July 18, 2018

Casper vs Yaasa

When learning about bed-in-a-box companies, it’s important to see where it all started. Casper is one of the original brands to pioneer this industry, bringing you convenient delivery without sacrificing quality and comfort. The Yaasa mattress is a newer contender in this market. It differs by giving you firmness options and a hybrid design. Can an original stand up to a newer style? Find out which one will be a better fit for you when you read on our Casper vs Yaasa head-to-head mattress review.

casper vs yaasa
Casper – Overview:

casper vs yaasaThis “one perfect mattress for everyone” was one of the first in exclusively online mattress stores. The Casper delivers 12″ of universal feel to accommodate your comfort, no matter how you lie. This is a great choice for those who share a bed and prefer different sleeping positions from one another.

Casper established the sleep-trial standard for bed-in-a-box companies everywhere. You get the ability to return the Casper mattress if you decide it’s not the right fit for you. At an affordable price with quality materials, the Casper is a solid choice. It even comes with a 10-year warranty and free shipping. You might be wondering how this mattress has stood up to newcomers in the industry. Continue reading through this comparison article to see how the Casper stands up to the Yaasa mattress.

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Yaasa – Overview:

casper vs yaasa12 inches of quality materials make up the Yaasa mattress. With this bed-in-a-box brand, you can select your firmness level. If you need a solid support, you can select the firm option. If you like the feeling of a contouring hug, you can choose the soft option.

Additional properties have been added to this superb design to aid in keeping you sleeping cool. You will also get a decent quality in stopping motion transfer and consistent edge support. The materials and construction of this bed surpass many other all foam options. You can purchase this mattress for the same price or lower than comparable brands too, making it a fantastic value. Can the Yaasa beat out one of the founding online mattress companies? Find out by reading more of the Casper vs Yaasa review.

Want to jump right to the full review? Find the Yaasa Hybrid HERE or shop at Yaasa.com!

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Casper – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

casper vs purpleCasper is one of the original companies that pioneered the bed-in-a-box industry. They offer free shipping with your mattress purchase. This is completed by compressing it into a roll-packed box that will arrive to your doorstep within a few weeks. Customers then remove the mattress from the box and position it in the desired location. After unrolling and removing the plastic wrapping, your Casper will come to life. It will take a few hours to fully expand and up to a day to fully firm up.

While this is taking place, you may notice some fumes coming from your new mattress. This occurrence is called off-gassing. If you are sensitive to smells, you should avoid the area as the Casper airs out. The fragrances produced during off-gassing in our trial were minimal. After trying out the Casper, you will understand why this delivery method took off.

Yaasa – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

casper vs yaasaThe purchase of your Yaasa mattress includes free shipping. This bed-in-a-box will arrive right to your front door in no time at all. The compact box is heavy for one person to set up by themselves, so phone a friend to help. Set-up should be straightforward. All you must do is place the mattress in your desired location, unroll, and unwrap. After this, the Yaasa may take a few moments to fully expand. It could take up to a day or two to fully firm up. However, we noticed this was one of the few mattresses ready to be slept on even within the first hour.

Since this mattress is made to order in the USA, you shouldn’t notice much of a smell during off-gassing. The construction of the Yaasa uses a water-based glue and low VOC materials. If you are sensitive to smells, the “new mattress” odor might be more noticeable. If so, avoid the area during off-gassing. Other than that, you will be able to quickly enjoy this mattress.

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Casper Mattress – Comfort:

casper vs nectarThis founding brand when with a universal feel for comfort. The Casper should be comfortable in all sleeping positions. It rates a 6-6.5 on a scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. You will have a nice sinking contour at the hip and should for superb side sleeping. However, this mattress may feel too firm for some to find comfort in this arrangement. You will have excellent lumbar support for back sleeping as the Casper cradles you neck and shoulders.

There is nothing lacking in comfort for stomach sleepers, who won’t have to worry about back bowing. You should get adequate spinal alignment in all these sleeping positions. The Casper may seem softer to people of larger proportions. It may be beneficial to look at other mattresses from this brand to get a comfortable sleep. Overall, the Casper should be a great feel for almost everyone.

