February 26, 2019

Best Sleep Apps

the best sleep appsIf you could make your sleep smarter with the best sleep apps, would you sleep better? So many Americans suffer from sleep disorders, insomnia, and sleep routines that just aren’t doing the job. We rely on technology to do everything; we schedule our meetings, track our calories, and even count our steps. So why not let technology schedule, track, count, and better our sleep?

A good night’s sleep is the key to being a healthier, more productive you. There are dozens of apps that most people don’t know about, but now is your time. If you want to improve your sleep, and get the restful amount of sleep you need each night, continue reading for a review of the best sleep apps and how and why you should use them.

The Best Sleep Tracker Apps:

The tip of the iceberg is sleep tracking. This is the first thing that comes to mind when people think of ‘sleep apps’, and with good reason. Sleep tracker apps are an excellent place to start. They are easy to use by simply monitoring your sleep, so all you need to do is, sleep. Sleep tracker apps are beneficial for newcomers to sleep apps, because they provide a lot of information. The first step in bettering your sleep is knowing more about it.

Sleep tracker apps give you a detailed analysis of: how many hours you slept, the quality of your sleep, when you were in the deepest sleep, when are you waking up on average, and so on. Sleep trackers will give you patterns on daily, weekly, and monthly bases, so you get a full picture in all things related to your sleep. If you’re on your way to sleeping smarter, we recommend sleep tracker apps as the first place to start.

SleepScore App:

the best sleep appsSurely you never knew your sleep had a score. But now that it does, you are on your journey to having a good night’s sleep. The sleep score app is easy to use and requires zero calculations from you. Simply download, sleep, and receive advice. After you’ve downloaded the Sleep Score App, all you have to do is sleep. Using your smartphone microphone and speaker, the app will measure your breath and body movements to give you a measurement between 1 and 100.

Next, via alert notification, you will receive advice for your sleep, only after analyzing 32 different parameters of your sleep. Finally, the SleepScore app tracks your progress by providing, in-depth, graphical representations of your sleep history. Sleep Score provides actionable advice backed by science, which gives you a great night’s sleep and an even better lifestyle.

The sleep tracking, smart alarm, and 7-day sleep History are available on the SleepScore app for free, but if you want the recommendations that will improve your sleep and health, the premium version of the app starts at $5.99 per month, or $49.99 for the year.

Pillow App:

the best sleep appsThere’s nothing that knows your sleep better than your pillow, that’s why the Pillow App is the best alarm clock and sleep analysis app. The Pillow app easily analyzes your sleep cycles, with or without an Apple Watch. If you don’t have an Apple Watch, simply place your device on your mattress nearest your pillow, and let the app do its work. Pillow automatically detects and analyzes your sleep, providing sleep and heart rate analyses, sleep quality comparisons, and sleep trends and statistics.

The app features nap mode, melodies and sleep aids, an alarm clock, mood reporting and sleep notes, and even a snooze lab. If you want to learn all about your sleep so you can sleep better, and fall asleep faster, the Pillow app is exactly what you need. The app has some free benefits, but features a one-time subscription for all benefits, for only $4.99. That’s cheaper than your actual pillow and will do more for your sleep.

Sleep Watch App:

the best sleep appsWith the sleep watch app you do need, well, a watch, but after that it’s simple and easy to use. If you don’t have a watch, it’s slightly less easy, but you can still use the sleep watch app by manually logging your sleep. Here’s how it works: with the Apple Watch, simply wear the watch to bed. Once you wake up, check the Apple Watch or iPhone app to see the auto-detected sleep times, patterns, and other details.

If you’re satisfied with the information either confirm or adjust sleep times in your iPhone, so that the app may build a better sleep detection algorithm. The sleep watch app is ranked one of the best health and Apple Watch apps around. It provided daily briefings, 3-day sleep target tracking, heart analysis, sleep rhythm tracking, auto sleep, and more. The sleep watch app is free, or for all the benefits of sleep watch, the app is $2.99.

Auto Sleep App:

It’s almost as if an Apple Watch was meant for sleeping. Auto Sleep is yet another app that is compatible with the Apple Watch. Overall, using advanced heuristics, auto sleep calculates how long you’ve slept. If you do wear your watch to bed: that’s it; go to sleep, then wake up. If you don’t wear your watch to bed: put your watch on charge, sleep, then put your watch back on. We weren’t kidding, it’s so easy, it’s automatic.

The Auto Sleep app features updated benefits such as sleep rings, which turn from red to green as your sleeping goals are achieved; and today which is basically like a news page for your sleep. Th app also features a sleep bank, daily readiness, and live sleep tracking. It also analyzes your sleep session, provides calendar history, and can synchronize with your HeartWatch. The Auto Sleep app is $2.99 and you’re well on your way to better sleep.

Sleep++ App:

the best sleep appsSleep++ is your free, automatic sleep tracker because everyone deserves a good night’s sleep. Compatible with your Apple Watch, Sleep++ uses motion and health monitoring capabilities to measure the duration and quality of your sleep. This allows you to have the key information you need to improve your sleep and sleep routines.

Simply wear your Apple Watch overnight and receive a straightforward report of how long you slept and how restful you were, for each night. For even more precise information, wear your Apple Watch to bed,  it choose manual sleep tracking. In this mode, enter the time you fall asleep and the time you wake up.

The Sleep++ app is an excellent way to learn about how you’re sleeping, so that you can do more to sleep better. You can track, share, and save your information in a database night after night. The best part about the Sleep++ app is that it is completely and totally free.

