July 28, 2020

News Report Insomnia

Do you suffer from news report insomnia? Even at the best of times, watching the news can add lots of stress and anxiety into our lives. It is of course important to remain updated with what is going on around us. However, getting a download of all of the important things going on in the world today has create a new “disorder” called Headline Stress Disorder.

Needless to say, the news can be overwhelming and can even make it difficult to sleep. This is common for many of us and we have somewhat playfully coined a term for this, News Report Insomnia. We are going to share our tips on how you can stay informed and still get to sleep at night.

new report insomnia

1) Get Your News Report In The Morning

read the news in the morning By getting your news in the morning you are able to take in all of the information you need to know each day. However, you are allowing yourself enough time to digest the new information before you are trying to fall asleep in the evening.

Part of this is that you get your main source of information once a day as well. Avoid dipping back into the evening news, as this will add stress to your evening. Sleep well knowing that you will receive all of the information and more when the sunrises in the morning.

2) Avoid Social Media “News Reporters”

how to sleep better when the world is scary Often social media will try to infiltrate your mind with extra reports and often false or outdated information. If you have an old acquaintance or even a close friend or family member that is posting often, you do not need to block them or delete them to have a break from their posts.

We suggest going to where you are following/friends with them and instead choose to “take a break” from viewing their content. This way you can maintain that social relationship and share updates on your life with them, without getting bombarded with their “news reports”.

If this doesn’t work, or there are simply too many people posting at once. Or you find it difficult to avoid the many videos and shocking click bait material. Then it may be a good idea to take a short break from social media for a while. This is a great way to take care of your mental health.

3) Find A News Outlet That Is Reliable & Calming

stay informed while getting sleep Some news outlets are full of heated debates and less reliable reporters. With main stream media being less and less reliable, make sure you find news that gives you the real information, not just fake news that is trying to be pushed down your throat.

Also, find a show or channel that presents it in a manner that connects with your better. For example, if you are more business minded catching your news on Fox Business could appeal to you more. Often times the time of day you watch the news or the host may make a big difference in how you feel about what is being delivered too.

4) Take Action

ways to feel better about the world in order to get some rest Is there something going on in the world that is weighing heavy on your heart? Keeping you up at night? Take action! Find a way, not matter how small, that you can create a change for the better.

If you cannot directly impact the situation at hand, set an intention to bring light and positivity to the world. By taking action and being the change you want to see in the world. Not only will you feel better, but it is the right thing to do. You will find that taking action is one of the best ways you can avoid news report insomnia.

5) Lower Overall Stress & Anxiety

get some sleep and manage your stress The reason why the news ruins our sleep is due to overall stress and anxiety. Or worried minds stay busy stressing over the woes of the world. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to help the world without a good night’s rest.

While we can always take action tomorrow, tonight you need to sleep well. Which is why focusing on lowering your stress and anxiety will help you to get that sleep. Outside of the news and what is happening in the world around you, see if there are places in your life where you can reduce stress and lower your anxiety.

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6) Use a Weighted Blanket

weighted blanket help you sleep Weighted blankets are wonderful for reducing stress and anxiety. Studies have been done on why this works and essential it comes down to deep pressure therapy. Weighted blankets simulate the pressure we feel when held tightly.

This releases oxytocin in the brain, making us feel loved, safe, and calm. A weighted blanket can make it easier to relieve the stress caused by watching the news, and help you get to sleep faster, and staying asleep longer.

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7) Workout During The Day

sleep better with anxiety caused by current events and news reports This may seem completely unrelated, but working out releases endorphins and dopamine. This helps you to let go of stress. It can even help you battle depression.

Which means it can be a great addition to your daily or weekly schedule in order to fight stress. Plus! It will help you sleep better in the evenings not only because you feel less stressed, but also because you have used up more of your energy throughout the day.

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8) Meditation & Relaxation Exercises

meditation helps to reduce stress caused by watching the news Relaxation doesn’t always come easily. Which is why meditating and using relaxation exercises can help you train yourself to relax and fall asleep.

From breathing exercises and yoga, to meditation and visualization exercises, there is something out there for everyone. If you have trouble turning off your busy mind and relaxing, this is going to be a helpful tool for you to use in order to sleep better.

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9) Keep The News Out Of The Bedroom

don't bring the news reports into your bedroom Now matter how you get the news whether you read it, listen to it, or watch it. Keep it out of the bedroom. The place where you sleep should be designated for sleep and relaxation only.

When it comes to anything that brings stress or anxiety into your life, keep it out of the bedroom. If you keep your sleep space sacred, then you can learn to leave the stresses of the world at the door. You are now in the space for peaceful and restful sleep.

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10) Take A Break From The News

take a break from following the news and current events We know, this can be a difficult one to accomplish. However, if listing to the news is beginning to take a toll on your health and well-being.

Then it is time to take a break. If you are concerned you might miss important information for your health and safety, you can ask a friend to inform you of anything that you may need to know for your safety.

(Reserve this for true emergencies like extreme whether alerts, and public safety announcements) However, when it comes to most information brought by the news, it can wait until after your break from the news.

News Report Insomnia Final Thoughts:

how to sleep better when everything in the news is stressing you out We know everything going on in the world can be stressful. We also know that it is important to stay informed. Which is why we hope these tips help you to maintain a healthy balance of getting your news, while still being able to sleep at night.

You can stay informed while also managing your own stress levels and getting sleep at night. If it ever becomes too much for you to handle, be sure to take a break. We all need one from time to time.

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