August 23, 2018

Serta Blue Fusion 100 Hybrid Mattress Review

serta blue fusion 100 hybridWhen it comes to sleep, there’s no such thing as too much comfort. But with thousands of brands advertising themselves as the best, how do you determine which one truly is?

All mattresses have the appeal of looking and feeling like heaven. Many will offer free shipping, free delivery and discounts for choosing their mattress. But how do you tell if a mattress will truly be your perfect fit? Meet all your comfort standards? Well you’re in luck. With a comprehensive guide such as ours you can cut short your search time and increase your sleep time. In this review we will be covering the Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm, a mattress that has not yet hit the online market.

This mattress is one of many in the icomfort series that Serta has revamped in 2018. These mattresses include memory foam and hybrid, all of which use innovative technologies for cooling, responsiveness, and firmness. In this guide we will fall into what we do and don’t love about the Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm, and then you can decide what fits you best.

Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm – Materials:

The hybrid Serta iComfort Blue Fusion 100 Firm uses one of a kind, innovative TempActiv Gel Memory Foam. The mattress is approximately 12” thick. The Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm is the upgraded version of the icomfort Blue 100 se it’s. Other mattresses include the Blue Max 300 Elite and Blue Max 5000 Elite. Here is the specific material breakdown for the Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm:

Comfort Foam Layers:

  • 1” Serta PillowSoft Aire
  • ½” Serta PillowSoft Foam
  • ¾” TempActiv Gel Memory Foam
  • 1” Serta Balanced Support Foam

The biggest feature is the TempActive Gel Memory Foam. This new and improved material gives a cooling sensation immediately when you place any part of your body on the mattress. The Serta balanced support Foam gives it a firmer feel, with breathable, gentle cushion.

serta blue fusion 100 hybrid

Base Layer:
• Serta Hybrid Cool Support System Form with Best Edge Foam Encase

The Base layer of the Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm is its Serta Hybrid Cool Support System. This coil system is designed to keep you cooler, keep the mattress more supported, and overall create you ideal comfort.

• TempActiv Balance Fabric

The TempActiv Balance Fabric for high performance heat and moisture regulation is used to create a soft, breathable mattress cover. It’s quilted design stretches over the entire mattress and snaps right back to it when you pick and release it. The cover is a critical part of your comfort.

Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm- Temperature Regulation:

serta icomfort blue 100The gel infused memory foam gives a little extra to enhance the responsiveness of the mattress, but also provides you with ideal temperature regulation as well. This is because you won’t find a surface design or structure that promotes airflow quite like this. As with all Serta mattresses, their deep reaction memory firm makes it firmer for your best sleep.

This means you’ll get less “sink” and better temperature regulation. The firmness also means you’ll toss and turn less, keeping you cooler. Each layer of memory foam of the Serta iComfort Blue Fusion 100 Firm will dissipate heat faster than most memory foams, and this mattress has the added feature of a coil system that allows for heat to escape as well.

Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm- Comfort & Support:

serta blue fusion 100 hybridThere’s no doubt you’ll be sharing about the comfort and support of your Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm with everyone. This hybrid mattress is ideal for any sleeper. For back and stomach sleepers it provides all the support you need while still contouring to your neck and shoulders.

For side sleepers, the top layers of unique foams provide just enough cushion for your shoulders and hips to sink into. This mattress is even idea, for heavier/ larger persons because it’s coil system has gives even more support than an all memory foam mattress.

The hybrid nature of the Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm gives you the trifecta of comfort, support, and durability. You can check sleeping cool, motion transfer, and edge support off your list because this mattress qualifies in every category.

Go for the Serta iComfort Blue Fusion 100 Firm if:

1. You are looking for high quality materials and comfort in a hybrid mattress. This gives you the best of both worlds and durability you can trust to last several years.
2. You are typically a warm sleeper. The hybrid design by nature increases coolness as heat escapes through the coil system, but this mattress also uses a variety of innovative cooling foams.
3. You’re tired of waking up with aches and pains. The Serta iComfort series is known for being pressure relieving. Customers rave about their improved, best night’s sleep and waking up pain free.
4. You want a little extra bounce. By nature, hybrid mattresses with coil systems give you just a little bounce back.
5. Your price range is around $1000. The Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm comes in at an unbeatable $1,099.

serta blue fusion 100 hybrid
This mattress may not be for me if:

1. You want zero motion transfer. This hybrid may not be the option for you because with the coil system you will feel a few more vibrations than with an all memory foam mattress. If you want an all foam mattress check out our Best Memory Foam Mattresses.
2. If you desire a plush mattress. Typically hybrids will be anything but plush, and the Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm is clearly the firmer option.
3. You are a predominant side sleeper that likes a little extra cushion. Again, with the Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm your shoulders and hips will sink in just enough, but if you like a little extra softness to sink into, this is not the mattress for you.
4. Your price range is less than $1000. The Serta Blue Fusion 100 Firm is decently priced at $1099 but if this is over your budget, you may want to shop a more budget friendly mattress. Make sure to visit our Best Mattresses on a Budget page.

Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! If you have questions or need more insight during your mattress buying journey, please feel free to contact us.