March 23, 2019

Dreamcloud vs Awara

Surely the most tiring part of your life right now is the sleep you’re not getting on your old mattress. You upgrade your phone every two years, so why should your mattress be much different? It’s loads more important and has a ton of health benefits, not to mention sleeping keeps you sane. If you’ve had your same mattress for five years or more, it might be time to consider purchasing a new one. Maybe it’s a toss up between the Dreamcloud vs Awara? If that’s the case, keep reading!

dreamcloud vs awaraDreamcloud Mattress Overview:

dreamcloud vs awaraDreamcloud has one comfort choice, and it’s the only choice you need. A variety of sleepers prefer this mattress for its a medium firm feel. This quality makes it great for a number of sleeping positions. Dreamcloud is a hybrid luxury mattress which means it has both a coil system and memory foam layers. This makes the mattress highly pressure relieving, evenly distributes weight, and provides ideal comfort.

The Dreamcloud mattress if 15” thick and only 94 lbs.; a rare combination for a mattress, but that also contributes to its usefulness- it’s sturdy, but light. Dreamcloud uses both latex and memory foam, making it contouring, comfortable, and able to respond to your body’s every move.

Sleeping on the Dreamcloud, you will not sink in too much, nor will your mattress sag overtime. The Dreamcloud provides incredible quality for a mattress that is shipped for free, straight to your door, with a 365 night trial period. If you’ve been looking for the mattress of your dreams, look no further than dreaming on a cloud, Dreamcloud that is.

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Awara Mattress Overview:

dreamcloud vs awaraWhat’s more natural and organic than a good night’s sleep? Only the Awara mattress. The Awara mattress is a natural and organic luxury hybrid latex mattress. The 13” mattress brings together Dunlop latex, a coiled support system, and an organic cotton and wool cover to finish it off. What does all this mean- ideal comfort and alignment.

The Awara mattress is new to the game, but being a sister company of Nectar, you know this mattress comes to you from experience and expertise. The Awara mattress is ideal for any type of sleeper in any sleeping position; back, side, stomach, you name it. It’s the Awara mattress commitment to using clean materials, that helps us sleep easy.

When you care enough about your mattress to put only good things into it, you know you’re going to get good out of it; your best night’s sleep. But don’t take our word for it, with the 365 night trial period, you’ll be fully aware of what an incredible mattress the Awara is.

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Dreamcloud – Delivery & Unboxing:

dreamcloud mattress reviewDelivering and unboxing your new Online mattress should be as easy as it gets. That’s why these mattresses deliver straight to your door. In addition, to make it that’s much easier, Dreamcloud also offers white glove delivery service for $149 more. This way, your mattress is never placed in a box, and you never have to lift a finger to enjoy it. However, if you don’t mind the heavy lifting, keep in mind that the Dreamcloud is fairly compact and weighs about 94 lbs. This means you will want an extra set of hands to maneuver it.

After you have some help, simply take the mattress where it needs to be. Take it out of the box, remove the plastic, and watch your mattress come to life. You will be able to sleep on your Dreamcloud shortly after. But keep in mind that it does take at least 24 hours to fully expand, and firm up to its true feel.

Dreamcloud strives to cutback in any potential off-gassing, but any mattress that is shipped in a box will have a slight smell. The Dreamcloud is not made in the US. However after opening there will not be any noxious fumes or gases. If you are sensitive to smells, simply open a window, or wait at least 24 hours before using your new mattress. And finally, it’s that easy to enjoy your new Dreamcloud mattress.

Awara – Delivery & Unboxing:

Similarly, your Awara mattress will be delivered straight to your door, easily, without any extra stress on yourself. After your order is placed, the package is shipped I’m 2-5 days, and after that, it should arrive within 2-3 days. This gives you a small 4-8 day window to wait for your new bed, before it arrives at your front door. Once it does, the process is the same. Take your new, boxed Awara mattress where it needs to be, remove the box, and slowly cut away the plastic.

Your mattress will quickly expand before your eyes- and trust me, you will feel sleepy. The Awara is committed to using natural and organic materials, which means there should not be very much off-gassing and next to no smell at all. If you happen to notice any slight smells, or are particularly sensitive, opening a window to let the marries air out, easily does the trick.

