space in your stomach than usual. Which means if you eat too much, you are going to get heartburn. By eating a smaller amount more frequently, you are less likely to over eat and will still be able to get in all the nutrients you and baby need.

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#5 – Stay Physically Active

pregnancy sleep tipsIf you are generally a physically active person, it is generally thought as safe to continue being physically active throughout your pregnancy. You may have to change the kinds or intensity of your workouts. However, continuing to get up and move your body is a healthy thing to do.

If you are used to being active and then you cut out all physical activity, it can hinder your ability to sleep in the evenings. Of course, you should always follow doctor’s orders first and foremost.

So if you have been told to remain still and limit your physical actions, then absolutely do so. However, with your doctor’s permission, we highly recommend staying active if you can. It will absolutely make it easier to get to sleep at night.

#6 – Enjoy Your Love Life

enjoy your love life while pregnantMost doctors will agree, remain sexually active with your partner is safe and healthy throughout your pregnancy. (Always consult your doctor with any concerns you have.) Enjoying your love life with help you to bond and relax with your partner. It can even bring relief for any pain or stress your body is in as well.

If you are having a hard time sleeping, an orgasm could be just the thing you need. When you orgasm a hormone called prolactin is released and it helps to induce sleep.

It is why we often feel oh so relaxed and sleepy after we experience an orgasm. So make sure you continue enjoying your love life and having orgasms throughout your pregnancy.

Pregnancy Sleep Tips: Right Before Bed

#7 – Limit Your Liquids In The Evening

don't drink water right before bedA lot of people have a hard time staying asleep throughout the night without needing to wake up to take a bathroom break. When you are pregnant it is far more often that you are going to be waking up in order to take bathroom breaks. If you want to have less disruptions throughout the night, we highly recommend that you limit the amount of liquids you drink before bed.

If you have a particularly difficult time needing to get up and go to the restroom during the night, then we recommend that you stop drinking liquids entirely at least two hours before bed.

Whether it is herbal tea, water, juice, cut it all out. If you must take small sips of water, but try to drink as little as possible before bed. This will help to limit the amount that is in your bladder throughout the night.

#8 – Relax Your Body & Mind

relax and read before bedWe understand that telling you to simply “relax” is not a tip. In fact, when you are stressed or anxious being told to relax can be infuriating. Our tip here is to find activities that work for you when it comes to staying calm, and relaxing your body and mind when you really need it.

Whatever that happens to look like for you. It can be putting on your go to feel good movie, getting a massage, taking a bath, reading a book, meditating, yoga.

Whatever it is that helps you to truly relax your mind, body, and soul. This can be something that you add to your nightly routine. Keep reading to get tips on how to create a bedtime routine.

#9 – Create A Bedtime Routine

create a nightly routine while pregnantIf you are having trouble getting to bed at night, then we highly recommend creating relaxing bed time routine. This would consist of a number of actions and activities that you do before bed. This can consist of, drinking a cup of tea, taking a warm bath, brushing your hair, washing your face, reading a book, meditating. Create a set routine that you do every single night around the same time before you go to bed.

Think of it like you would do for children, give them a bath, read them a bed time story, and so on. It works for adults in the same way that it works for children.

Having a set routine that you do every night helps to solidify to your circadian rhythm that it is time to prepare for sleep. This helps prepare you to go to sleep. The more consistent you are with your routine, the better.

#10 – Practice Deep Breathing

meditate before bedOf course, breathing exercises are a common practice for labor and delivery. However, we are referring to an entirely different type of breathing exercise. Relaxing breathing techniques to help to drift off to sleep.

These exercises can help you to breathe deeply in order to calm your body and mind. This can be helpful not only when you are trying to get to sleep or whenever life is getting too stressful.

Deep slow breaths help to calm your body and mind. We encourage this kind of breathing anytime anxiety is high. If you are having a hard time relaxing in bed, experiencing any discomfort or pains caused by pregnancy, or even if you are trying to go back to sleep after having a bad dream. You can break out this style of breathing any time in order to feel more relaxed.

Pregnancy Sleep Tips: While You Sleep

#11 – Have Several Pillow Options

use all the pillowsThere are many different kinds of pillows and we highly recommend having a solid selection, especially when you’re pregnant. There are wedge pillows that put you in an inclined position which is great for preventing heartburn, snoring, and just to lounge. While body pillows are fabulous for providing full body support when laying on your side.

