August 20, 2019

Thuma Bed Review

When we were looking to purchase a new bed frame, we knew out the gate that we wanted something very simple with a low profile. However, when we looked at a lot of simple furniture it seemed that the quality of the bed went down with it. Then we found the bed by the eco-conscious brand Thuma.

They had created an incredibly simple and well made bed frame. All while using economically friendly materials and an attractive look. We have now been sleeping on this bed for several months, keep reading to hear how our experience was from shipping and set up to breaking it in.

thuma bed review


headboard vs pillowboard on the thumaThe materials that are used in The Bed by Thuma, are one of the very things that drew us to purchasing this bed. The legs are made out of retired rubberwood trees. These are trees that have already reached the end of their latex-producing lifespan and would otherwise be gotten rid of. They do not use any MDF or Veneers in this bed. Instead you get the natural wood with knots and all.

That slats are made with that same wood and topped with an eco-friendly felt that is made from recycled plastics. Next comes the pillowboard that comes in two different color options. You can get the pillowboard in a light linen or dark charcoal color, depending on what you prefer.

The pillowboard is covered in a 100% polyester pebbled linen-weave, while the filling is a premium tapered foam. The headboard has a zipper and the cover is washable if you need to do so. They also sell replacement covers if for some reason you need one.


  • japanese joinery on the thuma bedFrame

    Thuma designed this bed with Japanese joinery. Not only is the exposed Japanese joinery beautiful to look at but it also makes this bed incredibly sturdy and does not need any extra clunky or unattractive hardware.

    The walnut finish on the wood is a classic color that is not so extremely “on trend” that it will go out of style. They made the surrounding edges of the bed thick and flat, which gives your mattress a nice border. This is helpful if you like to tie your shoes on the edge of your bed or we have been known to leave a phone or remote control there for easy access.

  • Slats

    Another amazing aspect of the design of this bed frame is the fact that you don’t need to use a box spring. The design features felt wrapped slats that fit perfectly into the frame. All while providing more than enough support to put your mattress directly on. This eliminates the extra expense of a box spring or foundation. As well as keeps the mattress height a little lower.

  • Headboard

    natural linen thuma bedThe pillowboard is aptly named. It feels more like a pillow border than it is a headboard. It is not connected to the rest of the bed frame in any way. If you place your bed against a wall, then this headboard works perfectly fine, as it rests tucked in between the bed and the wall.

    However, if you have a free floating bed that is not against a wall, I am not sure you would be able to find a way to use this pillowboard. This is more of a border to keep pillows in the bed and heads from hitting walls than it is any kind of decorative headboard in the sense that many consider headboards to be. In fact, we prop our pillows up instead of laying them flat on the bed and we rarely see our Thuma pillowboard except from the side.

Thuma Nightstand:

thuma wooden sleek modern nightstand reviewMade with the same quality wood and craftsmanship, Thuma has now come out with their very own nightstand. This night stand has a stunning sleek design that pairs perfectly with the Thuma Bed.

You can choose the original design which has a clean low profile, or elevate it off of the floor with their added legs. Either way you are getting a stunning bedroom set and these nightstands are the perfect way to complete your bedroom furniture.


thuma shipping and boxesBecause Thuma does not make their bed frames in extra large quantities and stock pile them into warehouses, it may take longer for it to ship to you. However, depending on what they do have currently in stock, it may take as little as 1-5 business days.

We had to wait a couple weeks before we got our shipping notice. However, during this wait time we did receive a complimentary scented candle while we waited. (They sent us Cozy Nights, which smells fantastic and they do sell separately.) Because of the delay we also got free shipping, however this is not standard.

They package their beds specifically so they can use zero styrofoam in any of their packaging. Instead they have thoughtfully managed to box their bed into three tightly packed boxes. This packaging system keeps the pieces of the bed safe from dents and scratches without using styrofoam.

Once our bed was dropped off at our door, it was easy to bring into the house and put into place for unpacking. I found it helpful that instead of one very large heavy box, that it came in three slightly lighter boxes. However, if for some reason one box didn’t show up, you may be in a precarious situation.


how to put together your thuma bedI did wait for help when it came to assembly. While I could have potentially done this by myself it was incredibly quick and easy with two people. While a certain Swedish furniture store might send couples dissolving into bickering and arguments, we found that Thuma was a manageable to put together.