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Dreamcloud Mattress Materials:

oceano vs dreamcloudThe Dreamcloud mattress is perfectly names, since it’s 15” of thickness makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The Dreamcloud has 6 layers of foam and a coil system. The coils raise approximately 8” and the foam layers approximately 5.5”. Plus a bonus 1.5” of foam beneath the mattress.

This makes the Dreamcloud weigh in at 94 lbs,, which is a bit of a surprise. Keep in mind that a mattress this thick typically weighs at least 120 lbs. or more. Since the Dreamcloud is made somewhere outside the US, this may be a question of the durability of the materials, perhaps using less dense coils even. This does not make the Dreamcloud bad quality, it is just something to consider.

From top to bottom, the layers of the Dreamcloud mattress are as follows: a truetufted cashmere top, gel infused memory foam, super soft quilted memory foam, supreme natural latex, dreamplush supporting memory foam, super dense memory foam, “Bestrest” coils, and high density memory foam. While this may sound like a lot of foams which helps contour to your body, you may also feel like “getting stuck” when trying to move around the Dreamcloud mattress.

Awara Mattress Materials:

awara mattress reviewThe Awara mattress is 13” of everything you want out of a mattress. Being a normal size and weight, e can definitely speak to its durability, and the Awara won’t disappoint. From bottom to top, first comes the coil system. The coil system is 9” of premium 5 zoned coils. This helps create ideal posture and alignment, since the coils are both heavy duty and supportive.

On top of the coil system is a 4” layer of 100% natural Dunlop latex. This layer provides responsive comfort and alleviates pressure points. Not to mention you’ll always sleep cool, and the Awara is pliable, making it great for all sleepers.

On top of the Latex is a moisture wicking layer of wool. This layer is meant to add extra softness, and keep the mattress cooler and cleaner. Wool is also a natural fire barrier. Finally the entire mattress is wrapped in an organic cotton cover that is breathable and soft to the touch. This really gives the Awara mattress a polished and finished look, so your sleep is beautiful as it is comfortable.

Dreamcloud Comfort:

brooklyn aurora vs dreamcloudFrom start to finish, the Dreamcloud mattress is designed with your comfort in mind. It is thick, yet supportive enough for any sleeper. The Dreamcloud has a solid innerspring core with tons of foam layers for extra comfort. The Dreamcloud works well for back sleepers. It alleviates pressure points while the foam layers cradle your lumbar and shoulders. If you are a side sleeper, there is plenty of cushion for your hips and shoulders to sink in.

And finally, even if you are a stomach sleeper, the multiple layers of foam, plus the coil system create a supportive surface that won’t let your back bow. There is no doubt that the Dreamcloud is beyond dreamy. No matter which type of sleeper you are, and even if you’re a combo sleeper, you’ll find it easy to fall asleep on the Dreamcloud mattress. The only thing left to do is order and give it a try!

Awara Comfort:

awara mattressesThe Awara provides the ideal comfort between responsiveness and being cocooned. While this mattress has a luxury medium-firm feel, the top can be interpreted as “soft” due to the resilient rubber on the top layer, made from the sap of a rubber tree. The wool quilting gives you and added plushness and the organic cotton cover makes it soft to the touch. But of course, there’s more.

If you are a side sleeper who likes a little more support, the Awara mattress is your perfect match. However if you prefer something softer, since the latex is thicker and while your hip and shoulders do sink in, you may have a difficult time adjusting. The buoyancy of the latex does help you move from side to side, which is ideal. But if you prefer a “soft” mattress, you may want to explore other options.

Otherwise if you are a back sleeper, the Awara has all the support you need. The Latex is dense and durable to hold up for the long haul and the medium-firm feel is exactly what back sleepers want. Specifically, zoned coils help you with your alignment and the latex prevents you from sinking in too far.

Lastly, if you are a stomach sleeper, you will also benefit from the dense and supportive feel of the Awara. The latex pushes back against you so that your back never bows, and the coils create proper support and ergonomics that won’t decline over time.

If you’re a combination sleeper, rest assured it is easy to move from position to position on the Awara. And with relief from pressure points such as this, you’re bound to be comfortable in any position byway.

