February 12, 2019

Lunya Sleepwear Review

lunya sleepwear reviewIf you’re a woman, have you actually ever thought about the clothes you actually sleep in? So much thought goes into improving mattresses, pillows, blankets, but what about your sleepwear? This has to be an essential part of the sleep equation, right? Well, finally someone did. Lunya is reinventing sleepwear for the modern woman, so that sleepwear is working towards your sleep, not against it.

With a variety of comfort options and uses such as for comfort, for support, to restore, to cool, and even organic options, Lunya is sure to be your only sleepwear retailer. They offer everything from robes and cardigans, to dresses and intimates, all designed with your sleep in mind. There’s a reason people don’t sleep in jeans. Complete your sleep experience by choosing the best sleepwear and continue reading to learn about the materials, benefits, and more with Lunya sleepwear for women.

Lunya Sleepwear Collections:

lunya sleepwear reviewComfort is one thing, but at what cost? Often times women have to sabotage style for comfort when it comes to sleep. Not anymore. Lunya offers the greatest variety of fabrics including washable silk, cozy alpaca, and organic materials. Below you will find the specifics about each Lunya Sleepwear Collection. And how each line features certain materials and benefits to address specific needs.

There are a variety of styles within each category such as, robes and cardigans, rompers and jumpsuits, dresses, intimates, tops, bottoms, and accessories. The details about each style are as follows:

  • Lunya Washable Silk Collection: 

lunya sleepwear reviewIf you are looking for luxury that is functional and stylish the Lunya silk line is for you. Not only are each of this delicate intimates 100% super smooth silk, but each one is washable too. Giving you easy access to premium jammies that you don’t have to worry about dry cleaning or hand washing.

Not only is this line easy to care for but the feel is unbeatable. Designed to flatter every figure as well as wear amazingly night after night. The feel is exactly what you would expect, silk as can be. And the options are plentiful. And the benefits of silk help keep you sleeping temperature neutral regardless of where you are.

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  • Lunya Cozy Pima Alpaca Collection: 

lunya sleepwear reviewMany may find that sleeping too warm is an issue. But what about those of us who sleep colder and like to be cozy and warm? Well, that is where the Pima Alpaca collection by Lunya Sleepwear can help. The cozy alpaca is ideal for any cold night when you want to feel as snug as a bug in a rug. This textile is made from 83% baby alpaca, 8% merino wool, 4% acrylic, 4% polyamide, and 1% polyester. Making it ideally soft and snuggly.

One thing that is different with materials like this is washing them. You don’t want to wash anything made with wool, or you may result in an item you can no longer wear. Luckily the cozy alpaca items include a freeze sleeve, sent free with your order. Instead of washing, simply place items in sleeve, place sleeve in freezer, and let the freezer do its work overnight. This not only helps with killing bacteria and any scent, but also helps maintain the coziness and durability of your cozy alpaca sleepwear.

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  • Lunya Restore Collection: 

lunya sleepwear reviewWhen it comes to restoring your body while you sleep, the Restore line by Lunya helps speed up the process. Lunya Restore fabrics are soft and durable for a perfect feel. But they are also made with Celliant fibers. These amazing technology helps your body recharge and increase blood flow to heal, restore, and strengthen. Restore products are made of 56% Supima and 44% Celliant Polyester.

These particular pajamas are especially great for athletes. The advanced Celliant infusion uses infrared technology to use your bodies energy and converts it back to the body. This creates a chemical reaction that results in increased blood flow and oxygenation for increased tissue repair. Giving your body an added boost or resiliency while you sleep.

If you think that Celliant infused sleep products stops here you’ll quickly find out it’s just the beginning. Both the Bear Hybrid and Bear Memory Foam mattresses feature Celliant design. As well as the Bear Celliant Sheets too. All of these sleep products offer great restorative properties for both athletes and every day sleepers looking for quicker repair.

