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Accessory Review Bear Celliant Sheets Review

bear celliant sheets review When it comes to accessorizing your Bear Mattresses you can’t go wrong with the Bear mattress protector, Bear pillow and the Bear Celliant sheets. All of which are made to perfectly compliment both the Bear hybrid and Bear foam mattresses. The Bear sheets are really something special.

Like the mattresses, the sheets also feature the amazing and innovative Celliant infrared yarn. This combine with cotton makes for not only very comfortable and breathable sheets. But, sheets that help restore tired muscles that in turn help you fall asleep faster. Giving you a more restful night for a better and more energized day.

Bear Celliant Sheets – Materials:

When it comes to sheets not only do the actual materials matter, but how the materials are woven together as well. With the Bear Celliant sheets you get a sateen weaved fabric. This construction features a specific satin style structure that leaves the sheets silkier and smoother. By using a spun yarn instead of a filament you create a feel that is similar to silk, giving you a higher quality feel.

bear celliant sheets reviewThese sheets also use a 400 thread count, single ply. When it comes to thread count this number references the horizontal and vertical threads in each square inch of the fabric. This number is usually a good indicator of how soft the sheets will be. Also, the higher the thread count the better it will not only wear over time, but also soften with time too.

Some may argue that too high of a thread count will lessen the softness as well as breathability in sheets. Bear found that the 400 thread count was the most ideal for softness as well as breathability for them. They wanted to make sure that the sheets wer not only soft and comfortable, but also wouldn’t sleep to hot or be too crisp.

bear celliant sheets reviewThe actual yarn, or thread, of the Bear sheets uses a combination of 60% Cotton and 40% Celliant infused Polyester. This creates a yarn that offers all the benefits of cotton and polyester. Creating a combination that is soft and breathable from the cotton. But also durable and wears well from the Polyester. Not to mention the amazing breakthrough technology of the Celliant infusion.

Celliant Technology: 

bear celliant sheets reviewThe Celliant technology featured in the Bear sheets really set them apart from what you’ll typically find. This amazing technology is also featured in the cover of both of the Bear Mattresses. Even though this technology works through any sheets or protector, for even better results it is nice having it in direct contact with your body too.

If you haven’t heard of Celliant than you should definitely become familiar with it. Because it could not only change the way you sleep, but also your entire life.

Celliant works with your body by recycling your natural energy back to your body as infrared energy. The infused fibers of the sheets help your bodies local blood flow and tissue oxygenation. This literally means that your body is healing and restoring more efficiently while you sleep.

Helping with aches, pains and general muscle soreness. This not only promotes better, more restful sleep but also increases your energy for a more productive day. Making it great not only for athletes, but everyone who wants to wake up feeling better.

bear celliant sheets review

Another amazing aspect of Celliant is its ability to regulate temperature too. This helps your body from getting too warm, as well as too cool, while you sleep. Amazingly enough, Celliant will never wash or wear out either. This means that through the entire life of the sheets you will always have these awesome benefits. Giving the Bear Celliant sheets yet another reason to stand out from the run of the mill sheets you may be use to.

Bear Celliant Sheets – Benefits:

When it comes to the features of the Bear Celliant sheets you may find that these clearly outperform any others. If you haven’t already picked up on all the benefits these technology driven sheets offer than you can quickly see the long list here.

  • Responsive Celliant Infused Fabric – Promotes more restful sleep and increased energy.
  • Soft, Breathable & Durable – Quality materials and perfected construction.
  • Temperature Regulating – Cotton and Celliant yarns for air flow and cool and dry sheets.
  • Deep Pockets – 13″ deep to be exact, and can fit up to a 16″ thick mattress.
  • Affordable Price & Additional Savings – Already great price, but also coupons and bundle prices.
  • Free Shipping – Added bonus!
Bear Celliant Sheets – Comfort & Durability:

bear celliant sheets reviewWith the Bear sheets you are certainly not going to lack on feel or longevity. These sheets are constructed from materials that are smooth and breathable. Combine with a sateen weave and ample thread count to add to the silkiness and softness of them.

Not only do these apply to the feel, but also the durability and strength they have. Allowing these sheets to get softer with time and last for many, many years. When it comes to both the comfort and durability of the Bear Celliant sheets you won’t be disappointed.

Bear Sheets – Value: 

Even with the advanced technology, amazing benefits and great feel of these sheets you don’t get an inflated price. The value of the Bear Celliant sheets make them that much more appealing. These sheets are a great deal for the ample benefits. With the biggest benefit being the power of the Celliant infusion. Allowing your body to recover faster and better. Making these sheets one of a kind.

bear celliant sheets reviewOffered in every mattress size you can outfit every room in your house with this sheet set. Included is one flat sheet, one fitted sheet and 2 pillow cases in the Full, Queen, King and Cal King sizes. And 1 pillow case in the Twin size. Also, free shipping and one year warranty too! You also have 100 nights to try out these sheets and see just how well they work for you.

The one minor drawback with the Bear sheets is the fact that they are only offered in one color, vapor. This is an off-white that should work nicely in most settings, but it would be nice to have a few other options too.

Bear Celliant Sheets – Care: 

Lastly, the care of these sheets is easy and just like most others. The best way to wash them is with like colors in a gentle cycle without bleach. Than dry on a low heat tumble dry setting and remove quickly for the best look. And if you like them to look really nice, you can use a steam iron too.

Bear Celliant Sheets – Summary:

If you want sheets that are not only soft and comfortable but also help you sleep and perform better, these are the ones. Using advance technology to work with your body to recover faster and more efficiently you will notice a difference. Especially over time. Though you may not see or feel immediate results, your body and your sleep are sure to improve the more you use them.

If you have any questions about the Bear Celliant Sheets, or any other products on Our Sleep Guide let us know. We are always happy to help with any of your bedding or sleep related questions. Just Contact Us and we will reply as quickly as we can!

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