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Dreamcloud vs Awara – Motion Transfer:

Motion transfer is often overlooked when it comes to buying a mattress online, but you’ll be thankful you didn’t forget it this time. As a hybrid, the key is the individually wrapped pockets coil system. Top that with several inches of foam and there may be a bit of a vibration, but nothing to cause partner disturbance. Wrapping each coil in fabric ensures that no movement gets through. Plus the top layers of memory foam quickly lessen and deaden movement. With the Dreamcloud, there will be very little motion felt, making it ideal for couples and people who share a bed.

The Awara is similar in its motion transfer benefits. Although it is not a 100% foam mattress, the Dunlop latex and wrapped innerspring coils, still lessen movements to the max. This should decrease tossing and turning excessively, which means you’ll never even move to disturb your partner in the first place. However if you do get in and out of bed frequently and your partner is highly sensitive, he/ she may feel some vibrations due to the buoyancy of the latex. The Awara mattress motion transfer is still considered good compared to other mattresses.

Dreamcloud vs Awara – Sleeping Cool:

awara mattress review naturalSleeping cool on the Dreamcloud is as easy as sleeping on a nice, cool, pillow cloud. Once again, the coil system plays a significant role, by creating plenty of air circulation and breathability. This dissipation is ideal for warmer sleepers, opposed to an all foam mattress. Since there is latex and memory foam on the Dreamcloud, it is important to note that the memory foam is still infused with gel and the latex is naturally aerated, which means they do play a role in sleeping cool. However, your biggest benefit is the coil system so that heat may escape instead of staying trapped in the foams.

You can’t sleep any cooler than with the coolest stuff in nature. That’s what we love about the Awara, it’s natural ingredients are naturally cool; latex rubber is naturally aerated and buoyant keeping you from getting stuck, and a coil system naturally lets air escape. Even the cotton and wool topper naturally wicks away moisture, so this mattress is comfortable in more ways than one! Unlike all foam mattresses, the coils allow a place for heat to dissipate and escape, keeping you cool all night long.

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Dreamcloud vs Awara – Edge Support:

dreamcloud vs nectar memory foam bedsDon’t forget the edge support! With a strong, durable, coil system beneath, both the Dreamcloud and Awara mattress will have god edge support, making a consistent sleeping surface throughout. This means that you can sleep on the edge and not feel like you’re falling out of bed. It also means you can use the entire surface are for sleep, making each mattress ideal for couples.

When it comes to sitting, these hybrid mattress will hold up better than all foam options, however we do not recommend sitting on the edge for prolonged periods of time. This will wear out the perimeter of the mattress and eventually cause sagging.

When it comes to edge support neither of these beds are going to have the best. If that is what you want than find the best in our Best Mattresses for Heavy People page. All of these beds offer ample and supportive sleeping surfaces and solid edge support too. 

Dreamcloud vs Awara – Value:

awara mattress review our sleep guideThe Dreamcloud mattress is reasonably priced at $1199 for a queen size. This includes a 365 night trial, lifetime warranty, and free shipping. Not to mention the white glove delivery upgrade for $149. This is a reasonable price for a reliable mattress.

On the other hand, the Awara mattress being new to the game, is priced somewhat high. With little customer feedback yet who knows how reliable it is. A queen size Awara mattress is $1499 and comes in a twin to California King as well. The Awara also comes with a lifetime warranty, 365 night trial, and free shipping.

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Dreamcloud vs Awara – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialThe Dreamcloud and Awara mattress are evenly matched in trial period and warranty. Both mattresses offer a 365 night trial period and forever warranty. This speaks to the companies dedication to their product as well as to their customers. You want to purchase a mattress from a company that stands behind the quality of their product.

Dreamcloud vs Awara – Summary:

As fast as hybrid mattresses goes, you’ll find that the Dreamcloud and Awara are pretty similar. The Dreamcloud uses more foam, making it a thicker, 15” mattress, and giving it a slight edge when it comes to motion transfer. But the natural materials of the Awara mattress are unbeatable for sleeping cool. Both being sister companies of the beloved Nectar mattress, you can’t go wrong with either option.

These mattresses come from thoughtful construction, ideal comfort, and customer satisfaction. If you can’t decide, this will help: if you want a natural, more responsive mattress, choose the Awara. If you want a slower to respond, more foam mattress, choose the Dreamcloud. And finally, start dreaming.

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