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  • Lunya Organic Pima Collection:

lunya sleepwear reviewIf soft is what you really want but you also want organic than the Lunya Organic Pima Cotton is what you need. This strictly GOTS certified sleepwear line has your bases covered if sleeping green is your goal. This textile is not only buttery soft but adheres to stringent guidelines from seed until full Lunya fabric. Making it unlike so many other “organic” or “natural” cottons out there.

It may take longer to make this fabric but it certainly is worth the wait. The Organic Pima Cotton is very soft, super breathable and even hypoallergenic. It is sustainable and better for sensitive skin too. Not to mention that it is flattering and great to wear sleeping or lounging. Making this sleepwear collection an absolute favorite and much loved option.

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  • Lunya Cool Pima Collection: 

lunya sleepwear reviewWhen it comes to comfort many times the most important part is keeping us cool. Sweating while you sleep can be one of the biggest downfalls and having pajamas that help avoid this pitfall could be everything. The Cool Pima collection by Lunya sleepwear may be the answer to sleeping cool.

This innovative fabric is made of the best pima cotton but is infused with TransDRY and XT2 technology. These infusions not only help with keeping you much cooler than cotton alone but also help any sweat evaporate quicker. This means you stay cooler and drier while you sleep leaving less nightly interruptions. Even with this amazing technology you still get super soft jammies that wear great. And wash up nicely, and don’t worry about washing out any of the amazing technology.

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  • Lunya Supported Modal Collection: 

lunya sleepwear reviewThe Supported Modal collection, also known as Siro, features a feel that is light and airy, but supportive too. When you don’t want it ‘hanging all out’ while you sleep, soft, compact, knit cotton modal keeps your most valuable assets right where they should be. Modal is derived from rayon, a synthetic fiber made of cellulose. This equates for 95% of the fabric with the other 5% coming from spandex. This adds strength and flexibility.

This collection is also sublimely soft and very durable. Giving you a great fit that drapes gently over your body that doesn’t shrink. They also move with you so whether you’re lounging on a Sunday afternoon or sleeping, your new pajamas will easily shift with every position you’re in. This amazing fabric is also cool to the touch and breathable but also highly absorbent, just in case.

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Lunya Sleepwear – Benefits: 

lunya sleepwear reviewWhen it comes to Lunya, its about three things: Design, Innovation, and Quality. The brand was founded in 2014 with the idea to make women feel comfortable and confident in their lounge and sleepwear. The design of Lunya sleepwear is intended to benefit you in all the ways; straps that don’t slip, pockets that lay flat, intimates that don’t ride up and ultimately, styles that keep you cool and confident all night long. Change your clothes, but don’t change your confidence just because you’re wearing sleepwear. Lunya is intended for so much more than just sleep.

The ideas behind Lunya fabrics are also innovative. Their fabrics are luxuriously comfortable and predominantly natural. They are designed to benefit you in all the areas that keep you up at night such as, restlessness, temperature control, and muscle sores. Lastly, when you buy Lunya products, you know you are buying quality products that will provide the same benefits wear after wear. Lunya fabrics undergo wear tests, have lasting construction techniques, and high quality finishes. You spend one-third of your life sleeping, why not spend it in the most luxurious way possible.

Lunya Sleepwear – Value: 

lunya sleepwear reviewYou can’t live without sleep, so you can’t live without the proper sleepwear either. Lunya sleepwear promises high quality materials ranging from as little as $38.00 for a single item up to $298.00 for a 5 or 6-piece full sleepwear set. They consistently offer specials, like free shipping on orders over $200.  So you’re always getting your money’s worth.

If you happen to be unsatisfied with your Lunya products, all items include a 30-day return and exchange policy, in which you may return unused and unwashed items. It’s hard to put a price on sleep, but if we had to do it, it would be Lunya- dollars; the most luxury for your money.

Lunya Sleepwear Overview: 

It’s about time that sleepwear is redesigned. What you wear to sleep can do so much more for your body. In fact, half the time people complain of tossing and turning because of their sleepwear. Whether its extra cozy, non-slipping, or body restoring, Lunya has put an end to sleepless sleepwear. No matter which style you choose, you are guaranteed to feel more comfortable and still look good doing it. Don’t just buy pajamas, buy Lunya.