Perhaps a small pillow for your lower back, or between the knees. You can even have a pillow for your head for when laying on your side or a different pillow you prefer for when laying on your back.

This may seem excessive to some. However, staying comfortable and getting your rest while pregnant can be difficult. If a few extra pillows keep you getting the rest you need, then they are well worth having.

Check out several pillow options in our Pillow Reviews.

#12 – Sleep On Your Left Side

mattress comfort for pregnant womenYes, we know this tip seems a bit nutty but here us out. Of course, you should sleep in whatever position is most comfortable and safe for you and baby. However, there are some interesting benefits to sleeping on your left side that you may not have known.

Because of the position of our stomachs, sleeping on your left side often aids in easy digestion. It can even lower your chances of heartburn and indigestion. They believe sleeping on your left increases overall blood circulation, which is fantastic.

It is also believed that it could increase nutrients and blood flow to the placenta. This is because when on your left side there is less pressure on the vena cava. This Is the largest vein carrying blood into the heart.

#13 – Stay Calm Through Crazy Dreams

create a comfortable bedYou may be surprised at how intense and crazy your dreams get during pregnancy. A lot of this has to do with added worries and stress combined with all those pregnancy hormones. We highly recommend coming up with a method for dealing with these dreams and getting back to sleep.

A dream journal can be a great way to get those crazy dreams out of your head and onto paper. Telling a partner always helps too, especially if they can give you calm reassurance. This is also a great time to break out a good calming breathing exercise. The slow breaths can help to release tension and sooth you back to sleep.

#14 – Use A Sound Machine

use sound machinesSounds can be incredibly distracting when you are trying to get to sleep. Whether it is caused by noisy neighbors, a snoring spouse, barking dogs, or that weird clicking sound that the fan makes. In order to get your best sleep possible, we always recommend eliminating excess noise as much as possible. How do you eliminate excess noise? By using a sound machine!

Sounds like white noise not only help to cover up other noises, but it can actually drown out other frequencies in order to simulate a generally quieter space.

This is similar to how noise canceling headphones work. If you are not into white noise, there are many options from calming ambient nature sounds as well as relaxing music, podcasts, and stories. Sound machines can be a great tool for getting better sleep while pregnant.

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#15 – Make Your Bedroom A Comfortable Temperature

stay cool and sleep wellTypically, you are going to want to keep your bedroom slightly cooler than normal. Although, it is of course up to you what is feeling comfortable in the moment. Hormones often will cause you to heat up more than usual. Sleeping in the wrong temperature can make it very difficult to stay comfortable.

We suggested finding ways to control and alter your surrounding temperature without having to blast the entire hour with AC or heat. First, layers of blankets that can be easily added or taken off. Next cool water on your bedside table and a fan that you can turn on and off without getting out of bed can also help. We have our AC adjustable through out smartphones using a Nest thermostat, this has been a lifesaver. However personal cooling and heating devices like the ChiliPad can also be a great option for making sure you are at your ideal temperature all night long.

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#16 – Use Blackout Curtains

use blackout curtainsBlackout curtains are a great way to block out unwanted light. Especially if you are needing to take breaks and naps midday. It allows you to get to sleep comfortably any time of day. Even at night it can help to block out ambient lights from outside.

This can be especially helpful once the baby comes and you need a nice dark place to take naps whenever you can squeeze them in. It also can help nap time for your little one as well. An added bonus to blackout curtains is that they can help to keep your sleep space comfortably cool in the summer time.

#17 – Get A Good Mattress

sleep on your left hand sideHaving a comfortable and supportive mattress is incredibly important in order to get great sleep, especially when you’re pregnant. Your body is changing, and it is important that you have a mattress that is going to provide you with the right amount of support for your back.

It is possible that you may have to change your sleeping position, which might mean that your mattress is not that right softness level anymore. Most stomach sleepers need very firm mattresses that might be too firm when you change to sleeping on your side or back.

If you need help finding a new mattress you can check out our Mattress Guide, read our Mattress Reviews, or contact us for a personalized mattress recommendation.

17 Pregnancy Sleep Tips – Final Thoughts:

Pregnancy is hard enough on the body without any added complications caused by not getting enough sleep. We hope that some of our 17 pregnancy sleep tips help you to get your very best sleep all throughout your pregnancy. If you need help we any product recommendations, or specific advice on sleep or mattresses we would love to help you out. Simply reach out to us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We would love to help you get your best sleep possible.

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