December 9, 2020

How To Stay Awake At Work All Day

The dreaded afternoon slump, we have all experienced at least once. You’re in the middle of a productive work day, going to meetings, getting projects done. Then you hit a wall and you’re nodding off and can barely keep your eyes open. Well, we are going to give you our top tips on how to stay awake at work.

how to stay awake at work

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1) Stand Up

stand up in order to not fall asleepWhen you work while standing up it is much more difficult to fall asleep on the job. (Although, we suppose anything is possible) When you work while standing you are forced to engage muscles in order to balance and it is nearly impossible to drift off to sleep when your body has to remain engaged or else you will fall and hurt yourself.

A standing desk is a great option, although there are also different additions that you can place on a regular desk in order to raise your computer and keyboard so that you can use a standard desk in a raised position. Not only is working in a standing position great for preventing you from nodding off, it has many other benefits for your overall health also.

Click the link to shop our favorite standing desk, Flexispot Standing Desk. Or click this link to shop the Adjustable Desk by Yaasa.

2) Fidget Gadgets

fiddle tools help to keep your hands busyKeeping your hands busy doing something passive can help you to stay awake. These are especially useful when you are in a setting like a meeting where you are mostly listening to others. This gives your hands something to do while listening.

Often times we do these sorts of things already with clicky pens, tapping pens, fiddling with paper, and so on. This gives you a quiet way to fidget that will be less of a distraction to others.

Click the links to shop the Fidget Cube  and the Tangle Fidget Tool.

3) Walk Around

walk around the office to get your blood movingGet out from behind your desk and walk around a bit. Even if it Is only to the bathroom and for a drink of water. Even that little bit of moving around can help get your blood moving a bit and help to wake you up. If you can go walk outside for a minute, the fresh air and sunshine can absolutely help to wake you up as well.

A great time to do this is if you have a phone call that you can make without being behind your desk. This way you can be working even while you are getting a good refreshing walk in. Getting your blood pumping is a great way to get the wheels turning for brainstorming as well.

Exercising in the mornings can help a great deal when it comes to having energy in the day and sleeping well at night. Click the link to learn more.

4) Turn Up The Music

listen to music to stay awake at workPut on some headphones and pump up the jams. The right music can instantaneously change your mood. It is a powerful tool that you can use in order to pump you up and keep you feeling energized, and ready to get work done. Create a few playlists in your off time full of music that makes you feel like you want to dance and take over the world. These songs can help you to push through that afternoon slump.

We also suggest investing in a pair of really good headphones. You can block out distracting sounds and conversations around you as well as keep your music taste to yourself. A great option for headphones are the Bose QuietComfort Wireless Headphones

5) Change Your Environment

work at a coffee shop, coffee breaks to help stay awakeIf you have been stuck in your office for hours on end… it may be time to change up your environment. If you can, move to a new place to work for a bit.
Whether that is in a conference room, or taking a break and go for a walk to see the sunlight for a few minutes.

If you work from a home office, try setting up your work station in a different part of the house for a while, or working from a coffee shop for a while. You will be surprised by home much a simple change in your surroundings can really bring back your energy and give you a boost in energy.

6) Eat a Snack

nuts and protein snacks for healthy energy levelsSometimes a small snack can be the perfect pick me up needed in order to get through the rest of your day. There are a few reasons why this works. The first is that it is a little activity you can do from the comfort of your desk.

The second is that it gives you a boost in blood sugar and energy without over stuffing yourself. Large meals can slow you down and make you feel tired. While a small snack can keep you from feeling hungry without making you sleepy.

7) Take a Break

have a chat with a coworkerDon’t be afraid to take a break when you really need it. We know that deadlines can come up and the pressure can get intense. However, we promise your productivity will stay higher for longer if you take a break when you really need one.

It does not even need to be excessively long in order to be affective. Talk a walk, chat with coworkers in the break room, grab a cup of coffee and allow yourself to take a breather. Sometimes it is mental exhaustion that makes us so tired. Taking a break can help give your mind a break to relax so that you can get back to work and get more done.

8) Switch Up What You’re Working On

take a break from workMost of us have different aspects to our jobs. If you have the flexibility, and you feel yourself drifting off to sleep. Then try switching up what project or aspect of your job that you are working on.

Some tasks are more mundane than others. We suggest getting these out of the way during the time of the day in which you have the most energy, whether this is in the mornings when you first get in, or the afternoon right after lunch. Whenever you have the most energy to give that kind of work that tires you out.

9) Avoid Getting Too Cozy

don't get too cozy at workOf course, we all want to be comfortable as we work. No one wants to be freezing cold or just completely uncomfortable in what they are wearing at work. However, if you get too cuddly, this will obviously make it more difficult to stay awake.

Find a way to ensure you won’t be too cold at your desk without being snug as a bug in a rug. Wearing clothes that are comfortable to wear all day, without being as comfortable as pajamas, and so on and so forth. It can be a bit of a balancing act, but it is possible to be comfortable without being cozy enough to fall asleep.

10) Office Chair That Requires Balance

stay awake office chairsAn office chair that requires you to balance works in a similar way to standing while working. Your core is engaged in order for you to not fall over. This keeps your body from being able to relax to the point of falling asleep.

If you were to fall asleep, you would fall off of your chair. Even at the slightest bit of relaxing you will feel yourself tipping over which is a good way to jolt yourself back awake.

There are many different kinds of office chairs made this way. However a yoga ball chair or a kneeling style office chair are two of our favorite options for staying awake.

11) Plan Ahead to Avoid Afternoon Slump

get through the work dayTaking a few different steps in order to maintain a healthy sleep. Eating healthy, working out, having a healthy sleep schedule, all of this is a get part of remaining healthy and having more energy at work.

All of this is a part of planning ahead, taking care of yourself, so that you won’t be passing out at your desk.

How to Stay Awake At Work – The Takeaway

Staying alert and productive at work is not always an easy task. However, if you are getting the right amount of sleep and taking care of your health, a few extra tips and tricks can help to get your through the day. We hope our tips help you to stay awake at work and enjoy your day while doing so.

how to stay awake at work

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