Yaasa Mattress – Comfort:

yaasa studios mattress reviewWith two different options for comfort, the Yaasa mattress will be a better choice for a full range of people. Side sleepers should choose the soft option. It will feel like you are sleeping in the bed rather than on top of it due to contouring properties. Your hip and shoulder will sink in to provide you with proper spinal alignment. The soft option rates around a 4 on a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest.

Stomach and back sleepers should select the firm option. You will feel more like you are sleeping on top of the mattress rather than in it. This true medium-firm feel rates at a 6 on the firmness scale. Less sinking at pressure points will create perfect weight distribution.

Materials are mostly the same in either option, aside from the second layer. In the soft option a Hybrid Foam is used, and the top layer is thicker to allow more contouring. Latex Foam is used in the firm option, and the top layer is thinner to create a more solid surface.

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Casper Mattress – Materials:

The Casper all-foam mattress combines four different layers to create a 12-inch thick design. The first segment is a breathable comfort layer. It gives you a soft feel for deep comfort with a responsive bounce. It also has an open cell design for optimized air flow. A sheet of memory foam makes up the next layer. This material enhances the deep comfort feel of the top layer with a pressure relieving contour.

Under the memory foam is a layer of transitional poly foam. This final sheet of comfort will evenly distribute your weight for ideal comfort in any sleeping position. It is zoned for additional firmness at the hips and softness at the shoulders. The foundational layer creates a durable initial material that prevents bottoming out. Casper features a zip off cover for easy cleaning. They make it from a premium, woven polyester in a gray and white color palette.

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Yaasa Mattress – Materials:

casper vs yaasaThe Yaasa is a hybrid mattress combining a coil set with three layers of foam to create a 12-inch mattress. In the soft version, the top layer of foam is a 2-inch thick, 2.7-pound density Cooling Infinity Foam. This material provides a breathable contour that offers heat reduction qualities. The next layer is the 1-inch thick Hybrid Foam.

Under these two layers is an 8-inch thick coil set consisting of 968 coils in a queen size. Beneath all of this is a 1-inch thick, 1.5-pound density Base Foam. The firm Yaasa differs only slightly. The top layer of foam is an inch thinner. The second layer of foam is a 2-inch thick Latex Foam. The rest remains the same in this customizable design. The Yaasa uses a TENCL blend cover that features a removal zipper and leather handles.

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Each mattress makes a ideally comfortable bed with the proper amount of support. With high end materials and quality construction to make the perfect bed. Also, don’t forget to check out the Yaasa adjustable bed too. This sleek and innovative adjustable frame is a great addition too. Learn more in our in depth Yaasa Adjustable Bed Review.

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Casper vs Yaasa – Motion Transfer:

casper vs yaasaLight sleepers will be delighted with the Casper. This all-foam mattress has four layers of differing materials that will stop motion transfer in the blink of an eye. Since this bed is equipped with memory foam, any vibrations that penetrate the top layer will be instantly absorbed. You will wake well-rested from having virtually no disturbances throughout the night. Any movement from your partner will be dissipated before they reach the other side of the mattress. We would recommend the Casper for couples, especially those that run on different schedules.

Hybrid mattresses tend to do better at providing cooling qualities along with support and longevity. The same cannot be said with their ability to reduce motion transfer. However, the Yaasa Studios brand has taken precautions to ensure that you get an undisturbed night of sleep. They individually wrap all the coils to isolate vibrations. The top layers of foam will absorb most movements. The base foam also gives this mattress a solid foundation to work with. Overall, you may not have a good experience with the Yaasa if you are a light sleeper. If you enjoy having responsiveness in a mattress, this brand gives you plenty while reducing most motion transfer.

Casper vs Yaasa – Sleeping Cool:

casper vs yaasaAll-foam mattresses are not usually known for their cooling properties. Therefore, it’s a good thing that the Casper has a few tricks up its sleeves. Starting with the cover, the woven stretch-knit material is soft and breathable. The foam used in this design are also on the firmer side, which prevents excessive sinking. When you sleep on top of the mattress versus inside the mattress, air cannot become trapped around you as easily.

