July 28, 2020

Sleep & Your Period

Hormones play a big role when it comes to your sleep and energy levels. Which is why it is no surprise that during a big shift in hormones, like during your period, that your sleep and energy will be effected. Studies have shown that on average 30% of women report low quality of sleep during their menstruation.

In our blog, sleep & your period, we are going to share with you some of the common effects that time of the month can have on your sleep. As well as share with you some of our top tips on how you can sleep better throughout the night during your cycle. Sleep is healing and during this time it is important to get in your rest so you can take on your day. Keep reading to learn more.

sleep and your period

Why PMS Causes Insomnia:

how to sleep better while on your periodPremenstrual Syndrome, or PMS for short, refers to the symptoms that occur a few days before and the first days of your period. These symptoms often involve fatigue, irritability, food cravings & even insomnia.

The first few days right before your period starts, there are two main hormones that significantly drop, Progesterone and Estrogen. Progesterone is a soporific hormone, simply put it means that this is a hormone that makes you feel tired. This is because Progesterone increases the production of GABA, which is a neurotransmitter that helps you sleep.

This is why the first few days at the start of your period if you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, it is likely due to the steep drop in your levels of progesterone.

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Period Pain & Discomfort:

cramping hormones and sleepLet’s just face it, having your period sucks. Not only does it come with cramping, but also migraines, constipation, bloating, diarrhea, irritability, uncomfortable pads, annoying tampons and so much more.

Being on your period is far from a comfortable experience. Something as seemingly small as an uncomfortable pad can be enough to make it difficult to sleep throughout the night. Or even the fear of leaking on your new white sheets or cozy pajamas. Let alone the intense pain that can be caused by cramping or migraines.

It can feel impossible to get a peaceful nights sleep when you are so uncomfortable or in pain. However, we do have some helpful tips on pain relief and finding comfort during your period. Keep reading our tips for better sleep on your period below for more info.

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Shifts In Mood & Depression: 

periods and depression can make it difficult to sleepDue to the sudden change in hormones that happens at the start of your period, you may experience it takes an effect on your mood. While most commonly your period is associated with irritability or mood swings it can effect others more.

If you struggle with depression or anxiety these mood swings can trigger bouts of depression or panic attacks. Both of which can truly make it very difficult to get a healthy amount of sleep. Often depression can toggle back and forth between over sleeping and insomnia.

While anxiety can make it very difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep for a full nights rest. If you think this may be something you might be experiencing start to journal when you are having poor nights of sleep, trouble with depression or anxiety, along with where you are at in your cycle. Bring this information to your doctor and talk to them about what your options may be to help relieve these symptoms.

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Your Menstrual Pain Reliever:

look out for hidden caffeineCheck the label on your menstrual pain reliever before you take it, especially in the evenings. Many menstrual relief pills have caffeine in them. While the amount is typically less than the amount you would have in a cup of coffee, it can still make it difficult to sleep at night if you take the pills in the evening.

Caffeine is also commonly found in pain medications used for migraine relief as well. They also make caffeine free versions of these medications. Just be sure to check the label before you take your pain relievers in the evenings.

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How To Get Better Sleep During Your Period:

Take Birth Control:

take birth control medicineThe most common reason for changes in sleep and energy during your period is caused by shifts in hormones. Many different types of birth control help to regulate hormones. Often this can help relieve many of the symptoms caused by hormone changes.

Keep in mind that different types of birth control work differently and not all use hormone regulation to prevent pregnancy. (Which means they would not be helpful for preventing insomnia caused by changes in hormones.)

Talk to your doctor and have an open conversation about the reasons why you are looking into getting birth control. They will be able to direct you to a prescription that will work best for you and your goals.

Take Melatonin: 

pillsSince one of the causes of lack of sleep during your period is caused by a decrease in the soporific hormone, progesterone. Taking another soporific hormone like Melatonin, can help you get to sleep and stay asleep throughout the night.

Melatonin is a very helpful supplement for men and women to take throughout the month in order to help induce sleep. It is a hormone we all produce to encourage sleep naturally and is typically tied to our circadian rhythm.

It often causes two major effects on sleep; general fatigue during the day and insomnia at night. While not everyone experiences both of these symptoms they can definitely impact or increase the other symptom.

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Find Comfortable Period Products:

find comfortable menstrual productsThere are so many different types of period products out there these days, that you really don’t need to live with uncomfortable pads or tampons anymore. From menstrual cups and menstrual discs to period panties, there are so many far more comfortable and reusable options.

Bonus points: these more comfortable options are more eco-friendly and cost effective! Imagine a world where you can reuse all of your period products instead of having to shell out more money for tampons or pads each month.

Try Using CBD Products:

cbd oil for aches and pains as you age

There are many different kinds of CBD products out on the market these days. Not only is CBD great for inducing sleep, it can also reduce pain, stress, and anxiety as well. All without the psychoactive effects of THC.

Whether you want to eat CBD gummies, use a tincture sublingually, or use topical CBD products all are effective in their own ways. CBD can truly be a girls best friend during that time of the month.

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Use a Weighted Blanket:

When the weight of the world and your period are getting you down, snuggle up with a weighted blanket instead. Weighted blankets are these amazing things that help to relieve stress and help your body release serotonin and oxycontin.

Making for a good vibes cocktail that can even help reduce pain. We love to snuggle up with a good weighted blanket and let all of our cares and worries melt away.

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Heating Pads:

heating pads help you sleep during your periodWe have all heard about heating blankets, pads, or hot water bottles to relieve cramps. This is because it really works for a lot of people. If you have not tried using any of these products before and you struggle with intense cramping, then you should absolutely give it a try.

Even if you are busy and on the go, there are now heating pads that you can wear on your body under your clothes. Helping you find relief during the day. If you are planning to use a heat for relief while you sleep, be sure you use something that gradually cools or turns off automatically. Sleeping with things like heated blankets can be dangerous. Click the link below to learn more about heated blankets.

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Sleep & Your Period – Final Thoughts:

There are so many ways to find relief from PMS and Periods that there is no reason to suffer in silence. There are better products and options available every day. While cramping, and having your period is often uncomfortable and painful, it doesn’t have to ruin your sleep. There are many ways to make your period less painful and more comfortable than ever. There are even ways to limit the emotional roller coaster caused by shifting hormones. We hope that some of our at home tips and remedies help you to find relief. You don’t have to suffer every month, talk to your doctor and see what they can do to help.

how to find sleep during your period