The Best Sleep Alarm Apps:

Sleep alarm apps are your best and worst nightmare. We all need to get out of bed, the problem is we may not want to, or even just can’t, on some of those tiresome mornings, but sleep alarms take care of that. Sleep alarms are the new answer to the ‘snooze’ button, because we can all agree, hitting snooze was too easy. Sleep alarm apps are your personalized alarm, so that you can wake up when and how you need to. There are countless options that are easy to use and personalized to you, so that you never sleep through that important work meeting again.

Sleep Cycle App:

the best sleep appsSleep cycle believes that waking you up is all about sleeping at the perfect time. Confusing? Leave it to sleep cycle. Your body goes through cycles of deep and less deep sleep- your circadian rhythm. Sleep cycle analyzes your sleep and wakes you up at the most perfect time, aka when you’re sleeping more lightly, for a natural, more-rested sleep.

Sleep Cycle is simple: it begins a wake-up phase, typically 30 minutes before your desired time, and monitors signals from your body to wake you up when you are sleeping the lightest. The most important thing with the sleep cycle app is placement. The app uses other your microphone or motions to detect your sleep, so you must follow instructions carefully to make sure that your device is in the optimal position to track your sleep.

The other important feature is snooze. Sleep cycle gives you two snooze options: intelligent and regular, to either wake you up in regular intervals, hitting the snooze button as you normally do; or by making each snooze duration shorter, gently waking bringing you awake by your desired time. The sleep cycle is great for anyone who wants to sleep great, and wake up even better. Some parts of the sleep cycle app are free, or up to $19.99

Good Morning Alarm Clock App:

the best sleep appsA good morning starts with a good mood. The good morning alarm clock app is the best way to wake up feeling refreshed and reenergized. How does it work? The good morning alarm clock app knows you sleep in cycles. It uses your device’s accelerometer to monitor movements while you are sleeping, which indicates which phase of sleep you are in.

The app uses a 30-minute window to wake your body when your are sleeping the lightest. This means you will wake up naturally, feeling less stressed and groggy. This app even provides a nightly record (graph) to show you exactly how you slept. This app features the benefits of a truly smart alarm clock. It can adjust to weather conditions, nightstand mode, set sleep goals, gives you a detailed sleep analysis, and lets you choose between alarm tunes or relaxing sounds. The good morning alarm clock app is $0.99 per item in the app.

The Best Sleep & Meditation Apps:

A good night’s sleep is priceless, and yet it’s so valuable we can’t seem to get enough. The most frequent struggles that people complain about today are not being able to fall asleep and stay asleep. That’s where sleep and meditation apps can change your life and change your sleep. Often times restlessness is attributed to not being able to focus and calm down, but sleep and meditation apps can.

They’re as simple as leaving your smartphone by your bedside- which it probably already is, and let soothing sounds, melodies, and rhythms help you drift away. Self-hypnosis and meditation apps may also be worth the download as an important, before-bed ritual, to help you get the sleep you need. Sleep is more than just resting, it’s about getting prepared for the next day, and better yet, the future.

Calm App:

The Calm App is the #1 app for mediation and sleep, which means tons of people have loved it, and tons of people have fallen asleep better. Calm is useful for managing stress, lowering anxiety, and improving your sleep. Whether you’re new to meditation, or an advanced user, Calm has features for everyone. The Calm app is as easy as downloading the app, meditating, listening to music, watching videos, and before you know it, you’ve fallen asleep quickly and naturally.

The Calm App features benefits such as 100+ guided meditations, sleep stories (like bedtime stories, only sleepier), Calm Body guided video lessons, music composed to help you focus, relax, and sleep; you can even try Calm at airports, stop in to take the stress out of travel. If you’re not 100% percent sure, you can easily try a feee trial with the Calm App now, otherwise subscriptions range from $9.99 to $399.99 for a lifetime subscription.

Slumber App:

the best sleep appsThe Slumber app is the most popular app currently in the App Store, so you could say sleep is very important. In fact, Slumber believes that sleep is one of the most important aspects of a happy and healthy life. The Slumber App uses hypnotic stories, relaxing meditations, and sleepy essays to help you quiet the mind and facilitate better sleep. It’s as easy as opening the app and selecting which mode of meditation and calming works best for you.

The Slumber App uses scientifically-backed techniques including: gratitude habituation, guided visualizations, Ericksonian hypnosis, binaural beats, slowing the breath, and more. The Slumber App receives a 4.7 out of 5 stars and new meditations and stories are added every week. While there is a free version of Slumber, full access is $5.99.

Aura App:

the best sleep appsAura is the app that is dedicated to you. We all know that most of the time it’s our emotions that keep us awake. From being overly excited to being overly stressed out, if you can’t manage your emotions, you can’t fall asleep. The Aura App understands your emotions and helps you feel better. Aura is unlike any other calming app because it is personalized for you and only you.

All it takes is 3 minutes to use the app, answer questions, and Aura will continuously learn about what helps you and improve your recommendations. Aura includes mindfulness meditations, life coaching, stories, and music created by the best therapists and coaches, completely personalized.

The Aura app is like your own personal Sleep coach, right in your pocket and can be yours partially for free, but premium subscriptions range from $5.99 to $249.99 for a lifetime.

The Best Sleep Apps Overview:

the best sleep appsSleep smarter, not harder. You may not have linked your smartphone to your sleep yet, but you should. It makes sense right- our phones are critical, and so is our sleep. Sleep Apps are the modern way of making your sleep everything you want it to be.

From sleep tracking and scoring, to sleep alarms and meditation, sleep apps can improve how you sleep, fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up better. It’s as simple as a download and as easy as using your phone; which you might even be using right now. You also can easily make your mattress into a smart mattress with the help of an sleep app too. With all the available technology the world is at your fingertips.

Looking for more help in creating a technology friendly bedroom? Ask us for help anytime! Simply contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions or give you more insight on your sleeping needs. Our Sleep Guide is proudly supported by our readers and we make sure to help them as best we can!