Everything was labeled very clearly, even the large boxes were numbered in order of assembly. Starting with box one and moving through to box 2 and 3, we did not even have to break out our toolbox in order to get our bed completely set up. Which took roughly between 30 minutes to an hour to have it completely put together and ready to use.


the minimalists dream bed reviewThis bed is so sturdy. We have it set up on a thick carpet vs hardwood, which is sure to add to the sturdy feel. However, we used our same mattress that we had been using on a large heavy bed frame previously. We feel even sturdier sleeping in the Thuma bed.

It is also incredibly quiet to sleep on. Which is something I had never thought about until the slight creaking noises were completely gone. We believe this is due to two parts of the construction, the Japanese joinery, and the felt covered slats.

The felt around the slats helps to prevent any noise and/or any mattress movement. They also spaced the different slats far enough apart to give full support to your mattress, which means you won’t need a box spring. The slats also allow airflow to the bottom of the mattress, which keeps it cool.

The pillowboard gives enough support while sitting up in bed while reading or watching tv. It is definitely firm and is a boarder between you, your pillows, and the wall. It is not a soft comfy cushion for relaxing on.


the bed made by thuma reviewThuma thoughtfully designed a great bed frame with sturdy materials. If they sold this bed in a store vs direct to customers, the Thuma Bed would cost much more. However, the price of this mattress isn’t exactly inexpensive either. This may have been the one area we went back and forth on when deciding if this bed frame was worth the price. The Bed by Thuma comes in Full, Queen, King, and Cali King. You also have the choice between a dark charcoal and a natural linen color for your pillowboard.

  • Full: $795
  • Queen: $895
  • King: $995
  • Cal King: $995

On top of this price, shipping is not included and will vary depending on your location. Each bed comes with a 100 night feel trial period. If you think for some reason you will be considering returning, hold onto your original boxes as they will be needed for returns. This platform bed frame may not be in everyone’s budget. But if you want an up-cycled wood bed you may find the price to be in your budget.

Thuma Bed Overall:

If you are a lover of fine craftsmanship, eco friendly materials, and minimalist design then look no further, Thuma is the bed for you. It is beautiful in its simplicity and high quality feel. While we love how simple our bed is, we feel the pillowboard could have used a little extra thought into the design. While it works perfectly for our needs, it might not work for everyone. And it certainly will not work if you aren’t up against a wall.

On the whole, we love our Thuma Bed and plan on keeping it for very a long time. I hope you find this review helpful, if you decide to purchase the Thuma Bed, let us know what you think!

minimalist thuma bed review

Written by contributing writer and Thuma Bed owner, Sarah Hendrix.

Best Thuma Bed Alternatives:

When it comes to finding a sleek, modern wood platform bed Thuma isn’t the only one out there. Between the more expensive price point and semi unusable pillowboard we have a few suggestions for alternative Thuma like platform beds. A few that are more cost conscious. As well as a few that are around the same price point but may offer a bit better function.

thuma wood platform bed alternativeIf you like the idea but not the price we have a few great alternatives. We found a very similar wood platform bed for about a quarter of the price. The Zinus Deluxe wood platform bed found on Amazon.com is a wonderful option that keeps your budget in check. Though you may not have a headboard, the frame itself looks and functions very similarly.

Also, Overstock has a plethora of options. Merely visiting Overstock.com and typing in “wood platform bed” will return hundreds of results at varying price points. Some with headboards, others with out. We found a sustainable bamboo wood bed frame that was less than $200 and even came in a variety of finish options.

If you do plan on spending a bit more on a frame but would prefer a more functional head board we also found the Tuft & Needle wood frame to be a beautiful choice. Available in a light and dark finish, this solid all wood base has an even more durable build and offers a more usable headboard.

Not to mention it makes one stop shopping a breeze. Pair this frame with either the 10″ or 12″ Tuft & Needle mattress. Their frame works perfectly with either of their beds, and any other brand too. You can also outfit your new bed with a wide variety of bedding accessories. Learn more about the T&N wood platform base at TuftandNeedle.com.

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