The top layer of the Casper is an open cell foam that works to draw heat away from the body. It is also beneficial that this layer is between you and the memory foam, which tends to retain heat. If a few more cooling additions were given to the Casper, this brand would really stand out from the rest, however, when compared to the Yaasa you’ll find it will fall short for sleeping cool.

Learn more in our full Casper Mattress Review or go right to Casper.com.

yaasa studios mattress reviewCooling Benefits – Hybrids:

Hybrid mattresses already perform better at sleeping cool due to the air circulation provided by a coil system. Foam materials tend to retain heat, so additions are needed to create an all-over cooled slumber. The top layer of the Yaasa mattress is a breathable Infinity Foam. This section is infused with gel to draw heat away from your body. You will also find a naturally aerated latex in the Firm option.

The coil system will allow any leftover warmth to circulate through the openings to eventually escape. This mattress cover consists of a TENCEL blend fabric. It is breathable and soft to the touch. In addition, it has antibacterial properties and wicks away moisture. Another great benefit to the Yaasa mattress is the responsiveness of the materials. This keeps you from feeling stuck in one spot where warm air quickly becomes trapped around you. All of these make for superb benefits for sleeping cool.

Learn more in our full Yaasa Hybrid Mattress Review or go right to Yaasa.com.

Casper vs Yaasa – Edge Support:

Edge support is often overlooked when average customers are shopping for a new mattress. Though, this category of comparison is especially important for several reasons. You will want to be able to utilize the entire mattress and sleep all the way up to the edge. This is particularly true if you share your bed. You will want to carefully consider this topic if you enjoy sitting on the side of your bed. The Casper performed as most other all-foam mattresses. You get a consistent feeling for sleeping from edge to edge and top to bottom. Notable sinking occurs when sitting at the side. This mattress lacks high-end foam encasements and heavy border wire. You don’t get as good of a feeling as with an innerspring mattress.

yaasa studios mattress reviewYou will generally have more support in a hybrid mattress in comparison to an all-foam choice. This is certainly the case with the Yaasa mattress. Made with high-quality foams and durable springs, you’ll get consistency across your whole bed. This gives you the ability to sleep all the way up to the side of this mattress. You won’t experience the feeling that you’re going to roll out no matter how far out you need to stretch. You will also have a nice level of support while sitting at the edge of the Yaasa. For short spurts, you can comfortably relax along the perimeter while getting ready to go in the morning. You will sink in slightly, but this will be nowhere near the experience you’ll get from an all-foam mattress. Making the Yaasa pull ahead of the Casper in the edge support category too.

Casper vs Yaasa – Value:

For under a thousand dollars, you can have your very own Casper. This mattress costs $1095 for a queen size. You can save $100 by applying our coupon code, SLEEPGUIDE, during your checkout process. It will arrive at your doorstep with free shipping. You’ll get to experience your new bed worry-free during a 100-night sleep trial. This mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty. Since Casper is one of the original bed-in-a-box brands, we feel that this price is good. Purchase yours now and get the latest pricing at Casper.com.

You can order your new Yaasa mattress in a queen size for $1299. Your purchase comes with free shipping. You’ll also get a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. To sweeten the deal, you can take $50 off with our coupon code, OURSLEEPGUIDE, during checkout. This brings your final price to $1249.

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If you want to add a blanket to your purchase, save 20% by using code BLANKET20. This price is in line with other brands, but you are getting a product of high quality with the Yaasa. This 12-inch thick mattress has the option to select your firmness level for customized sleep. It also uses materials that will give you better longevity and a higher consistency with comfort. Get yours now and the best pricing at Yaasa.com.

Casper vs Yaasa – Our Pick:

yaasa studios mattress reviewIt is hard to clearly compare these two mattresses. The Casper was one of the first of its kind, garnering a popularity from clever marketing strategies. The Yaasa is a less-known company, but it provides the same levels of satisfaction. The Casper uses all-foam materials, so it will retain more heat than the hybrid comparative. You will also have less edge support than you get with the Yaasa. You will also have the choice to select from a firm or soft option with the Yaasa.

The only area of comparison that the Casper clearly faired better was in motion transfer. However, the Yaasa still put up a good effort. Since both are in the same price range, we would have to say that the Yaasa mattress is the winner. The Casper is still a great mattress for those who prefer an all-foam option.

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