July 1, 2021

Amazing Sleep Benefits Of Sound Baths

The benefits of meditation and yoga for your sleep are all well known. Meditation before bed can be a great way to let go of the mental tension built up during the day so you can relax before you head off to sleep. While yoga can help to release strain and stress in the body for better rest. But, have you ever heard of a sound bath?

Sound baths are great for providing the relaxation benefits similar to yoga and meditation, but offers this in a unique and different way. It is not only a great way to release stress, anxiety and built up tension to fully relax, but ideal for great sleep too. Keep reading to learn all about the sleep benefits of sound baths.

sleep benefits of sound baths

What Is A Sound Bath?

sound bath and meditation before bedContrary to what the name may lead you to believe, a sound bath does not involve any water. It is simply a kind of meditation that requires you to be present while gentle sounds, vibrations and humming of various frequencies surround you. You are essentially being bathed, or immersed,  in sound and it is all about relaxation.

This is a great form of meditation for those who struggle to completely “clear their mind” or focus their mind on a specific mental exercise. The sound waves really do so much of the work for you. Some also refer to sound baths as “sound healing”. As it is thought to have healing properties. Which we will get into more later on.

What Does A Sound Bath Do?

Sound baths use a variety of instruments and tools to create specific sound frequencies. These frequencies are meant to tune into the 7 different chakras are body has. Each perfectly tuned sound helps to stimulate the individual chakras to help alleviate blockages and allow energy to move more freely in your body. By allowing your body to reattune it’s energies you will feel lighter yet more grounded. Giving your body and mind a multitude of benefits.

what is a sound bath?
Instruments Used In Sound Baths:
  • Crystal bowls
  • Tibetan singing bowls
  • Bells
  • Gongs

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Sleep Benefits of Sound Baths:

The Sound Works for You:

tibetan sound bowls Sound baths are a different kind of meditation that use much less focus and energy from you. Allowing you to show up and relax, which is an incredibly soothing and stress free experience. This is great for anyone who wants to enjoy meditation, but finds the idea of trying to clear the mind to be intimidating. This is an immersive process and enjoy the current moment.

For many this is a much easier and less demanding process than most meditation practices. It is much more focused on being present and relaxing than challenging your mind to be completely clear or focusing on something very specific.

At Home Sound Baths Before Bed:

instruments used for yogaIf you do a virtual sound bath or have sound bath bowls at home that you can use to perform a sound bath on yourself. Doing an at home sound bath allows you to even experience a sound bath from the comfort of your bed. This can be something you do right before heading off to sleep if you like. This can be a seriously relaxing ritual to do before bed. Or even a calming way to start your day.

If you are wondering whether a recorded sound bath is as affective as one you experience in person, this is a great question. There is some debate on how effective a virtual sound bath can be, we will get into that a bit more, further along in the post.

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Clearing Your Chakras:

yoga and meditation before going to sleepOne thing common in meditation and yoga is the idea of these chakras and how energy moves through them. Different things can cause blockages in these chakras which can prevent your energy to flow properly.

This is a big motivation for most people who really enjoy sound baths, they are more focused on clearing and aligning your chakras than any other secondary benefits. However, aligning your chakras is supposed to help your mind body and soul in many ways. Supposedly helping to prevent headaches, illness, anxiety, and stress. By preventing these, it could potentially help you to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Sound Baths Are Deeply Relaxing:

are sound baths good to do before bed?Sound baths are so well loved and enjoyed because they are deeply relaxing. Just like you may experience after going through a deep tissue massage.

It is an overwhelmingly relaxing experience. Even when working through blockages in your chakras. This will help to release tension and allow energy to flow through you and your chakras. Which is a very relaxing and soothing experience overall. Just the sounds of the different tools used during a sound bath create beautiful and relaxing sounds.

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Helps Relieve Stress:

deeply relaxing meditation for sleepSome claim that a good sound bath leaves them feeling energized. This is similar to how letting go of stress gives your energy. However, the relaxing process really helps to set the tone for letting go of stress which is vital for getting a great night’s sleep.

Stress can make it nearly impossible to find peace and get to sleep. If you carry a lot of stress with you on a regular basis, or if you are facing a stressful time in your life. Then a sound bath could be a tool you can use to let go of that stress in order to get some much needed rest.

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Other Sound Bath Benefits:

Sound Healings:

will soundbathing help you fall asleep?There is a lot of belief out there in the healing capabilities to mediation. Sound baths really take this thinking to another level. It is believed that your chakras have a strong influence on energy and health. When you have blocked chakras it causes the energy to not flow through you and your body properly, which can supposedly cause issues and ailments in the body. This can be felt in headaches, body aches, and so on.

Sound baths are supposed to vibrate at the different frequencies of your chakras in order to break up and release blockages. All so you can keep the energy flowing through your chakras. Which is supposed to have health and healing benefits.

Calms Anxiety:

For many who suffer with anxiety, meditation and yoga can be great coping mechanisms. Sounds baths can also help to calm nerves and relieve anxiety. (Which can also be very helpful when it comes to falling and stay asleep.) If you are someone who struggles with anxiety, you may want to try booking a sound bath near you to see if it helps with your anxiety.

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Do virtual sound baths work?

do virtual sound baths work?The answer depends on what you are really aiming for form your sound bath. If you are looking for calming soothing sounds that help you to relax and let go of stress as you meditate. Then absolutely virtual sound baths will work wonderfully for you. You can lose yourself to the calming sounds of a YouTube video sound bath and enjoy the process thoroughly.

However, if you are really relying on specific vibrations to loosen up blockages and so on. Then you are going to get the best possible results in an in person sound bath. This is because the vibrations are different and much stronger in person that through the audio emitting from your laptop, phone, or television. Overall, a sound bath in person is going to maximize your experience and benefits.

Sleep Benefits of Sound Baths – The Takeaway:

If you believe in the energy of vibrations and their healing benefits, then a sound bath is going to have many benefits. Whether or not you believe in the healing powers of vibrations and sound baths, there is no debating how relaxing they are. These kinds of meditation practices are soothing and all about letting go and enjoying the moment you are in. Which has a number of relaxing benefits that can help you get to sleep. Whether you prefer your sound baths in person, or virtual ones, we hope these relaxing sound baths help you get the sleep you desire.

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tibetan bowls and quartz bells

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